“Snow Road = 4WD” is already old! ? ”E-POWER”, a new common sense for choosing snowy Hokkaido cars.

NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD. Japan Sales Headquarters Northern Japan Regional Sales Office Hokkaido Group “Snow Road = 4WD” is already old! ? ”E-POWER”, a new common sense for choosing snowy Hokkaido cars. …………………………………………………………………………………………… Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Japan Sales Headquarters North Japan Regional Sales Office Hokkaido Group (Head office: Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, President: Hayato Nishikawa), “Note” is the number of vehicles sold in Hokkaido from January to June 2019 In response to winning the first place, we held a test-ride event and a round-table discussion including the owner’s customer to receive feedback from customers in Hokkaido regarding “Notebook”. The test ride and round-table discussion on the day are as follows. Enjoy the drive out in the spring, summer and autumn, just beyond the winter when you can’t fully enjoy the car with snow! If you think so every year, there are not many in Hokkaido. Cars are an indispensable companion for everyone living in the vast land of Hokkaido, and that is why many people are particular about car selection. In Hokkaido, there is an urban legend that has traditionally taken root in car selection. Yes, it must be 4WD. There is a deep carving of the experience and anxiety that the driver will not run as expected when driving in the snowy season, especially for those who are unfamiliar with normal driving, Many people have decided that they don’t want to ride. Surely, 4WD shows a brilliant running on a snowy uphill or a deep snowy road. On the other hand, most of the driving scenes are flat snowy roads (or ice-burns). For example, in front of the curve When you have to step on a car, have you ever felt scared because the speed did not slow down as expected or the car slipped? Such a scene is still uneasy even with 4WD. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a car that can solve the winter worries of all the people? Actually, there is! Recently, e-POWER is a new technology that is starting to become common sense for new snow road driving to replace 4WD. The refreshing driving sensation of a motor-driven electric car is perfect for outing drive in spring, summer and autumn. On the other hand, speed control is easy even on snowy winter roads, eliminating concerns about driving in winter. The exhilaration and peace of mind that were not possible with a conventional car have captured the minds of citizen drivers.
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“E-POWER” is currently installed in Nissan’s notebook Serena, but the reputation among Hokkaido’s e-POWER owners has expanded, with notebook sales in January-June 2019 Obtained No.1 registered car. It’s a car with a certificate from a local driver. Isn’t the standard of choosing cars in Hokkaido changing from “4WD” to “e-POWER”? For the people who don’t know the secret of e-POWER yet, we talked to the owners of note-based e-POWER living in Hokkaido who feel the charm of it. In July, we held a “note e-POWER test-ride event” in Sapporo. Hokkaido people are familiar with Hokkaido. How is the evaluation of the people riding the notebook e-POWER?
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The appeal of notebook e-POWER that I felt over the winter. (Owner’s voice)
● Owner / Satoru Mabuchi (Sapporo City)
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I’ve always thought, “Make a car that generates electricity with gasoline.” Then I bought it right away because it was really released (laughs). Fuel economy is good. Of course, it is excellent in terms of cost, but since I go to various places in Hokkaido for work, there are areas where gas stations close at an early time. So there is a sense of security that less refueling is required. The e-POWER Drive that can be accelerated and decelerated with one pedal is really easy for long-distance driving. The fatigue is already different. It was almost like engine braking to decelerate the accelerator and I was able to get on without any discomfort from the beginning. About 40 years since I came to Hokkaido. I’ve been riding 4WD for a long time, but now I’m riding 2WD (FF). With e-POWER, there is no problem on the winter road. Of course, 4WD is even more secure.
● Owner / Masakami Murakami (Sapporo City)
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I wanted to ride an electric car. However, I chose the notebook e-POWER because it is an electric car that doesn’t require charging because my current residence is a dormitory where I work, and there are no charging facilities. When you run on e-POWER Drive, you feel you are doing something good for the earth (laughs). I usually run in ECO mode, but if I want to get out, the acceleration is very good. Electric running is fun. I quickly got used to the one-pedal operation, and I can’t think of a one-pedal operation anymore. I drive most of the city in Sapporo, but there is no problem even on the winter road. It stops slowly and smoothly and feels difficult to slip. If you are driving with one pedal, not only in winter, you will not be able to brake suddenly, so everyone will be a good brake. Drive exhilarating Hokkaido with notebook e-POWER! (Voice of test riders)
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● Test riders / Kunifumi Matsui (Asahikawa City)
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I misunderstood the car called notebook. I thought that a compact car would be the least necessary car, but it wasn’t ridiculous. The interior was of a high quality and above all, there was a sense of security and enjoyment that allowed us to handle a powerful car at will. The first thing that surprised me when I got on was that there was a “solid feeling” in the feeling of sitting and holding the steering wheel. And the run was also very sporty. The response to the accelerator is also unique to an electric car that runs on a motor alone, unlike a gasoline engine car. It was very impressive. The e-POWER Drive, which can be accelerated or decelerated with a single pedal, was a little worried before riding, but it was easy to handle. I really like the notebook e-POWER, which has good driving performance and safety and safety.
● Test riders / Ryoko Yamamoto (Sapporo City)
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I particularly liked the e-POWER Drive, which can adjust the speed only by operating the accelerator pedal. Although it was my first experience, I was able to drive without any discomfort. In normal driving, it is easy to overload the distance between vehicles when stopping at a traffic light, but there is no need to worry about the e-POWER Drive that decelerates just by releasing the accelerator. I was surprised at the winding curve, “It’s so easy that you don’t have to switch between the accelerator and brake!” I would like to experience what it feels like on a slippery winter road. I thought the “Intelligent Room Mirror”, which displays the image of the camera installed behind the car on the rear view mirror, was also amazing. It is safe to see that advanced features that support safe driving are installed. I had a test ride without any prior knowledge, so it was amazing! more than

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