Announcing the wines awarded “AEON WINE AWARD 2019”

AEON Co., Ltd. Announcing the wines awarded “AEON WINE AWARD 2019” …………………………………………………………………………………………… Announced the “best” direct import wines selected by 100 AEON wine specialists [Image 1

From October 10 (Thursday), AEON Retail has selected 6 “AEON WINE AWARD 2019” wines selected by approximately 100 employees with wine qualifications such as “Wine Sommelier”. “AEON STYLE” and “AEON RIKER” will start to be sold as “AEON WINE AWARD WINE” at a maximum of about 410 stores * 1. The annual “AEON WINE AWARD 2019”, which has been held every year since 2017, is based on the theme of “Let’s choose the best bottle you want to drink”. Six items of “jewelry wine” selected through the selection process have been awarded.
[AEON Wine Award Winning Wine] [Image 2

Mutar Clement de Burgundy Brut Nature [Country of origin] France [Type] White foam / dry Sparkling wine produced in the Burgundy region of France. This wine has a delicate fragrance that is also used for fermentation to maintain the fresh fragrance and taste of wine. Body price 1,980 yen + tax * 2 [Image 3

Krios Torontos [Country of origin] Argentina [Type] White / Dry The harsh conditions of a dry sandy area with an altitude of 1,700m and a large temperature difference between day and night give the grapes a refreshing acidity and depth. It has a scent like white peach and pear, and a pleasant sourness surrounding attractive fruit. Body price 1,480 yen + tax * 2 [Image 4

Indigo Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon [Country of origin] Chile [Type] Red / Medium body Made from organic grapes from Emiliana, the world’s largest organic winery. The name of the wine is “Indigo Blue”, a wine with a fruity fragrance and a long finish that allows you to feel the vitality of the plant. Body price 1,480 yen + tax * 2 [Image 5

Bastide Miraflo [Country of origin] France [Type] Red / Full body This wine is brewed by the Lafarge family, which has been growing grapes in the Catalan region of France for six generations since the 19th century. Body price 1,680 yen + tax * 2
[Image 6

Chateau Sun Rock Shemale [Country of origin] France [Type] Red / Full body A wine that uses grapes grown in clay limestone soil in Languedoc, France, and has a rich, fine taste and a strong aroma of blackcurrants, licorice and herbs. Body price 1,680 yen + tax * 2
[Image 7

Cecchi La Mora Merlot Maremma Tuscany [Country of origin] Italy [Type] Red / Medium body It is a wine with a bright and deep purple hue, brewed by the oldest winemaker in Tuscany, Italy. Balanced fruity taste and silky and mellow taste tells the elaborate work to grow and manufacture. Body price 1,880 yen + tax * 2 [Outline of AEON Wine Award 2019 Awarded Wine Sales]
◆ Start date: October 10, 2019 (Thursday)
◆ Stores: Aeon, Aeon Style and Aeon Liquor up to approximately 410 stores in Honshu and Shikoku * 1 Online shop “AEON de WINE”
◆ Price range: Body price from 1,480 yen to 1,980 yen * 2 * 1 May not be available at some stores. * 2 This item is subject to the standard tax rate (10%). Tax-included prices are rounded down. Ion liquor World Wine Festival will be held on November 9th (Sat) and 10th (Sun)! It is an event where you can enjoy about 100 kinds of wines carefully selected from wine regions around the world. About 26 winery producers and brewers from 10 countries will come to Japan to share the charm of each wine. The event will also introduce wines that have received the “AEON Wine Award 2019”. “World Wine Festival 2019” website more than

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