[MSG Co., Ltd.] Launched “Kampo contents service”, an article writing and supervision service by Kampo experts. The theme of the 14th installment is “Seasonal depression that makes you feel depressed from autumn to winter”

MSG Corporation Started providing Kampo contents service, an article writing and supervision service by Kampo experts. The theme of the 14th installment is “Seasonal depression that makes you feel depressed from autumn to winter” For TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and web media. Chinese medicine-based professionals write and supervise articles. “Royal Kampo Club”, which provides know-how for proposing Kampo tailored to each individual, will start offering “Kampo contents service”, a service for writing and supervising articles by Kampo medical professionals. The 14th edition will be accepted for writing and supervision related to “Depressed feelings from autumn to winter, seasonal depression” from Tuesday, September 17, 2019. [Image

■ Kampo contents service Overview and background “Kampo contents service” is a service that Chinese medical research and practice professionals write and supervise Kampo content. In the Royal Kampo Club, there are many experts with knowledge of Chinese medicine based on Chinese medicine, including Kazuo Kamima, President of Toyo Medical Foundation and chairman of the Japan Oriental Medical Association. . In recent years, Kampo has been gaining attention for the purpose of poor health, such as coldness and irregular physiology, and dieting, from familiar diseases such as colds. Providing appearances and plans on TV and radio, general supervision, and writing and supervising articles in newspapers, magazines, and web media, disseminating the correct knowledge about Kampo, through which the body and mind are healthy and happy. In order to create a society where people can feel joy and enjoyment, we have started providing this service.
■ Royal Kampo Club Overview The Royal Kampo Club is a club where doctors, pharmacists, and acupuncturists gather as professionals in Chinese medicine and Kampo to conduct research and practice. Investigate as the basic philosophy of the oldest medical book of Chinese medicine, “Huang Emperor Inner Sutra”. Based on the theory of “four dialects” and “practice dialects” based on the diagnosis information and the scale called “Yatatsu dialect”, we provide a system for highly accurate assessment. The We provide “Anshin Kampo”, a website that provides personal advice on how to take and cure Kampo to general consumers, and also provides know-how for the practice of Kampo to hospitals and pharmacies. Royal Kampo Club URL: https://www.royalkampo.com/ Reliable Kampo URL: https://www.kamposupport.com/anshin/
■ Royal Kampo Club research members (part) Director / Doctor of Medicine Kazuo Kamiba He has been a leading expert in research and practice in East-West medicine, including the Oriental Medical Research Center attached to the Kitasato Institute, the Toyama Prefectural International Traditional Medicine Center, and the University of Toyama’s Wanhan Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Currently a professor at the Hollywood Graduate University and a visiting professor at the Institute of Oriental Medicine, Teikyo Heisei University [Current position] President, Toyo Medical Foundation President of the Japanese Society for Oriental Medicine Professor, Hollywood Graduate University Teikyo Heisei University Institute of Oriental Medicine Visiting Professor 【Specialized field】 Clinical pharmacology, traditional medicine (mainly Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, acupuncture), spa therapy [Activities and academic societies, etc. (partial excerpts)] President, Toyo Medical Foundation President of the Japanese Society for Oriental Medicine President, International Association for Integrated Treatment Director of the Japan Integrated Medical Society Director, Japan Society for Complementary and Alternative Medicine President of Japan Society of Yoga Therapy Councilor of the Japanese Society for Clinical Pharmacology Advisor, Japan Holistic Medical Association Director, International Holistic Head Care Association Director, Japan Phytotherapy Association Director / Chinese physician Bunichi Nishio A member of the Kenichikai, a public interest incorporated foundation, a Chinese medicine department at Kenkenkai Clinic (in charge of Thursday afternoon), and a member of the Oriental Medical Society. Based on research on medical history and history of east and west from ancient times to the present, he conducts therapeutic and clinical research that fuses the latest immunology, microbiology and knowledge of Kampo medicine. [Current position] Kenkenkai Clinic, Kampo Medicine Director of Kinosaka Clinic 【Specialized field】 Chinese medicine, infectious diseases [Activities / Affiliated societies, etc.] Director, Kenkyukai Member of The Oriental Medical Foundation, Toho Medical Foundation Director of the International Integrated Therapy Association Doctor Yoshimura Kimura [Current position] Kinouzaka Clinic part-time doctor Royal Kampo Club Advisor Director of the International Integrated Therapy Association 【Specialized field】 Chinese medicine, psychiatrist, health sports doctor Director, Pharmacist, Doctor of Medicine Koji Wakame Graduated from Hokkaido Pharmaceutical University Graduate School (Biopharmaceutical Department), Ph.D. (Medical), Dokkyo Medical University (Biochemistry Department), Germany, Visiting Researcher at National Institute of Biomedical Innovation. [Current position] Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Hokkaido University of Science (Specialties: Pharmacology, Biopharmaceuticals, Genetic Nutrition, Immunology) 【Specialized field】 Pharmacology, biopharmaceuticals, nutritional genetics [Activities / Affiliated societies, etc.] Evidence based nutririon (EBN) Promotion Committee member Secretary of International Congress on Nutrition and Integrative Medicine (ICNIM) NPO Kan Setouchi Innate Immunity Network Vice President of Small Animal Clinical Committee Authorized by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Councilor of Japan Anti-Aging Medicine Association 【Company Profile】 Company name: MSG Corporation Location: 3-2-7 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 URL: www.msgcorp.jp/ Business description: Research, practice and enlightenment of disease prediction and prevention through fusion of Western medicine and traditional medicine and utilization of technology [Inquiries from customers] Royal Kampo Club TEL: 03-5464-1588 (Weekdays 10: 00-15: 00) e-mail: info@royalkampo.com

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