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  • [Trambi Co., Ltd.] Mishima Shinkin Bank and M & A platform TRANBI, the largest business succession in Japan, decided to form a business alliance to solve the business succession problem

[Trambi Co., Ltd.] Mishima Shinkin Bank and M & A platform TRANBI, the largest business succession in Japan, decided to form a business alliance to solve the business succession problem


Trumbi Co., Ltd. Mishima Shinkin Bank and Japan’s largest business succession and M & A platform TRANBI decided business alliance to solve business succession problem Providing business succession opportunities through M & A for small and medium-sized businesses centered in Shizuoka Prefecture …………………………………………………………………………………………… Japan’s largest business succession and M & A platform “TRANBI” (URL: www.tranbi.com) “Our company”) will start a business alliance with Mishima Shinkin Bank (Head Office: Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture, President: Toshio Hirai) to provide business succession support services to small business owners who have business succession issues. We currently have partnerships with more than 270 financial institutions and M & A brokerage firms, but we will continue to expand the partnerships with financial institutions and M & A brokerage firms, and we will continue to conduct business through M & A of small and medium-sized companies that are shaken by successor issues. We will promote succession and aim to build a nationwide network that contributes to the revitalization of the domestic economy and the region. * The contents of this release can be viewed from our website URL below. www.tranbi.com/press/detail/15/ [Image

■ Background of the business alliance In Shizuoka Prefecture, the main business area of ​​Mishima Shinkin Bank, according to the 2018 Shizuoka Prefecture “Closed and Closed and Disbanded” trend survey conducted by Teikoku Databank, a company headquartered in Shizuoka Prefecture, “Discontinued / Disbanded” was 704 cases, down 29 cases from the previous year, but still remains at a high level. By industry, “Construction” accounted for 277 cases (composition ratio 39.3%), accounting for nearly 40% of the total. Below, 126 “Service” (17.9%) and “Retail” 102 ( (14.5%). Looking at the composition ratio by representative age group, “70s” was the top at 34.8%, followed by “60s” at 31.1%, “80 years and over” at 12.8%, and “60s” and above overall 78.7% of the total, it can be seen that the proportion of elderly employees who are out of business or dissolved is increasing. In the future, in order to achieve sustainable regional economic growth as the population declines and the managers age, the business activities of the company are prevented from stagnation due to business closures, including transfers to third parties. The importance of promoting “succession” is increasing.
■ Details of the business alliance Through this business alliance, Mishima Shinkin Bank provides customers with business succession opportunities through online M & A utilizing the nationwide network of TRANBI, and business succession support services for small and medium-sized business owners who are troubled by successor issues Scheduled to strengthen. As of the end of August, there were 35,088 users of TRANBI, making it possible to propose companies that are good candidates for succession from all over the country, regardless of the size of the business. By proposing more than 1,200 M & A deals listed in to buyers, we believe that we can support the realization of growth strategies using M & A of local companies. List of business succession and M & A sales in Shizuoka: https://www.tranbi.com/buy/list/prefecture/19/
■ Mishima Shinkin Bank (https://www.mishima-shinkin.co.jp/) [Name] Mishima Shinkin Bank [President] Toshio Hirai [Establishment] January 1911 [Business description] Financial institutions with 49 stores, mainly in Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture
■ Trumbi Inc. [Company name] Travi Co., Ltd. [President and CEO] Satoshi Takahashi [Establishment] April 2016 [Business description] Planning and operation of M & A platform “TRANBI” and other related businesses * Facebook www.facebook.com/tranbima/ * Twitter https://twitter.com/tranbi_tw
■ About M & A platform “TRANBI” (www.tranbi.com) Our company operates the largest M & A platform “TRANBI” in Japan to solve the business succession problem, which is now a major social problem, by utilizing online M & A. “TRANBI” is a service that dramatically improves the efficiency of the process of finding the most costly buyer candidate in a series of M & A processes by utilizing an open platform on the Internet. As of the end of August 2019, the number of registered users was 35,088, the cumulative number of M & A deals was 3,522, the cumulative number of matching was 15,087, and the average number of buyers was 11 companies. It is the service used by the largest number of small businesses.

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