[TEAMZ Co., Ltd.] 2019 Guangzhou Tenei International Innovation Startup Contest has landed in Japan!

TEAMZ Co., Ltd. 2019 Guangzhou Tenying International Innovation Startup Contest has landed in Japan! TEAMZ will host an event in Tokyo as a joint sponsor of the semi-final of the Japan area. September 19th, THERO Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition will be held! This tournament is organized by the Tianhe District Chinese People’s Government, the China Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Committee, and the China Guangzhou Industry and Information Technology Committee, and is run by the Tianhe District Science and Technology Information Industry Bureau and the Management Committee. Tianhe District has the best platform for startups and innovation, and in this tournament, it cooperates with organizations and investment institutions that provide excellent services. The award-winning project provides a range of preferential support, such as industrial development and scientific and technological innovation. Since its inception in 2015, the contest has attracted a lot of attention and has received much support from all sectors of society. Based in Guangzhou, THero aims to connect startups with innovative resources and support global growth. From the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other countries, THERO technology partners, innovation career resources, innovative services and entrepreneurs are gathered to establish their respective cooperation patterns. Bring together talents of the world! [Image

Start-up: Hakko Bako: Temperature and humidity control of fermented food Fukam Korea: Manufacturing fire protection solutions with safe technology AC Biode Ltd .: the first independent AC battery in history Shabi-Sebi: Device for personal mobility and parking bill sharing solutions Hololash: A social chat robot that overcomes negative emotions AureliaCare: AIoT compatible platform, 360 ° pain treatment service Battery Exchange Platform: Recharge time and installation cost reduction by battery replacement Special referee: -? Mr. Tenu TEAMZ Co-founder and CEO CEO and co-founder of TEAMZ, Inc. A Tokyo-based Chinese entrepreneur, speaker and investor who is committed to the growth of TEAMZ, partners and clients. He leads the blockchain solutions industry and aims to expand professional services globally. -Mr. Kojiro Moriwaka SILICON VALLEY VENTURES, CEO, Startup Grind Tokyo Director, Forbes Japan, Resona Bank columnist Completed management studies at the University of Sydney, M & A at Stanford University Graduate School of Management Executive Education, Harvard Business School PLD (Executive Education Leadership Development Program) In 2010, he became Managing Director of Moriwaka Corporation. Established the Innovation Division in April 2014. After taking office as CIO, started medical device development in cooperation with hospitals and universities. Established Silicon Valley Ventures Co., Ltd. in 2015 and assumed the position of President and CEO. Started open innovation advice and entrepreneurship education through management consulting, lectures, events, accelerators, human resource introduction, writing activities, etc. to various organizations such as domestic and foreign educational institutions such as universities and universities, government and academic research cities . Since 2016, as a visiting professor at Yamaguchi University (the youngest national university visiting professor in Japan), supports the establishment of the incubation center “Innovation Dojo” and conducts entrepreneurship education (until March 2019) ). Alchemist, the No.1 B2B startup accelerator based in Silicon Valley in 2017 Appointed mentor of Acceleartor. In 2018, founded StartupFire Inc. in Silicon Valley and assumed the position of CEO. The startup event “#StartupFire” is run in Silicon Valley and all over Japan to support startups and bring about innovation. Appointed as Visiting Professor and Public Relations Advisor at Information Management Innovation College (scheduled to open in April 2020). Utilize ICT to develop human resources who can play an active role in the business field, aiming to produce innovative human resources who can contribute to the world, where everyone starts a business while in school. Established Angel Accelerator in 2019. Started entrepreneurship education for university students, startup CEOs, and students of open innovation divisions of large companies aiming to start a business. Appointed as Co-chapter Director at Startup Grind Tokyo. Startup Grind is an event that connects 1 million entrepreneurs in 350 cities in 120 countries around the world. From Silicon Valley to the world, Tokyo