[Shogakukan Co., Ltd.] “MAO” Volume 1 & “Golden Kamui” Volume 19 Commemorative Rumiko Takahashi x Satoru Noda Realization!

Shogakkan Co., Ltd. “MAO” Volume 1 & “Golden Kamui” Volume 19 Commemorative Rumiko Takahashi x Satoru Noda Realization! Takahashi “Eat a fish when it ’s by name!” Noda “After knowing, entertainment can lie.” [Image 1

This is the first meeting between two popular manga artists, Rumiko Takahashi and Satoru Noda. The first part will be published in “Weekly Shonen Sunday 41” (Shogakukan) to be released tomorrow on September 11 (Wednesday), and the second part will be published in “Young Jump 42” (Shueisha) on September 19 (Thursday). This talk was held in commemoration of the release of Takahashi’s latest “MAO” volume 1 and Noda ’s “Golden Kamui” volume 19. Two people who draw a close era such as “Meiji” and “Taisho” talk about each other’s creation theory and the charm of their works. There is also a side where Mr. Takahashi shows off a surprising jinx that “I try to eat fish during the name”. In addition, the magazine will also present a gift plan for collaborative autographed colored paper by two people! (Each magazine has one person) Also, the full version of the interview is posted on the cartoon app “Sunday Uebu”. September 18-Part 1 and September 25-Part 2 will be released! The contents that were unfortunately not included in this magazine are also included! In addition, we will be holding a campaign where you can read 1-10 volumes of “Urusei Yatsura”, “RINNE” and “Ranma 1/2” for free (September 18 to October 1). ). [Image 2

“MAO” The latest work by Rumiko Takahashi, serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday. Nana who passed through a shopping street that had an accident at an early age meets a mysterious boy, Mao, where the two worlds meet. A new “Ayakashi” mysterious romance opens! https://websunday.net/rensai/mao/ “MAO” Rumiko Takahashi Comics Volume 1 Released on Wednesday, September 18 Shonen Sunday Comics Price: ¥ 454 + tax https://www.shogakukan.co.jp/books/09129310 [Image 3

“Golden Kamui” A popular work by Satoru Noda, serialized in “Weekly Young Jump”. Adventure drama! History romantic! culture! Hunting gourmet! GAG & LOVE! What! ? Mr. Rumiko Takahashi is also a greedy Japanese-style dark pot western! ! “Golden Kamui” Noda Satoru Comics Volume 19 Released on Thursday, September 19th Young Jump Comics Price: 790 yen + tax Below are some of the conversations that could not be published in this magazine! [About coverage of “Golden Kamui”] Takahashi: The scene you eat seems to be really delicious, but how about eating and cooking coverage? Noda During this time, Yuta. Go north from Sakhalin with a sleeper. I was allowed to eat dishes made by people called Nivhu. Anyway, I ate various things. Russians eat lard lump. Takahashi Is it a seal in the north? Noda: Do you eat pigs? Eating seal oil is a minority like Nivkh. It is a seasoning for them. For Japanese people, they always have seal oil like soy sauce. It seems that there are many people living in the city now, but the city’s Nivkh are taking in from relatives who are fishing in the sea. Takahashi Hey, it’s still cold, so don’t you take oil? Noda: How is it, that may have been the case in the past? Takahashi: Actually, when I read Hideo Azuma’s “Disappearing Diary”, there was a scene of drinking and drinking that tempura oil. Noda: Ainu people in Lake Akan were allowed to eat shark oil. I ate shark oil like a seasoning and sprinkled it. Takahashi Was it delicious? Noda: There are some habits. It ’s an unfamiliar taste and a unique seasoning… [Rumiko Takahashi How to spend between serials] Noda: What are you doing between long-term serialization and long-term serialization? Takahashi This is the longest, about 1 year and 5 months. In the meantime, the meeting of the new series is just baseball and current events … It seems like 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. Noda I see. Did you not travel or go in the meantime? Takahashi I didn’t travel, but I went there for dinner. This was the longest time since my debut. When I was busy, I was serializing “Urusei Yatsura” and “Mezon Ikki” at the same time… If I noticed something, “Spirits” became a weekly magazine…. Noda: That’s amazing. I have never heard of that. Takahashi Even the old people were even more amazing, because Shinji Mizushima was working on 5 serials. Noda I can’t. Takahashi The amount of information about “Golden Kamui” is amazing. What are you usually doing? Noda: Anyway, read materials. I’ve been reading for a long time. I piled up in the toilet. I have no time to watch my favorite movie. Takahashi What kind of movie do you see? Noda From crap to things. I try to watch what is said to be interesting. There are a lot of things overseas, but I don’t have time to go to a movie theater … Takahashi I also have a cine-con 15 minutes on foot. Before Cinecon was made, I went to the city center and watched 5 bottles a day. Even though I can go right now if I want to go … The main part of the dialogue “Weekly Shonen Sunday 41” (Shogakukan), “Young Jump 42” (Shueisha)!

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