MTI’s mother and child notebook app “Mother and Child” is now available in Ayagawa-cho, Kagawa Prefecture!

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MTI’s mother and child notebook app “Mother and Child” is now available in Ayagawa-cho, Kagawa Prefecture!
-A city of peace and smiles, to enhance childcare support using ICT in Ayagawa-
The mother and child notebook app “Mother and Child Mo” planned and developed by MTI Co., Ltd. was introduced in Ayakawa-cho, Ayaka-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, and started to be offered as “Ayakawa-cho Child-rearing App” on November 1 (Friday). .
Ayagawa-cho, which is located in the central part of Kagawa
Prefecture, flows from the southeastern part of the town to the northwestern part of the clear stream Ayagawa, and the upstream Sugawara Valley is famous as one of the 100 Iki landscapes. A town where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.
The town will provide uninterrupted support from pregnancy to child-rearing based on the basic philosophy of “pride, attachment, motivation, and spirit” as a vision of the future that should aim for a “good smile, good smile-live Ayagawa”. We carry out.
This time, as a new child-rearing support measure using ICT, we can easily support everything from the record in the maternal and child health handbook to local information on smartphones and tablet devices. Was adopted.
Going forward, “Mother and Child” will continue to improve the convenience of both local governments and users, with the aim of introducing it into 1,000 local governments by 2020.
◆ “Mother and child” is now available in Ayagawa-cho, Kagawa, where the entire town supports the growth of children and provides child-rearing support in close contact with the community!
[Image 1

In Ayagawa-cho, there are a lot of child-rearing support facilities available to infants, and a “child-rearing support coordinator” is stationed as a consultation service for those who have trouble with child-raising. A detailed support system is in place. In addition, we put emphasis on education at all authorized child institution, nursery school, kindergarten in town, and based on “Ayagawa-cho early childhood common plan (revised in 2019)” which town made in 2013, While each facility takes advantage of the local characteristics, we are striving to enhance day-to-day childcare and education so that children can develop healthy and harmoniously.
In addition, for the townspeople who have purchased child seats, “child seat purchase cost subsidy”, which subsidizes half of the purchase price, and medical expenses covered by health insurance for single parents and their children. Establishing a support system for various forms of families, such as the establishment of a
single-parent family medical expenses payment system, and promoting town development where all townspeople involved with children and child-rearing can engage in child-rearing with peace of mind The This time, our “Mother and Child” was adopted as a new support measure using ICT to make the efforts of the town more convenient for the child-rearing generation.
◆ Supporting pregnancy, childbirth and childcare with a
community-based childcare app!
Ayagawa-cho Child-rearing App adopted by Ayagawa-cho is a service that supports smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It provides records and management of maternal and child health data, immunization schedule management, and advice on childbirth and child-rearing. A variety of useful functions are available to help mothers and fathers who are busy with childcare and work.
The “Madeyo Memorial Day” that can be used as a childcare diary is created based on the Maternal and Child Health Handbook form example from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and photographs the development stages and parental days related to childcare, including the “Guardian Record” in the Mother and Child Health Handbook. As well as a message and a role as a measure of child growth and development. It can also be used as a new communication tool, such as sharing functions with family members such as grandparents who live in distant areas, and information on local areas distributed by the town, so the younger generations that are becoming more and more nuclear families can feel at ease. I hope that this will help create an environment where you can give birth and raise children.

In Honmachi, we have established the basic philosophy of supporting children and raising children as “a city where children have dreams, have dreams of raising children, and everyone’s smile shines”, and we provide uninterrupted support from pregnancy to child-rearing. Currently, childcare needs are changing in various ways, and the government needs flexible support. The “Ayagawa-cho Child-rearing App” to be introduced this time will provide information on various child-rearing in real time. I hope it can be used by many
child-rearing households.

[Guidance of various systems and services provided by local governments]
● Guidance on information and procedures for various subsidy systems suitable for pregnancy and childcare, such as child medical expenses subsidies and child allowances
● Various news distributed by the local government
[Recording and management]
● Record physical condition and weight during pregnancy (graph) [Image 2

● Fetal and child growth records (graphed)
● Verification of obesity and skinnyness using a height-weight curve (graphed)
● Vaccination: Automatic display of standard inoculation date, inoculation schedule / results management, forgetting prevention alert
● Health checkup information: Recorded health checkup data for pregnant women and children
[Information provision and advice]
● Basic information on childbirth and childcare
● Knowledge and advice tailored to the number of weeks of pregnancy and the age of the child
● Videos on how to make baths and baby food
● News from the town
● Information on surrounding facilities (hospitals, kindergartens / nursery schools, parks, child-rearing facilities, etc.)
[Child care diary: It’s done anniversary]
● Record children’s growth with photos
● Photos are uploaded with “First Anniversary Template” containing the date and words on the anniversary (recording of about 150 items such as the first… fetal movement / kick / sleeping / sitting / high-high / stand alone / walk alone)
[Data sharing]
● You can view your child’s growth records and health data on your family’s smartphone and post it on social media
Going forward, Maternal and Child Notebook App “Mother and Child Mo” will continue to develop as a service rooted in local communities that will help children grow healthy, aiming to create an environment where everyone can get pregnant, give birth, and raise children with peace of mind.
[Image 3


Service name: Ayagawacho Child Care App
Monthly fee (tax included): Free
how to access:

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