[Hotel New Otani] “Phantom dish” at the time of opening! An overnight banquet that follows 55 years of “food hospitality”!

New Otani Co., Ltd. “Phantom dish” at the time of opening! An overnight banquet that follows 55 years of “food hospitality”! Enjoy the 55th anniversary anniversary menu at the hotel’s main dining room
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Hotel New Otani Tokyo Western cuisine “Bella Vista” “55th Anniversary Anniversary Menu” https://www.newotani.co.jp/tokyo/restaurant/bellavista/55th-party/ Hotel New Otani (Tokyo) ‘s western cuisine “Bella Vista” will hold an overnight event on Saturday, September 21, 2019, offering a special menu to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the opening of the hotel.
■ The stage will be the main dining “Bella Vista” located on the 40th floor of the hotel’s top floor [Image 2

Bella Vista is a restaurant on the top floor of the hotel, 144 meters above the ground, where you can enjoy a meal while admiring the superb view of Tokyo. Specialties such as raw pasta and grilled dishes made from discerning solemn materials served from the open kitchen are popular main dining. In this event, Chef Bella Vista, Hiroyuki Koide will celebrate the 55th anniversary of the opening of Hotel New Otani, and will offer a number of hotel specialties, including dishes that tribute the original menu, as an overnight special course. .
■ The main part of the one-night course is the “phantom plate” that tributes to the original menu. [Image 3

The main role of the special course is “The inherited gem of the inheritance of the new menu at Hotel New Otani. This is a dish that symbolizes the history of Hotel New Otani’s food, which was handled by Haruo Furuya, the second general chef, and served at numerous historical banquets and ceremonies. Steamed large format shark fin with bouillon and vegetables, then boiled in traditional hotel beef consomme and finished in a meunier style with butter, the outside was crunchy and the shark fin’s flavor was confined inside.
■ Cook chef’s specialties, drunk with the harmony created by 9 beautifully finished layers [Image 4

In addition, you can enjoy the many specialties of Bella Vista chef Koide. “Japan’s proud domestic beef fillet and foie gras pie baked“ Wellington style ”. “Smoked polo bowl ravioli and black truffle sauce” is a masterpiece finished in nine beautiful layers wrapped in domestic beef fillet, foie gras and lentils. From the pie dough in which Grand Mannier and cognac are kneaded, the rich fragrance spreads softly the moment you put it in your mouth. Served with rich black truffle sauce. 【menu】 Chateau caviar “Ossetra” Bavarois de chou-fleur et saumon marine Obsidian tower Ochetra Caviar’s limit beauty Raviole de Homard bleu et poulet de bresse Sauce Albufera Salmon Omar Blue and Breast Young Chicken Ravioli Albufera sauce Consomme de tortue parfume au Matsutake “Recolte de l’automne” Noble fragrant matsutake mushroom and suppon consomme “Autumn Harvest” Poisson rouget “Amadai” et airelon de requin braise au champagne Marniere a ma fa� + .on -A gem of inherited memory- Steamed western liquor with sweet potato and Yoshikiri shark shark fin from the Sea of ​​Japan C�) Mur de filet de b�) Muf et foie gras en feuillete fa� + .on “Wellington” Sauce perigeuex “Wellington style” Japanese beef fillet and foie gras pie wrap Smoked polo bowl ravioli and black truffle sauce Baked Alaska aux fruits rouges parfum de rhum Fragrance of “baked Alaska” with red fruit and rum Cafe ou The et Mignardises Afterglow Coffee or tea and small sweets
■ For the best cuisine, use the finest wine. A higher-grade lineup is available with a limited number! [Image 5

In addition, a higher-grade wine that complements the finest cuisine is also available. * Because the number is limited, it will end as soon as it is gone. 《Wine List》 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild The finest and most elegant of the 5 largest chateaus, the finest wines that are famous as “king wines”. It is characterized by deep colors, elegant fragrance full of elegance, and fine and exquisite taste. Chateau Margaux Among the 5 largest chateaus, it is praised as “the queen of wine” because it is the softest, gorgeous and romantic. It’s an attractive wine that is rich and balanced, just like a lady who has grown up in beauty. Sassi Kaia SASSICAIA The gorgeous aroma and the smooth texture that overlaps many layers give off an overwhelming presence, and it is also called “Italian wine treasure”. The balance of vibrant fruit taste and balanced sourness makes for a very elegant taste. 《Price》 White ¥ 8,000- ¥ 20,000 Red ¥ 10,000- ¥ 30,000 * Tax and service charge not included
■ Outline of “55th Anniversary Anniversary Menu” [Date / Time] September 21, 2019 (Sat) 18: 00- (Last entry 19:30) [Location] Hotel New Otani Garden Tower 40th Floor, Western-style Bella Vista [Price] 1 person New Otani Club member 19,000 yen / General 20,000 yen * Tax and service charge not included [Reservations / Inquiries] 03-3238-0020 (Direct through Bella Vista)
■ Opened in 1964 “Toyo’s best hotel” was born for the Tokyo Olympics [Image 6

Hotel New Otani was born at the request of the state to make up for the lack of domestic accommodation facilities at the time of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. 1,058 rooms (at that time), the world’s first unit bath and curtain wall construction method, the largest rotating observation lounge where you can see Mt. Fuji from all the seats, the 17-story high-rise building in Japan, etc. The latest technology that opens up a new era has been introduced one after another, and it is also a historical building that was born as the “Toyoichi” hotel that is not ashamed of the world. On September 1, 2019, we celebrated our 55th anniversary. Overview of Hotel New Otani Tokyo [Hotel Name] Hotel New OTANI (English name: HOTEL NEW OTANI) [Location] 4-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo TEL: 102-8578 TEL: 03-3265-1111 (main) FAX: 03-3221-2619 [General Manager] Satoshi Shimizu, Managing Director [Opening date] September 1, 1964 [Construction] The Main: 17 floors above ground, 2 floors below ground, 72.1m high Garden Tower: 40 floors above ground, 1 basement, 144.5m high Garden court: 30 floors above ground, 3 floors below ground, 134.7m high [Site area] 69,226m (2 20,940 tsubo) [Total floor area] 291,041m (2 88,039 tsubo) [Number of guest rooms] 1,479 (Executive House Zen: 87 rooms, The Main: 556 rooms, Garden Tower: 836 rooms) [Capacity] Accommodation 2,768 (Executive House Zen: 174, The Main: 922, Garden Tower: 1,672), Restaurant / Bar 2,806, Banquet 6,244 [Banquet hall] 33 places 9,342m (2 2,830 tsubo) [Restaurant / Bar] 38 locations (18 directly managed restaurants, 20 tenant restaurants) [Parking] 760 units [Others] Japanese Garden, Rose Garden, Tea Room, Outdoor Pool, Business Center, Shopping Arcade (87 stores), Membership Sports Club, Beauty Salon, Barber, Beauty Salon, Photo Room, Baby Room, Dental, Internal Medicine Clinic, Mail Bureau, travel salon, garden chapel (Sunday service, etc.), etc. [Access] www.newotani.co.jp/tokyo/access/

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