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  • [X-LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN Co., Ltd.] “Fantasy God -Another Fate-” The 5th installment of a special dungeon “Maou Kitan” that operates boss monsters!

“Fantasy God -Another Fate-” The 5th installment of a special dungeon “Maou Kitan” that operates boss monsters!

X-LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN Co., Ltd. “Fantastic god -Another Fate-” The fifth installment of the special dungeon “Maou Kitan” that controls boss monsters! In addition, the popular phantom god “Fenrir” will be hosting the 3 evolutionary style implementation and the phantom god battle event “Sun Moon Break”! …………………………………………………………………………………………… Animetic Fantasy MMORPG “Another Fate-” is a special dungeon “Maou Kitan” that aims to capture by operating a boss monster in the update on Wednesday, October 9th. In addition to implementing the 5th series of the series, we will announce that the popular phantom “Fenrir” has been implemented with a ★ 3 evolutionary style and a phantom battle event “Sun Moon Break” that allows you to acquire limited pets.
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■ Implemented the 5th Demon King Miracle “Indestructible Dragon Talamdan”!
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As the fifth installment of a special dungeon “Maou Kitan” that transforms into a boss monster, the “Immortal Dragon Talamdan Edition” has been implemented. By ordering the quest “Conquest of Conquest” that you can receive on the map “Wind Plains”, you can operate the boss monster “Talam Dan” and aim to capture the dungeon. Upon successful achievement, you can get the material item “ Immortal Dragon Soul ” and combine this item with the “ Dark Bone Taramdan that the Ruined Wings Talamdan ” sold by NPC “ Anle ”, so you can ride and transform Talamdan You can earn “Dark Wings Talamdan’s Dark Bone” containing items that can be used.
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Control the dungeon by operating Talamdan! -The 3 evolutionary styles of the popular phantom “Fenrir” are finally implemented! * 3 evolution style of “Fenrir”, which is very popular among the phantom gods, is finally implemented. Let’s go on an adventure with Fenrir dressed in cute clothes than ever before!
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Pay attention to Fenrir’s ★ 3 styles that show various expressions!
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■ Phantom God Battle Event “Sun Moon Break” is held!
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A limited-time dungeon “Sun Moon Breakup” has appeared in the “Phantom God Battle”, which aims to capture the stage by organizing a party with the phantom god you own. In the dungeon, the ambassador Ouka of the country of Japan will stand as an enemy. Challenge yourself to acquire event-limited pets and rare items!
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Defeat the Japanese ambassador “Ouka” and aim to capture the stage! -“Fenrir” advent as a world boss! ★ The phantom god “Fenrir”, which has just been implemented today with 3 evolutionary styles, will appear as a world boss. The drop rate of the item “Key of Origin” that can make Fenrir a friend is 1.5 times the normal drop rate. Take this opportunity to join the boss subjugation event and make Fenrir your friend!
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Let’s make popular Fenrir a friend! -Added daily dungeon quest rewards “Opopo Reward Box” has been added to the Daily Quest that can be ordered from the NPC “Opopo” for a limited time. Complete daily quests and earn event items!
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NPC “Opopo” (right) In addition, events that can earn one more item than usual by cooking and fishing, events that increase the probability of being converted to the maximum value of each ability when using the target potion, 1.5 times the normal, and anyone can participate We are holding a “Hunting Festival” content that can be used.
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■ Liri ’s avatar “Fancy Lolita” is now available in Rainbow Roulette!
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In addition to the Lili exclusive avatar “Fancy Lolita Dress” and the head avatar “Fancy Lolita Ribbon”, the back avatar “Jewelry Wing” has been added to the rainbow roulette. In addition, the “Women / Phantom God Avatar Selection Box”, “Men / Phantom God Avatar Selection Box”, and “Phantom God / Vehicle Selection Box” that allow you to select and acquire phantom avatars and vehicles have appeared. In addition, there is a birthday box for Verdundy, the birthday phantom of God, in October at G Mall. Please do not miss this opportunity!
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Fancy lolita dress
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Jewelry wing
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Phantom God Verdandy
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