Royal Canaan Japon GK Run! jump! Athlete dogs gathered in cooperation with Yukanuba “EXTREME! CHAMIPONSHIP N ational Finals”

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Royal Canaan Japon GK
Run! jump! Athlete dogs gathered in cooperation with Yukanuba “EXTREME! CHAMIPONSHIP National Finals”
November 23 (Sat) and 24 (Sun), 2019 10: 30-11: 30/14: 00-15: 30 @ National Showa Memorial Park Yumehiroba
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Royal Canaan Japon (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Toshiyuki Yamamoto) Premium Dog Food Brand “Eukanuba” sponsored a dog sport event “EXTREME! CHAMPIONSHIP 2019” final competition November 23 (Saturday) and 24 (Sunday) will be held as the main event of “Tail Festa 2019” (admission free) at Showa Memorial Park (Tachikawa City, Tokyo).
“Extreme Championship” is a competition aimed at building a society where people and dogs can coexist while nurturing deeper bonds while enjoying enjoyment together with owners and pet dogs. 125 athlete dogs will gather and make a summit battle.
■ What is “Extreme Championship” sponsored by Yukanuba?
This competition was started in 1999 with the aim of “knowing dogs deeply and deepening their ties through dog sports” and “building a society where people and dogs can coexist by raising awareness of manners”. It is classified according to the height of the dog, and each class competes for the second type of competition.
“Miniature” (small dog with a height of 40cm or less) & “Open” (medium / large dog)
1. “Comprehensive category” (compete for time from start to goal across various obstacles)
2. “High speed section” (Over 20 low hurdles and compete for time from start to finish)
There will be a curtain tournament, Kansai region conference, Shin-etsu Hokuriku region conference, Tohoku region conference, and final district conference, and the top seven of each class and event will advance to the final tournament.
■ Highlights of the competition
1. Faster! More accurately! Miniature General / Open General Section [Image 2

The “Comprehensive” event goes over various obstacles and competes for the time from the start to the goal, but the obstacles must be cleared in the order they are placed. You will be disqualified if you do not pass the goal or if you do not finish within the time limit. A dog that clears earlier and more accurately, with obstacles such as “Mountain” with a maximum passing point of 2m70cm, three “hurdles” of different heights, and the most difficult “Flag” that passes 16 poles alternately left and right Pay attention to the movements and combinations with the owners.
2. Control the hairpin curve! High speed miniature / high speed section [Image 3

Over 20 low hurdles and compete for time from start to finish. The hurdle setting is 15cm for the miniature class and 30cm for the open class. Cornering is the highlight of this event. Corner angles vary depending on the location, and steep hairpin curves will also appear. If you enter the corner without slowing down, you will not be able to bend and you will be out of the course. The point is how well the corner is controlled.
■ Summary of “Extreme Championship 2019” sponsored by Yukanuba [Date & Time] Saturday, November 23, 2019 “Miniature (small dog) class” 10:30-11:30 “High Speed ​​Final” / 14:00-15:30 “General Final” November 24, 2019 (Sun) “Open (medium / large dog) class”
10:30-11:30 High Speed ​​Final / 14:00-15:30 General Final
[Venue] Showa Memorial Park Yumehiroba (3173 Midoricho, Tachikawa, Tokyo) “Tail Festa 2019” venue
[Admission] Free
[Organizer] Extreme Executive Committee
[Sponsorship] Eukanuba
[URL] Extreme Championship 2019 Tail Festa 2019
■ Booth exhibition & food sample will be presented at Yukanuba “Shippo Festa 2019”!
“Ship Festa 2019” will be held on November 23rd (Sat) and 24th (Sun) at various shops such as a shopping area where dogs’ goods are available and a cafe corner where you can relax together. Yukanuba will also exhibit a booth and conduct a free food sample distribution campaign. If you answer a simple questionnaire and ask the staff of the booth about your dog’s constitution and concerns, we will give you a recommended food sample (100g).
[Image 4

■ Precautions for visitors (excerpts. For details, please check the “Tail Festa 2019” website)
When touching other dogs, be sure to obtain the consent of the owner before touching them.
When taking pictures of other dogs, be sure to obtain the consent of the owner Do not give food to the dog without permission from the owner Please do not enter the prohibited areas

Accidents and injuries caused by dogs in the venue will be the responsibility of the owner. Please be careful
Dogs not vaccinated for rabies and vaccinated for 3 or more infections are not allowed
Dogs in estrus cannot enter
No lead in the venue is prohibited. Keep the extended lead short Please take your dog’s poop home with you
There is no dog run in the venue (there is a permanent dog run in the park’s paid area, so please check the details on the website of the Showa Memorial Park)
About Yukanuba
“Every day is active for all dogs.” Eukanuba is a nutritionist for all dogs, hoping that all dogs will have a healthy and energetic life for 50 years since its foundation in 1969. I continue to study. As a result, there are numerous innovations in the dog food industry, such as the adoption of DHA to support the healthy brain development of puppies, the development of unique technologies for healthy teeth and gums, and the combination of omega fatty acids to maintain beautiful skin and hair growth. Has contributed to the health of pets around the world. Yukanuba pursues the nutrition of pets and the joy of being with them without compromise.
▼ Eukanuba Japan official website:
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▼ Eukanuba Japan Official Instagram: About Royal Canaan
Royal Canaan has been committed to providing true health to dogs and cats for over 50 years. Since its founding in 1968 by French veterinarian Jean Cataly, it has collaborated and collaborated with nutritionists, breeders and veterinarians around the world. Our mission is to bring a healthy and happy life to individual dogs and cats by pushing the limits of nutrition and knowledge through collaboration with pet specialists. In July 2017, the Eukanuba brand became one of the food brands of Royal Canaan in the Japanese market. The Royal Canaan brand and the Eukanuba brand share the passion of “providing the best nutritional solution for as many dogs and cats as possible”. Headquartered in Emargues, South France, Royal Canaan, which operates in more than 100 countries, has more than 7,000 staff around the world who care better for pets, with dogs and cats first. Make the world
Is focused on.
For more information on the Royal Canaan brand, see
[Inquiries from readers]
Inquiries about “ Extreme Championship 2019 ”
Inquiries about the Yukanuba brand
Royal Canaan / Yukanuba Customer Service Office 0120-926-970 Reception hours: Monday to Friday (except holidays and New Year holidays) / 9:30 to 16:00

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