[Takashimaya Co., Ltd.] Start accepting Takashimaya Winter Gifts in 2019. 5 cup gourmet dishes to decorate your party table

Takashimaya Co., Ltd. 2019 Takashimaya Winter Gifts Acceptance This year, just line up to create an Instagram! 5 cup gourmet dishes to decorate your party table …………………………………………………………………………………………… Takashimaya started accepting year-end and year-end gifts online on Friday, October 11, 2019. As for the gift centers of each Takashimaya store, five stores, including the Osaka and Kyoto stores in Kansai, will open sequentially from Wednesday, October 16th, and the Tachikawa and Omiya stores that started on October 30th (Wednesday). The As a recommended winter gift for 2019, we will introduce recommended cup gourmets that gorgeously decorate party tables that you can enjoy together with rewards for yourself and your loved ones. [Image 1

[Recommended 5 selections] This winter, cup sweets that color the upscale home party! 】 The coming season with events such as Halloween, Christmas, and the end of the year. Home parties that can be enjoyed with original decorations that are conscious of SNS and special dishes are becoming more exciting every year. Many people are planning a little extravagant girls’ party or party at home this winter. Takashimaya recommends cup gourmet, the next trend, as a winter gift to end the year. [Image 2

■ In addition to sweets, a wide variety of dishes such as French cuisine to eat in cups!

■ Details of each store ・ Takashimaya online store https://www.takashimaya.co.jp/shopping/gift/wintergift/ Nihonbashi store from Thursday, November 7 to Tuesday, December 24 Shinjuku store from Wednesday, November 6 to Tuesday, December 24 Tamagawa store from Wednesday, November 13 to Sunday, December 22 Tachikawa store from Wednesday, October 30 to Monday, December 23 Yokohama store from Saturday, November 2 to Monday, December 23 Konandai store from Wednesday, October 30 to Monday, December 23 Omiya store from Wednesday, October 30 to Thursday, December 19 Coffee shop October 31 (Thu)-December 22 (Sun) Takasaki store from Thursday, November 7 to Wednesday, December 25 Gifu store from Friday, November 1 to Tuesday, December 24 Online store from Friday, October 11 from 10:00 am to Wednesday, December 25, 10:00 * Opening period and closing time on the last day vary depending on the store. * After the Rose Gift Center is closed, it will be accepted at the gift salon of each store. Please check each store’s website for details.

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