[Machida 0 and Daisakusen 18-20] 3,000 people visited last year! “Machida Light Up 2019” held

Machida Ogo Daisakusen Executive Committee [Machida 0 and Daisakusen 18-20] 3,000 people visited last year! “Machida Light Up 2019” held Events by companies and creators in the city with the theme of “light” The Machida Chamber of Commerce and Industry will hold the “Machida Light Up 2019” event on the theme of “light” on September 14 (Sat) and 15 (Sun) under the pedestrian deck in front of Machida Station. [Image 1

Machida Chamber of Commerce and Industry industrial section authorized character “Neji Hachihachi” This event was held with the intention of making the first floor of the pedestrian deck connecting Machida Station on the Odakyu Line and Machida Station on the JR Yokohama Line full of people. Last year there were about 3,000 visitors. This time, the event will be cultivated from Machida City, the campsite of Tokyo and Namibia, where the Rugby World Cup 2019 will be held, and will also serve as a sports PR for Machida City. Companies and creators in the city will participate in the exhibition of 3D holograms to learn how to enjoy rugby and trick art based on the motif of ASV Pescadora Machida. Outline of Machida Light Up 2019 Date and time September 14 (Sat) 1pm-6pm Sunday, September 15 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm ? Venue Under the Odakyu Line Machida Station / JR Yokohama Line Machida Station Connecting Passage (Pedestrian Deck Road Side) ? Contents (1) 3D hologram “How to enjoy rugby right” Using the 3D hologram technology in the black curtain tent, you can see the rules of rugby and how to enjoy it in 3D images from any angle of 360 degrees. [Image 2

Last year’s 3D hologram image (2) 3D Trick Art “ASV Pescadora Machida” ver 3D trick art based on the ASV Pescadora Machida of the F-League, based in Machida City. [Image 3

Last year’s 3D trick art image (3) Workshop “Let’s make a lucky charm!” (Only on Sunday, September 15) Using the LED and braid, you can create a “Hikaru Amulet”. (4) HERO !! “Hero Interview Experience Corner” Experience “Hero Interview” on TV. Let’s publicize in an interview form with customers on a stand-up that they are doing their best. (5) Exhibition of bamboo lanterns A lantern will be exhibited in cooperation with the Aihara Lively Creation Project. (6) Experience the VR app! You can experience virtual reality using goggles or tablets. Machida Yes and Daisakusen 18-20 [Image 4

In Machida City, the three years following the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics from the 60th anniversary of the city system in 2018 are regarded as three years with a view to the future of enhancing the charm and vitality of the city together with citizens, and citizens must participate From January 2018 to December 2020, we have been conducting a major strategy 18-20 with the aim of fostering attachment and pride in our own community. The “Machida Ogo Daisakusen Committee” is an all-Machida system consisting of 25 groups, including the Machida Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Machida City Neighborhood Association, and the Association of Residents’ Association. The concept is “Towards an inspirational city that will create a legacy for the next generation by bringing together the dreams of citizens and local organizations from the new connections between people and people and local organizations. Citizens, local organizations, companies, etc. are recruiting proposals and ideas for realizing their “dream”. Official Twitter account: daisakusen18_20

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