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“Gunho Festival 2019” will be held at Makuhari Messe this weekend! We announce stage schedule & performer big!

GungHo Online Entertainment Ltd. “GungHo Festival 2019” Finally this weekend, it will be held at Makuhari Messe! We announce stage schedule & performer big! We hold “Pazdora Champions Cup 2019” which decides pro NO. 1!


GungHo’s largest offline event “Gunho Festival 2019” will be held at Makuhari Messe (Chiba, Chiba) on May 26th, 2019 this weekend.

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“Pazdora Champions Cup 2019” logo Amazon is determined to sponsor the Pazdora Champions Cup 2019, the main attraction of this event. Also sponsored by Aeon Mall, Duskin Rent All, Kinki Nippon Tourist, and Yonex. In addition, we released the time schedule of the stage, the venue map, the performers, etc. on the “GungHo Festival 2019” special site. Since the entrance of the venue is different for stage viewing and goods purchase, please check the official site in advance for the admission method. After the opening, live delivery of the first round of the “Pazdora Champions Cup 2019” by 8 players “Pazdora” pro players and the first round of the “Macdonald x Pazdora Challenge Cup 2019” final competition will start on stage simultaneously . Also, we are planning to announce the latest information, so stay tuned. The stage of the day will be distributed on YouTube Live and Nico Nico Live Broadcasting. If you would like to visit on the day, or if you would like to see the stage but also enjoy the other corners, please enjoy live distribution.
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At the venue, in addition to the stage event, food parks, goods sales, sponsorship corner and illustration exhibition corner will appear, including delivery of dungeon treasures. In addition, there is an experience type event where everyone can participate, including children’s corner and stamp rally, so that everyone in the family can enjoy it. In addition, if you register the QR code displayed in “Puzzle & Dragons” at the entrance of the venue, a dungeon will be sent by in-game e-mail after which “Super God Fess Gacha” will be rolled once for free. The QR code can be displayed from

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in the app, so please prepare before admission. All admission fees for the GungHo Festival 2019 are free. Please come and visit us by all means.
【Stage time schedule】

※ Time of stage progress may be changed.
MC: Kosugi Ryuichi (Black Mayonnaise), MC: Diane, Assistant MC: Ashida Erina, Assistant MC: Noguchi Nana, Competition Real Condition: OooDa, Competition Real Condition: Guymon, Competition Real Condition: Commentary: Kosuke, Commentary: Tofu , Commentary: Paprika, Guest: Iwai Yuuki (Halaichi), Guest: Natch, Guest: Beginning Shacho, Guest: Max Murai, Guest: Ayumu Murase
※ In random order, honorifics abbreviation
【Summary of “GungHo Festival 2019”

● Co-sponsored “Pazdora Champions Cup 2019” tournament Amazon (Amazon Japan Ltd.) Aeon Mall Duskin rent all Kinki Japan Tourist Yonex
● Co-sponsored “McDonald × Pazdora Challenge Cup 2019” event Japan McDonald au games Coke ON Meiji almond chocolate Sante FX
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“Pazdora” logo It is a generic term for content including everything from anime, manga, and toys, as well as games such as the puzzle puzzle RPG “Puzzle & Dragons” for smartphones, and games such as “Pazdora Radar” and “Pazdora Challenge”. “Pazdora” is a JeSU certified e-sports title. We have held the professional recognition tournament “Pazdora Challenge Cup” that anyone can participate in, and the prize competition “Pazdora Open Cup” that allows qualified players and general players to play against each other. In addition, the “Pazdora Champions Cup” is also held, where JeSU certified professionals aim for the highest peak of “Pazdora”. (C) GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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