[Nishitetsu] Let’s go to see 800,000 “Cosmos” on the Nishitetsu bus! !

Nishitetsu Take the Nishitetsu bus to see 800,000 “Cosmos”! ! Nokonoshima Island Park “Cosmos Night Light Up” Event October is the best time to see the autumn cosmos. You can enjoy the cosmos from “Nokonoshima Island Park” in the north of Nokojima, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka. From early October to mid-November, the cosmos of “Nokonoshima Island Park” has about 500,000 early blooms and about 300,000 late blooms. Many people visit every year because there are two best times to see the book, and you can enjoy the Genkai Pass and the cosmos that spread out in front of you. On October, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, “Nokonoshima Island Park” extended the business hours to 20:00 and lighted up the cosmos field at night with about 50 lights. The Nishitetsu Bus operates a temporary bus during the night light-up period. Also, during the period from Saturday, September 21, 2019 to Sunday, November 3, 2019 (every day during the period) “Nokonoshima Island Park Tie-up Campaign” where you can enjoy “Nokonoshima Island Park” We carry out. This campaign is a voucher voucher (admission fee) that can be used at Nokonoshima Island Park for customers who use the Nishitetsu bus to Noko Tosenba, which is the nearest bus stop at the ferry port to Nokojima. Will be distributed on the bus. * Take the Nishitetsu bus at this opportunity to see Cosmos at Nokonoshima Island Park! * [Image 1

■ Overview of the temporary bus for “Nokonoshima Island Park Cosmos Light Up” [Operating period] October 5 (Sat), 6 (Sun), 12 (Sat), 13 (Sun), 14 (Mon) 19th (Saturday), 20th (Sunday), 22nd (Tuesday / Holiday) 26th (Saturday), 27th (Sunday) 10 days in total [Number of flights] In conjunction with the extended business hours of “Nokonoshima Island Park”, 9 temporary buses will be operated daily at night (after 17:30) after the scheduled flight ends. 4 times in total from “Ferry Terminal” ⇒ “Nokonoshima Island Park” Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 1.17: 30 departure 2.188: 00 departure 3.18: 30 departure 4.19: 00 departure “Nokonoshima Island Park” ⇒ “In front of Ferry Terminal” 5 flights in total Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 1.18: 2.18: 40 3.3.1: 9: 00 4.19: 45 5.20: 15 * Fukuoka City Ferry is connected to the Noko / Minohama route. [Price] Adult 240 yen, Child 120 yen * The above fares are those revised on October 1st.
■ Outline of “Nokonoshima Island Park Tie-up Campaign” [Operating period] September 21 (Sat)-November 3 (Sun), 2019 [Contents] Take the Nishitetsu bus to Noko Tosenba, the nearest bus stop at the ferry port to Nokojima (Shimahama Tosenba) A voucher (equivalent to 20% of the admission fee) that can be used in the park at the admission ticket counter for customers who use it We will give you a voucher that can be exchanged with. * Distributed if the passenger makes a request to the crew when getting off. (1 sheet / person) * The voucher is valid only on the day of distribution. * All buses bound for Noko Tosenba are eligible. ☆ Gold vouchers (equivalent to 20% of the entrance fee) that can be used in Nokonoshima Island Park are available at Can be used as a shopping voucher or meal voucher. [Image 2

* Business hours will be extended during the October light-up period (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). * Please note that there will be no change. * Please hand over the “voucher” at the time of payment. [Contact] Nishitetsu Customer Center: 0570-00-1010

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