JR West Japan SC Development Co., Ltd. Tennoji Mio x Osaka Saga Women’s University

JR West Japan SC Development Co., Ltd.
Tennoji Mio × Osaka Sakai Women’s University

January, 2019
JR West Japan SC Development Co., Ltd.
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Tennoji Mio, a shopping center run by JR West Japan SC Development Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka City, President: Masato Yamaguchi) A collaborative Mio Original School Festival event will be held at the Tennoji Mio Main Building 12F Mio Hall.
The purpose of this initiative is to provide students with a fashion experience with a shopping center.
In this collaboration, the second year of this event, students of the makeup fashion department, who are usually learning about fashion, makeup, and beauty, organized events and designs for school festivals from scratch.
At the event, three workshops will be held: “Making room fragrances”, “Making remaining cloth accessories”, and “Sally dressing experience”. You can experience it like a university class, make use of the extra materials in the class, and experience the unique fashion department. After experiencing the workshop, you can take a commemorative photo at the photo booth designed by the students.
At the “MIO School Festival”, not only students but also open classes will be held inviting professors from Osaka Sakai Women’s University. In this open class, you can feel free to experience what students are learning for the purpose of having a lesson at school.
In this initiative, we not only made use of the knowledge of fashion students are studying, but also worked together with students on the planning and design of the “MIO School Festival”. The event is filled with students’ thoughts, so please enjoy it.
■ Planning / Event Details
1. Workshop
A workshop will be held for students studying at the Department of Cosmetic Fashion at Osaka Saga Women’s University, taking advantage of what they are studying at the university.
In this workshop, there will be three “Room Fragrance Making”, “Remaining Fabric Accessory Making”, and “Sally Dressing Experience”. The outline of each workshop is as follows.
(1) Making room fragrance
It is a workshop where you can learn about fragrance while creating a room fragrance, like a university class.
Combine your favorite fragrances to create your own room fragrance. [Image 2


(2) Making remaining cloth accessories
A workshop where you can make your own earrings and earrings using the surplus cloth from your university classes. You can enjoy making one-of-a-kind accessories that are kind to the earth using the remaining cloths of various patterns.
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(3) Sally dressing experience
You can easily experience Indian national costume “Sari”. This experience is also a popular event on the open campus of Osaka Saga Women’s University, where you can experience various colors and patterns of sari procured from authentic India. After trying it on, you can take a photo with Taj Mahal-style photo spot and commemorative photo.
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In addition, at this event, original tote bag designed by students will be presented to the first 200 people who participated.
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The workshops planned and designed by students can only be experienced at the MIO School Festival. We look forward to welcoming you all. 2. Holding open classes
In the open class, we will invite not only students but also professors from Osaka Saga Women’s University. In addition to showing the student’s knowledge, it is a content that allows students to experience what they normally learn.
This is the first attempt at a public class at Tennoji Mio. Please experience what you can learn in the Department of Cosmetic Fashion through experiences and lectures.
(1) Impression analysis
You can conduct a self-analysis of your impressions using a simple analyze sheet. This lecture allows you to discover your own
impressions while taking a simple lecture on impression formation.
Department of Cosmetic Fashion Professor Masato Watanabe
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(2) Make it! display! Cute soap making
You can experience making original soap while taking a lecture. This is a lecture that allows you to select the materials and molds such as lame, pearl, and fragrance, and make only one original soap in the world.

Department of Cosmetic Fashion Professor Takada Sadaki
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