[JR East Japan Hotels] Awarded first hotel hotel grand prize (general director award)

JR East Hotels Won the first hotel facility award (general award) -The 6th Regional First Aid Dissemination Service Award- The Hotel Metropolitan (1-6-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro, General Manager, Toshima-ku, General Manager Susumu Sato) has undergone strict primary and secondary reviews under the recommendation of all 81 fire departments within the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Fire Department. We received the best award (general director award) of the “Emergency Allowance for Regional First Aid”. About 90% of the 460 employees at the Hotel Metropolitan are lifesaving courses, and classes are updated four times a year at the hotel’s banquet hall and fire department. In September 2011, we received a certificate of excellence in attending a lifesaving class, received a letter of commission in 2018, and held a lifesaving class by a first aid extension worker at our offices. We are working on “class”. In addition, 10 AEDs have been installed at the facilities and tenants at major tiers, and a relief plan in the event of a sick person has been established, so that an emergency relief system can be established so that customers can use the hotel with peace of mind. I am planning. Since the opening of the business in 1985, we have continued to respond to emergency requests, and hotel employees who are able to interpret foreign customers are actively engaged in emergency services. S [Image 1

Lifesaving class [Image 2

Awards ceremony
■ What is local first aid benefits Establishments that have made excellent efforts with the Tokyo Fire Department regarding promotion of attending lifesaving classes for the creation of emergency relief systems, strengthening cooperation between establishments and local communities, raising awareness and promoting public relations for safe and secure communities, etc. Is a commendation.
■ Outline of the award ・ Awards: The 6th Regional First Aid Dissemination Service Award Grand Prize ・ Award: Monday, September 9, 2019 ・ Location: Tokyo Fire Department Squirre Kojimachi ・ Award organization: Hotel Metropolitan [Image 3

[Hotel Metropolitan] Opened in 1985. To meet the needs of the times, we will continue to renovate ahead of the needs of the times, such as the establishment of banquet halls, independent garden chapels, renewal of restaurants, and the birth of the top-class guest room “Metropolitan Floor” and the 22nd and 23rd floor “City View Floor” It is. In addition, we have been focusing on attracting customers from overseas (inbound) since the opening, and now we have grown into an international hotel that welcomes 70% of our customers from overseas. Rooms: 807 rooms Banquet hall: 16 rooms, combined with independent garden chapel Directly managed restaurants, bars and lounges: 8 stores [Image 4

Guest room (city view floor) [Image 5

Dining & Bar “Ovest” breakfast [Image 6

All Day Dining “Crossdyne” Afternoon Tea [Image 7

Japanese cuisine “Hana Musashi” [Image 8

Chapel [Image 9

Large banquet hall “Fuji” 【access】
■ 3-minute walk from the West Exit of Ikebukuro Station on the JR and Tokyo Metro lines
■ 7 minutes from Kita Ikebukuro, Higashi Ikebukuro and Gokokuji Exit
■ About 5 minutes from Nishi-Ikebukuro Exit
■ 90 minutes directly from Narita Airport by Narita Express, 120 minutes directly by limousine bus
■ Direct 60 minutes from Haneda Airport by limousine bus [Image 10

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