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Akihiro Nishino Picture Book Gallery Held at Matsuzakaya Takatsuki Branch

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd. Akihiro Nishino Picture Book Gallery, Puper in Entotsu-cho Exhibition at the Matsuzakaya Takatsuki store! October 30 (Wednesday) → November 11 (Monday), 2019, Matsuzakaya Takatsuki branch, 3rd floor …………………………………………………………………………………………… A shining picture book exhibition, “Pentel of Entotsucho”, completed by entertainer Ryogo Nishino over four and a half years, will be held at Matsuzakaya Takatsuki store. In this exhibition, a total of 41 pictures will be displayed in the form of glowing LEDs, and special events will be sold. In addition, Akihiro Nishino’s “Sign and talk show” will be held.
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Picture book “Pentel of Entotsu-cho” completed by entertainer Ryogo Nishino over four and a half years. The book, which was released in October 2016, has recorded a total of approximately 400,000 copies and impressed many people. This exhibition is a shining work exhibition in which all 41 pictures are shined with LEDs. In addition, we will deliver contents that can be enjoyed without fans, such as replica exhibits of past picture book works. The venue will also sell special event-limited goods such as “Entetsucho no Puppel” and the latest work “Tic Tac: Promised Clock Tower”. In addition, at the Matsuzakaya Takatsuki store, in conjunction with this exhibition, we will hold an event that plays the original theme with a harp and a storytelling of Puper in Entotsumachi. Date: October 30 (Wed)-November 11 (Mon), 2019 * Admission is 10am-6:30 pm (closed at 7pm), last day until 4:30 pm ( (Closed at 5pm) Venue: Matsuzakaya Takatsuki store, 3rd floor Admission fee: 500 yen
[300 yen]
(tax included), free for elementary school students and younger. *
Is for groups of 10 people or more, Daimaru / Matsuzakaya credit card, Daimaru Matsuzakaya friend card, Takatsuki city This is a preferential fee for residents (you need to show your ID). * Sale on the day only Organizer: Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co-organizer: Takatsuki Art Exposition 2019 Part of the admission fee for this event will be donated to Takatsuki City for disaster recovery.
■ Akihiro Nishino visit! “Signing & talk show” held
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Mr. Akihiro Nishino
■ Date: November 2 (Sat) Signing session 17: 30 ~ (about 30 minutes) / Talk show 18: 00 ~ (about 90 minutes) * Signing sessions and talk shows are limited to those who have a participation ticket.
■ Venue: Matsuzakaya Takatsuki Branch 3rd floor
[About signing ticket]
During the period, signing party participation tickets will be given to the first 80 people who purchase picture books at the Matsuzakaya Takatsuki store goods corner from the first day of the exhibition. (It will end as soon as it is gone)
[About talk show participation ticket]
Participation tickets must be purchased at the shop site
in the shopping site <BASE* There is a limit to the number. Sales will end as soon as it reaches the constant. URL: bruno.base.shop/

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