Johnny WEST appears on the cover of “AERA”! Color gravure + Interview 5 page

Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co., Ltd. Johnny WEST appears on the cover of “AERA”! Color gravure + Interview 5 page The special feature at the beginning of the book is “Be patient with no loss” On the cover of the September 23 issue of the AERA September 23 issue, Johnny’s WEST, who will be the special porter of the World Cup Valley 2019 opening on the 14th, will appear together. A five-page interview with a color gravure talks about the enthusiasm for this tournament and their current situation at a tempo. The special feature at the beginning of this issue is “Be patient with no loss”. Based on a questionnaire of 520 doctors, this is a preservation version that summarizes the essence of receiving the best treatment. [Image

World Cup Valley 2019 tournament special porters have been served by various groups of Johnny’s offices such as V6 and Arashi. There are many cases where I work at the same time as my debut, and it is the first time that a group from Kansai, like Johnny’s WEST, serves as a group from Kansai, or a group from Kansai. In front of the protagonist, Mr. Yuta Naka, “I always wanted to be on the stage someday,” sometimes. Mr. Daigo Shigeoka is confident that “I am confident that we can enliven the venue with customers and that is our strength”. Mr. Ryusei Fujii agrees that this is certainly the most part of the group that has grown over the past five years. When Tomohiro Kamiyama said, “I want to laugh at anything,” the studio was laughed. Pursuing organizational and individual happiness at the same time is Johnny’s WEST style. Mr. Takahiro Hamada talks about “I have gained confidence through my personal activities” and Mr. Nozomi Obata says, “I want to be like this as a group, so I’m thinking of doing reverse calculations like this.” , Terushi Kiriyama says that he has valued the “year-end party with all members”. Is the “closeness of distance between members” that seven people are born from such a place? The first feature of this issue is “Be patient with no loss”. Have you ever felt that it was difficult for doctors to explain or difficult to communicate at hospitals? In fact, doctors feel a barrier to communication with patients. In a questionnaire to 520 doctors independently conducted by AERA, about half of the doctors answered that they could not provide medical care that was considered optimal medically due to lack of understanding or misunderstanding of patients. It was. How can the deep groove lying between the doctor and the patient be filled? In the event of an emergency, we will make judgments without regrets and provide tips for drawing out convincing medical care. The level of evidence of “common sense of food”, which is said to be good for preventing cancer and illness, is also judged. The latest information on cancer that can be prevented by eliminating bacteria and viruses is also included. In this issue, Rugby World Cup Japan National Team “Tradition” and “Now” in Masako ’s “Dango Hair” 12 famous tapioca milk tea stores Junior high school entrance exams intensify with “high school recruitment suspension” Articles such as are posted. AERA 9/23 2019 increase issue [Cover: Johnny’s WEST] Special list price: 410 yen (tax included) Release date: Saturday, September 14, 2019

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