[Jerusalem Design Week] Israel selected as partner country for DESIGNART TOKYO 2019

Jerusalem Design Week Israel selected as partner country for DESIGNART TOKYO 2019 “Jerusalem Design Week” held the first overseas event during the period Israeli design that nurtured unique DNA will color DESIGNART TOKYO 2019 [Image 1

[Image 2

Japan’s largest design and art festival, “DESIGNART TOKYO 2019”, which brings together interior art, fashion, food, and other items from around the world in Tokyo. In 2019, Israel was selected as its partner country. As an exchange project, “Jerusalem Design Week (JDW)” was exhibited at Aoyama and Kagurazaka. Israeli artists will have a unique exhibition focusing on contemporary art. Israel has nurtured unique DNA internationally in the design industry as a place where different elements of the West and the East, the Holy and the Vice, the history and the innovation merge. The most influential design event in the country, Jerusalem Design Week, introduces the unique talents of Israel with different themes every year. In Tokyo, the first overseas expansion, it will be held in two locations: Aoyama Spiral and Kagurazaka AYUMI GALLERY. In the spiral, with the theme of “Eden Garden”, the origin of the tension system born between nature, culture, technology and mythology, the salt of the Dead Sea and the Israel of wheat called “wheat” symbolizing the agricultural revolution and modern life. Expresses encounters related to resources. At the venue, more than 10 contemporary artists from Israel will be exhibited. In the installation that appears in the garden of AYUMI GALLERY in Kagurazaka, you can get a glimpse of Jerusalem from the fragments of sound, fragrance and scenery. This exhibition will continue to change over the course of the year after DESIGNART TOKYO 2019 ends and can be enjoyed throughout the season and day and night. The story that connects the two cities of Jerusalem and Tokyo is a story told by the scent of earth, light, and plants that resonate in each place, and the “ sacred land ” that was born under the tree is not bound by the form of “ Jerusalem’s Tell the spirit. Please enjoy the world of contemporary Israeli art and design with various expressions at DESIGNART TOKYO 2019. Jerusalem Design Week official website: https://www.jdw.co.il/en/ [Exhibitor Excerpts] [Image 3

Photo: Idan Sidi Gal Sharir, Idan Sidi “Little Private Gardens”
[Image 4

Photo: Dor Kedmi Guy Mishaly, Nati Tunkelrot “GOREN”
[Image 5

Photo: Daniel Shechter Tamara Efrat, Moran Mizrahi, Dr. Amit Zoran “Crafted Technology”
[Image 6

Photo: Moti Ishabin Dov Ganchrow “Beast of the Anthropocene”
[DESIGNART TOKYO 2019 Outline] Date: October 18th (Friday)-October 27th (Sunday), 2019 Area: Omotesando / Gaienmae / Harajuku / Meiji Jingumae / Shibuya / Ebisu / Daikanyama / Nakameguro / Roppongi / Shinjuku / Ginza Official website: designart.jp/designarttokyo2019/ [Jerusalem Design Week venue] 1. Garden of Eden “Garden of Eden” Venue: Spiral Garden (Spiral 1F) 5-6-23 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Exhibition period: October 18th (Friday) to October 27th (Sunday), 2019 Free admission, opening hours: 11: 00-20: 00 2. Jerusalem library without form “LIBRARY OF INTANGIBLE JERUSALEM” Venue: AYUMI GALLERY (114 Yagimachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0805, Japan) Exhibition period: October 24, 2019 (Thursday) to September 30, 2020 (Wednesday) AYUMI GALLERY Website: www.ayumi-g.com/ [Sponsorship] Jerusalem Design Week, Jerusalem and Heritage, Jerusalem Development Authority, SivanS Corporation, YSLA Yamamura SanzLavin? A Architects, Takeshi Yamamura Laboratory, Department of Architecture, Waseda University, Stratasys Ltd., Nanox Imaging Ltd., Mabsut, AYUMI GALLERY / CAVE, Daiki Nakagawa, Ran Wolf, Urban planning and project management Ltd., Hansen House, Center for Design, Media and Technology, The Municipality of Jerusalem, Netafim, Nanox Imaging Ltd. ICG Accelerate Limited 【Cooperation】 AMAN KYOTO, MOIWA RESORTS OPERATION GK, MATSUMIDORI BREWERY CO., LTD, Amana Design Inc. [Support] Embassy of Israel [Image 7

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