From the employee trips that 65% think “absolutely”, the luxury that everyone wants to taste once in a lifetime!

Meat Shop Takashima From the employee trips that 65% think “absolutely”, the luxury that everyone wants to taste once in a lifetime! Japan’s first to use plenty of Kagoshima black beef in Japan! “Meat King Buffet” for all meat dishes “I want to have a gorgeous dinner party that will be remembered by employees in a short time! “When Japan’s first born from the voice of a corporate manager thinking! A super-luxury buffet of all meat dishes The restaurant “Toki no Kane” (Fukui Prefecture, Fukui City Representative: Kiyoji Takashima), which offers the highest quality “Kagoshima Kuroushi” grilled in Japan in 2017 In order to respond to new requests accompanying changes, the new service “Meat King Buffet” was launched in September. * Held once every five years, at the 11th National Wagyu Cooperative Promotion Society (2017), which determines the national Wagyu beef throne. Kagoshima black beef won the long-cherished overall championship and became a “national Japanese beef champion”. [Large in-house events such as employee trips are decreasing year by year] Changes are beginning to appear in the contents of internal events aimed at employee benefits and internal revitalization. Although the implementation status of “Leisure and Lecture Events” by companies has kept a high level, In-house events such as “employee trips” are decreasing year by year. [Image

Employee travel rate change * Source: Industrial Research Institute [Employee lifestyles and work attitudes are changing] In recent years, employees’ lifestyles and work attitudes have changed. More and more people want to separate work and private. There is even a survey result that 65% of employees think “absolutely” about employee travel. * Source: The reason behind the decline in large-scale internal events such as company employee trips can be attributed to the consideration of companies in line with changes in the way employees think about work. There are an increasing number of corporate managers and executives who believe that “I want to promote communication between employees in a short time with less burden on employees and lead to internal revitalization”. [Japan’s first special buffet specializing in meat] Therefore, Tokino Bell started a new service “Meat King Buffet” in September. Round up your work a little early before the holidays and have a special dinner with your employees that you can’t usually eat. “I want to hold a gorgeous dinner party that will be remembered by employees in a short time (a time when everyone can easily participate)! I think It was triggered by requests from managers and corporate executives. The “Meat King Buffet” is directly managed by a well-established butchery store that has been in business for over 60 years. Japan’s first to use the best Kagoshima black beef in Japan! A luxury buffet of all meat dishes. ・ Crab and Shrimp Yukke Cauliflower Mousse Consommelet ・ Wagyu Tan Yukke and how much ・ Abalone and Beef Harami steak with radish pottofu ・ Misuji and Matsutake sukiyaki ・ Amadai and sirloin shabu-shabu tailoring ・ Kagoshima Kuroge Wagyu beef ・ Wagyu beef fillet sandwich ・ Beef bowl (roast beef, how much, sea urchin, caviar) ・ Special desserts [Why is it a buffet? ] The reason for the buffet is to have fun picking up whatever you like, First of all, I really wanted to enjoy my meal. Communicating among employees is naturally promoted through pleasant atmosphere and delicious food Our desire is to make the company event a fulfilling party. Last but not least, the “Meat King Buffet” is scheduled for September 13th (Friday). We made a reservation at a milestone party of a company in Osaka Prefecture, and were kindly aware of media coverage etc. We are The details will be announced below, so if you can come to report about our new service. Fortunately I know.

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