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[Sanrio Entertainment Co., Ltd.]
Mai Kuraki celebrates the first starring of the beloved character “Wish Memel” with live song of masterpiece “chance for you”

Sanrio Entertainment Inc. Mai Kuraki celebrates the first starring of the beloved character “Wish Memel” with live song of the masterpiece “chance for you”
[“Wish me mell Chance for you” First Day Special Event Coverage Report]
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Confessing the feelings of “chance for you” “There is always a chance in any environment” Sanrio Entertainment Co., Ltd. started its first show “Wish me mell Chance for you” at the theme park “Sanrio Puroland” (hereinafter referred to as “Puroland”). In commemoration of the event, a special event was held on Saturday, September 21st. “Wish me mell’s Chance for you” is the first Puroland character Wish Memel starring. In this first day special event, Mai Kuraki, an artist belonging to Being, who provides the famous song “chance for you”, gave a celebration. Mai Kuraki also collaborated with Wish Memel in 2012, and is also in charge of character voice of My My, Wish Memel’s best friend. ”This time, for the first time,“ chance for you ”was sung by Wish Memel, specially arranged for this show. The character “My Mai” inspired by Mai Kuraki also appeared in the video. At the After Talk Show, Mai Kuraki appeared in a collaboration T-shirt designed by Maimai and Wishmemel, and applause from the venue. Mr. Mai Kuraki, who was in charge of the character voice for the first time other than the role of himself, recalled the impression that he participated in the show as Maimai, “I was glad to be able to help Wish Memel in the form of delivering a song.” It was. He also praised Wish Memel, who first starred in the show, “I didn’t look nervous. It was very nice and cute”. Later, Mai Kuraki confessed her thoughts on “chance for you”. “I want you to have the courage to go one step forward without fear of being hurt. I wanted to tell everyone that there is always a chance in any environment,” he said. And as a surprise present for customers who came to the show on the first day, “chance for you” used in this show was performed with Wish Memel in a live song. Visitors of the venue were listening to the beautiful singing voice of Mai Kuraki. Finally, Mai Kuraki and Wish Memel took a good two-shot photo. Mai Kuraki sent an ale to Wish Memel saying, “I want everyone to continue to smile and energetic,” and concluded the special event on the first day. Event report In commemoration of the first starring, Mai Kuraki’s “chance for you” is arranged as a Wish Memel song!
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“Wish me mell’s Chance for you” starring Puroland’s popular character “Wish Memel”. Wish Memel performed a dance to “chance for you” provided by Mai Kuraki. In addition, my friend, Mai Mai, who serves as the character voice for Mai Kuraki, appears in the video. When asked, Mai Kuraki praised Wish Memel, “It was very nice and cute. I felt warm.” Mai Kuraki talks about the feelings hidden in the song “Everyone has a chance in any environment”
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Also, Mai Kuraki enthusiasm about the “chance for you”, saying “I wanted to tell you that everyone has a chance in any environment through this song”. “I wish Wish Memel sung“ chance for you ”has made me a warm song that will push my back even more,” he said. Mai Kuraki who is currently on the 20th anniversary tour of her debut. Wish Memel, who asked if he wanted to go on a national tour, smiled happily. Mai Kuraki performs “chance for you” with a live song! Enchanted by beautiful singing voice
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Finally, in commemoration of the start of the show, Mai Kuraki performed a live song with Wish Memel and “chance for you”. Mai Kuraki who sang the last chorus solo beautifully. The venue was wrapped in a mesmerizing atmosphere. Lastly, Mai Kuraki, who was asked to comment, said happily that “It was a very happy day,” and gave Yale to Wish Memel that “I will continue to do my job to deliver smiles and energy to everyone.” It was. First day performance of “Wish me mell’s Chance for you” After “Miracle Gift Parade”, it appears in front of customers in a surprise!
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Wish Memel performing the original dance
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Wish Memel’s best friend Maimai sings “Chance for you” together
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Overview of “Wish me mell Chance for you”
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Period: From Saturday, September 21, 2019
[Event contents]
“Wish me mell’s Chance for you” sings “chance for you” arranged for this show by Mr. Mai Kuraki, the artist belonging to the show. I will tell you. Character Maimai, who is in charge of the character voice, will also appear in the video and participate in the chorus at the show. After the show, Mai Kuraki will also be celebrating the wish stage of Wish Memel’s first stage, and a talk show will be held to talk about the impressions of the show and the thoughts in the song. To commemorate the show performance, we will also sell cute original collaboration goods limited to Puroland. Please enjoy the first heartful show at Wish Memel. ★ Detailed web page about “Wish me mell Chance for you” www.puroland.jp/liveshow/chance-for-you/ ★ Detailed web page about Mai Kuraki talk show www.puroland.jp/liveshow/chance-for-you_talkshow/ 《Puroland Limited! Sales of Maimai and Wish Memel character goods performed by Mai Kuraki In commemoration of the show performance, original collaboration goods exclusively for Puroland will be sold from Saturday, September 21.
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Chance for you Acrylic key chain 3 types 756 yen (tax included)
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Chance for you 3 types of can badges 432 yen (tax included)
[Image 12

Chance for you letter mini towel 864 yen (tax included)
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Chance for you T-shirt 2916 yen (tax included) * The price will change from October. (C) 1976, 2019 SANRIO CO., LTD. (C) 2010, 2019 SANRIO CO., LTD.
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