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  • [NSG Group] [Niigata Rehabilitation Hospital] First in Niigata Prefecture! Start of simple cognitive function test for healthy people-Highly accurate assessment of dementia reserve status-

[NSG Group] [Niigata Rehabilitation Hospital] First in Niigata Prefecture! Start of simple cognitive function test for healthy people-Highly accurate assessment of dementia reserve status-

NSG Group [Niigata Rehabilitation Hospital] Niigata First! Start of simple cognitive function test for healthy people-Highly accurate evaluation of the state considered to be a dementia reserve- …………………………………………………………………………………………… NSG Group Medical Corporation Aihirokai. The Niigata Rehabilitation Hospital Health Management Center in Kita-ku, Niigata City will begin providing a simple cognitive function test “Atama Health Check (R)” for the first time in Niigata Prefecture on November 1, 2019.
■ Dementia population 7 million people There is a state called MCI as a progenitor stage of dementia (preliminary army), and if left in this state, there is a concern that dementia will occur with a high probability in the future. The leading role in preventing dementia in the future is healthy young people under the age of 65. Social needs for cognitive function tests in the medical examination area are dramatically increasing. Knowing your health condition through regular cognitive check habits from the middle age and gathering the right knowledge about risk factors and prevention of cognitive decline is very useful in preventing dementia. While the promotion of employment of senior citizens is promoted under the government’s initiative, the needs of corporate health examinations for cognitive function tests are rapidly increasing from the viewpoint of preventing accidents and troubles caused by health and extending the life expectancy of employees. It is.
■ What is Atama Health Check (R) This is the first simple cognitive function check in Japan that can be received from healthy people (target age 30 to 99) who have no complaints about cognitive decline. It is a new cognitive function test that can accurately evaluate the state of MCI, which is regarded as a dementia reserve. * This is not a psychological test (so-called dementia test) to assess the presence or symptoms of dementia. It is a scale that enables quantitative assessment of cognitive function over time in the healthy to MCI groups, and evaluates the state of minute cognitive function of subjects in an easy-to-understand manner with an index value of 0-100. In Japan, new cognitive functions adopted in wide areas such as medical institutions / medical checkup centers, local governments, universities / research institutes, business groups, etc. Scale. [Image 1

■ Mild cognitive impairment What is MCI? It is a gray zone located between normal “forgetfulness” and “dementia” in a state where cognitive function is reduced due to various risk factors such as lifestyle-related diseases. Because it is socially independent and can work, it is difficult to notice on a daily basis, and it is difficult to detect even with conventional inspection methods, so it has often been overlooked. MCI status is said to be a high-risk group that is likely to shift to dementia, but on the other hand, the effectiveness of preventive activities such as management and treatment of risk factors and improvement of lifestyle habits is expected. Early awareness and handling are important.
■ What kind of test? [Main check contents] You will learn 1.10 words as you repeat them, and you will remember them immediately. 2. Repeat the same 3 times 3. From the three animals presented at random, list the ones that seem to be out of the circle. 4. Ask them to remember the first 10 words [Image 2

[Recommended for people like this] □ 40 years old and over □ Workers over 65 years of age (especially qualified personnel, special technicians, etc.) □ Lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome / obesity, stroke, heart disease, head injury, sleep disorders such as SAS, stress and anxiety, depression, thyroid dysfunction, normal pressure head Those who fall under symptom, smoking history, vitamin B12 deficiency, irregular diet, lack of exercise, etc. □ Those who are worried about forgetting things or who have been pointed out by others □ Those who have experience of head injury or stroke [Image 3

■ Inspection organization Niigata Rehabilitation Hospital Health Care Center Address: Niigata Prefecture Niigata City Kita-ku Kizaki 761 Homepage: http://www.niigata-reha.jp/ [Price] 4,500 yen (excluding tax) * If you take an optional examination for a health check, you will receive a 1000 yen discount. [Start] Start from November 1, 2019 As advance reservation system is required, please apply to the contact information below. ≪Reservation system≫ 025-388-3301 (Direct)

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