is held every month at Shibuya Plug & Play. Established YuzuVision Inc. in Silicon Valley as CEO. May Adopted to accelerator boot camp in Luxembourg. -Mr. Masayoshi Naka Boardwalk Capital Co., Ltd. President Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, and Keio University Graduate School of Science and Engineering. After graduating from university, joined Solomon Brothers Asia Securities and belonged to Foreign Bond Sales Department. In 1999, with the establishment of Nikko Solomon Smith Barney Co., Ltd., he became Director of Bonds Headquarters. The following year, he was promoted to Managing Director, overseeing the bond group and setting a number of records as a top salesman. In 2009, he became a director of Citigroup Securities Co., Ltd. and later promoted to vice president. In 2010, after retiring as Vice President and Director of Citigroup Securities Co., Ltd., established Storm Harbor Securities Co., Ltd. and assumed office as President. In 2011, assumed office as a corporate auditor of GLM Corporation. -Incumbent- In 2012, he received “Most Innovative Boutique House of the Year” from Financial Times. In 2014, he became a director of Asuka Asset Management Co., Ltd. In 2014, assumed office as director of eWeLL. -Incumbent- In 2014, he became director of Istyle Co., Ltd. and Geniee Co., Ltd. -Current position- In 2014, assumed the position of Chairman of the Board at Storm Harbor Securities Co., Ltd. In 2015, he became director of Prevent SAST Insurance Co., Ltd. -Incumbent- In 2016, Boardwalk Capital Co., Ltd. was established. Appointed as President and Representative Director. -Incumbent- Established Accelerator Co., Ltd. in 2017. Appointed as President and Representative Director. -Incumbent- -Mr. Souta Nagano ABIES ventures Successful creation of unicorn venture and cross-border IPO. In addition, Kyoto University’s EV venture GLM Co., Ltd. Director and CFO with experience in private equity investments and foreign securities -Large-scale finance from foreign investors such as Middle Eastern government funds and Asian family offices in addition to Japanese VCs and operating companies -Cross-border 150 billion yen IPO command -Directed overseas business development and contributed to the announcement of new cars at the Paris Motor Show and increased recognition in the media Independent PE fund Iwakaze Capital Vice President Deutsche Securities Capital Markets DCM Division Member of Japan Securities Analysts Association Pennsylvania State University Smeal College -Mr. Tosada Nagumo Pegasus Tech Ventures CEO Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Tokyo. CEO of Pegasus Tech Ventures. He is also responsible for funding, corporate partnerships, and emerging investments in Japan and other parts of Asia. Mr. Nagumo has established and managed his own consulting company and has over 10 years of experience in growth strategy consulting, new business development support, financing, M & A, and IR consulting. He specializes in various industries such as telecommunications, media, IT, renewable energy, fintech and hitech. Serving a large number of clients not only in Japan, but from startups to large global companies in the US, EU and Asia. Prior to the establishment of the consulting company, he was a senior strategy consultant at Nomura Research Institute, one of Japan’s largest consulting and systems integration companies. In addition to large global companies in the US, EU, and Asia, they provided strategic consulting services to large Japanese companies such as business development, global business expansion, entry into the Japanese market, and technology evaluation. At the time, we promoted a new IT paradigm that can be said to be the previous version of IoT, “Ubiquitous Network” and “M2M”. He has made significant contributions to the evolution of IT that brings business / market through various publishing and lecture activities. While at NRI, he worked for several years at an American subsidiary in New York, Nomura Research Institute America, where he consulted on major Japanese companies for expanding into the United States and expanding business. -Liping Feng WingTech, General Manager -Hisashi Yoshimoto IBM Japan, Innovation Researcher -Olivia Zeng Brinc Global Venture Accelerator, Head of Region around China Market Event agenda: 14: 00-14: 30 Reception & exchange time 14: 30-15: 05 MC opening 15: 05-15: 15 Event description 15: 15-16: 15 Start-up pitch (10 companies, 3 minutes pitch + 2 minutes Q & A) 16: 15-17: 15 Guest Speaker Keynote 17: 15-17: 30 Results announcement & award ceremony Q & A 17: 30-17: 40 Closing & commemorative photo shoot 17: 40-18: 30 Networking

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