Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd. Oriental Hotel Fukuoka Hakata Station Four carefully selected sake brands have appeared: “Sake & bar cross point-“

Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd.
[Oriental Hotel Fukuoka Hakata Station] Four carefully selected sake brands appear “Sake & bar cross point-”
Oriental Hotel Fukuoka Hakata Station (Location: Hakata Station, Chuo-gai, 4-23 / General Manager: Kei Matsuura) is limited to one day on Tuesday, December 17, 2019. SAKE & bar cross point- ”will be held. [Image 1

Sake party enjoyed at the popular cafe and bar since the first event. This time, the sixth time, we prepared a selection of sake selected by the CROSS POINT staff. We prepared “Wakanami Sparkling” with a refreshing and sweet and sour taste, “Taketsuru Junmai Nigari Sake” with plenty of rice flavor and sharpness, and “Kurafuku Jun”, a very dry sake using “Hitachi Nishiki” from Ibaraki Prefecture. Four brands: “Koneginjo Super Dry” and “Hiramatsu Junmai Daiginjo 50%” which is gentle and slightly sweet. The menu is a menu that makes Japanese sake more delicious, with “seven seasonal appetizers” invented by the Japanese chef in line with sake, “sashimi”, and “meal” of salmon. Please enjoy the “CROSS POINT Sake Association” which will be the last year of the Ordinance.
[Japanese sake menu / All you can drink until the bottle is empty] ・ Wakanami Sparkling (Wakanami Sake Brewery / Fukuoka Prefecture) ・ Taketsuru Junmai Nigorigo Sake (Taketsuru Sake Brewery / Hiroshima Prefecture) ・ Kurafuku Junmai Ginjo Super dry (Kurafuku Sake Brewery / Ibaraki) ・ Hiramatsu Junmai Daiginjo 50% (Shinozaki / Fukuoka)
[Cooking menu]
・ Assorted 7 seasonal snacks
・ Sashimi
・ Yamakake Japanese Soba
・ Japanese chef’s homemade chilled zenzai
* Menu is subject to change
◆ Cafe & Bar CROSS POINT
A cafe with a casual atmosphere at lunchtime.
Lights down at night, and you can enjoy a drink in an open restaurant with full glass windows.
[Image 2


Oriental Hotel Fukuoka Hakata Station “6th Sake no Kai-SAKE & bar cross point-”
■ Date: Tuesday, December 17, 2019
■ Time: 19: 00-20: 30 (90 minutes)
■ Venue: 2F Cafe & bar “CROSS POINT”
■ Fee: 4,500 yen for adults (tax included) * Reservation system (limited to the first 25 people)
* In case of cancellation, it is until 19:00 two days before. After that, 100% cancellation fee will be charged.
Reservations / Inquiries: Restaurant Reservation Section (10: 00-19: 00) TEL 092-461-2101
★ About Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd.
Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd. is a hotel management company that operates 20 hotels in Japan and 5,951 rooms. We operate a wide variety of hotels throughout the country, including “Oriental”, “Hilton”, “Marriott”, “Holiday Inn”, and other brands in Japan and overseas, as well as Tokyo Disney Resort® and partner hotels.
* Number of group hotels: 20 / Group hotel total number of rooms: 5,951 rooms / Group hotel total number of employees: Approximately 2,600
* 20 hotels in Japan: Hilton Narita (Narita, Chiba / 548 rooms), International Garden Hotel Narita (Narita, Chiba / 463 rooms), Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay (Urayasu, Chiba / 511 rooms), Hilton Tokyo Odaiba ( Minato-ku, Tokyo / 453 rooms), Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Kamata (Ota-ku, Tokyo / 158 rooms), Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza (Chuo-ku, Tokyo / 103 rooms), Oriental Hotel Kyoto Gallery
(Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto / 150) Rooms), Oriental Hotel Kyoto Rokujo (Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto / 166 rooms), Hotel Nikko Nara (Nara City, Nara Prefecture / 330 rooms), Holiday Inn Osaka Namba (Chuo-ku, Osaka City / 314 rooms), Namba Oriental Hotel (Osaka) City Chuo Ward / 258 rooms), Hotel Oriental Express Osaka Shinsaibashi (Osaka City Chuo Ward / 124 rooms), Oriental Suites Airport Osaka Rin Cormorant * 2019 December scheduled to open (large
Osaka Prefecture Izumisano / 258 rooms), Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel (Chuo-ku, Kobe / 319 rooms), Sheraton Grand Hotel Hiroshima (Higashi-ku, Hiroshima / 238 rooms), Oriental Hotel Hiroshima (Hiroshima, Naka-ku / 227 rooms), Oriental Hotel Fukuoka Hakata Station (Fukuoka Hakata-ku / 221 rooms), Okinawa Harbor View Hotel (Naha City, Okinawa / 352 rooms), Hotel Nikko Alivila (Yomitan Village, Okinawa / 397 rooms), Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa (Nago, Okinawa Prefecture) City / 361 rooms)
Official WEB teaser site: Oriental Hotel Fukuoka Hakata Station is a group hotel of Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd.

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