“Ticketjam” started to support Apple Pay payment for the first time in the industry. Now, for a limited time , 10% of the ticket transaction value is being rewarded

Ticket Jam Co., Ltd.
“Ticketjam” started to support Apple Pay payment for the first time in the industry. Now, for a limited time, 10% of the ticket transaction amount is being rewarded
Enjoy “smarter, more profitable” entertainment with ticketjam ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Ticket Jam Co., Ltd., based on the philosophy of “making all people involved in happiness” happy with Apple Pay payments, is a new ticket sales service “Ticket Jam” that solves all problems related to secondary ticket distribution. I will inform you that it has started.
■ What is ticketjam
In recent years, there are increasing problems of transaction troubles, fraudulent acts, and illegal high-price resales by using dangerous ticket buying and selling through exchange of money on SNS and overseas resale sites.
This situation has been a difficult issue to eradicate from users’ thoughts, such as “I want to buy and sell tickets that I can’t go to suddenly” or “I have a performance I want to go to”.
Ticketjam [ticketjam] is a ticket distribution service launched to solve such issues “in collaboration with the box office and industry”. Our business is based on the philosophy of “Making all people involved in entertainment happy.”
・ Realize safe transactions through defective ticket compensation ・ Providing functions to reduce the distance between users and events through the app
・ Providing a free platform that allows marketers to sell tickets directly to users
Through the development of the entire entertainment industry. Recently, we have started an alliance with B-League B1 professional basketball team, Yokohama Bee Corseers. The official ticket resale function has been provided, and a major step has been taken to resolve issues related to secondary ticket distribution.
For details, see the following press release.
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Chike Jam, B Basketball B1 Professional Basketball Team, Yokohama Bee Corsairs Partnership, Official Ticket Resale Function, etc.
[Ticketjam] “Convenience store payment, safe compensation premium” introduced. I can’t buy it! I bought it, but I can’t put it! Solve. ] https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000008.000036723.html
[To services beyond the secondary distribution of tickets. Ticket Jam provides a ticket sales platform free of charge to the organizers] https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000012.000036723.html
?? Start paying with Apple Pay. Enjoy smarter entertainment
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Until now, the only payment methods that can be used with Ticketjam are credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and convenience store payments (Lawson, Family Mart, Ministop, Seiko Mart). Many people said that “registration of credit cards on the site and convenience store payments is troublesome”, and this time, you can also use Apple Pay payments that are safer, safer and more convenient without registering payment information such as credit cards in ticketjam It came to be able to receive it. Eliminates the hassle of making payments and makes payments smarter.
?? What is Apple Pay?
Apple Pay is a payment service provided by Apple Inc., which was launched in Japan in 2016. By registering payment information on devices such as iPhone and Apple Watch, you can make payments without registering payment information at various retail stores such as convenience stores and compatible web services. You can use the terminal as a substitute for an IC card such as Suica on iPhone7 or later. Management of payment information is also possible from the Apple app and is very convenient.
■ Get 10% points with Chic Jam [ticketjam]!
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Currently, 10% of the ticket purchase amount is redeemed at
“ticketjam”. In addition, sellers can submit tickets for free of charge.
Please use “Chikjam [ticketjam]” at this opportunity!



■ Company Profile
Developed and operated Chikejam with the philosophy of “Making all people involved in happiness happy”
■ Chike Jam Management Company: Ticket Jam Co., Ltd.
■ Company name: Ticket Jam Co., Ltd.
■ Business: Internet service development

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