Zapparas Co., Ltd. The first overseas luck tour with the shrine specialist “Dr. Ryu” “Ryujin & Power Spo t 3 Days in Taiwan” will be held in February 2020!

Zapparas Co., Ltd.
The first overseas luck tour with the shrine specialist “Dr. Liu” “Ryujin-sama & Power Spot 3 Days in Taiwan” will be held in February 2020!
~ Good luck in 2020 during Taiwanese New Year! ~

Zapparas Group PINK Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yuta Sugawara) goes around “Dr. Ryu” Yatsushi Ryuhei, “Full of Taipei, Ryujin Tour 3 Days (Departed on February 15, 2020)” Has started selling.
It is a project that you can enjoy Taiwan with a good luck mood after the “Chinese New Year” (Chinese New Year) starting at the end of January.
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▼ Tour Organizer Ryuhei Yagi
[Image 2d5725-275-382580-1.png
This tour organizer is the best seller of over 270,000 copies “Why do successful people go to the shrine? Ryuhei Yagi.
The first overseas luck tour will be held with the author who has sent various information about Japanese shrines. In addition to guides at various places, there is also a tour-only “Ryujin-sama Talk” where you can listen to explanations and explanations about the energy of Ryujin-sama in Taiwan. This is a must-see tour for those who want to start in 2020.
▼ Weekend + 1 day! What is Ryujin-sama and luck tour that can be opened in 2020? This travel destination is Taiwan.
According to Dr. Liu, Taiwan is said to be a place where the energy of the gods is gathered so that it is said that there is also “the existence that became a god from a real person”. In this project where you can touch the energy flow coming through southwestern Japan and Taiwan / Okinawa directly, while listening to Dr. Ryu ’s story, the most historic temple “Ryuzan-ji” Visit various power spots such as Fukutoku Shrine, the god of fortune.
[Image 3d5725-275-309485-2.png
▼ After enjoying local cuisine, relax at a well-established hotel with tradition and style.
Meals include authentic small rice cakes and authentic dishes such as Taiwan, Guangdong and Beijing. The hotel is 50 years old, “Taipei Ambassador Hotel”, a long-established deluxe hotel. The interior is filled with the neoclassical style of Europe and the buffet breakfast with about 50 kinds of dishes is also well received, making it an excellent location for exploring the city.
[Image 4d5725-275-405442-3.png
▼ Tour details
◆ Departure date: Saturday, February 15, 2020-Monday, February 17
◆ Travel price: 176,000yen ~ (when 2 people use 1 room / China Airlines (designated)
◆ Tour points
・ Taiwan power spot tour! You can enjoy not only the royal road of Ryuzan-ji Temple, but also the “Kinun Tunnel” and a 116m long suspension bridge made in the image of a dragonbone (Ryuzan-ji Temple, Sekiwatari Shrine, Shinangu Shrine, Gyotengu Shrine Jinansan Fukutoku-gu and Ulsan (opened by the Holy King)
・ The first overseas luck tour of Ryuhei Yagi, the author of the best-selling “Why successful people go to the shrine” over 270,000 copies. In addition to guides at various places, “Ryujin-sama talks” that decipher the energy of Ryujin in Taiwan are also planned. -Stayed at the Taipei Ambassador Hotel for 50 years since its establishment.
◆ Official site:
◆ Tour special page:
◆ Hotels official website:
▼ Ryuhei Yagi profile
[Image 5d5725-275-137049-7.jpg
Born in Kyoto in 1975. Dr. Ph.D. (Knowledge Science). A social psychologist who uses spiritual senses.
An unprecedented analysis that combines science and spirituality about “Shrine” has gained popularity, and the book “Why do successful people go to the shrine?” (Sunmark Publishing) is once again the best seller of over 270,000 copies. In addition, hit works such as “Super Intuition polished by successful people” (KADOKAWA) are published one after another.

▼ What is “Group tour for adults” delivered by travel agency PINK? The travel company PINK customers account for half of the trip alone. Each person wants to act freely and want to immerse themselves in their hobbies. “Journey alone” is an important time to fulfill such a wish.
In recent years, the popularity of “group tours”, where people with the same hobbies travel, has been planning various tours at PINK. In addition to the enjoyment of sharing experiences and impressions from travel, there are plenty of tour plans unique to PINK that will not lose your “loose time”.
■ PINK Corporation
A travel agency that produces adult trips based on the theme of “good trips to the heart and body”. We offer tours that condense the essence of new hints such as food, health, culture, art and interior. ・ Official website:
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■ Zapparas Co., Ltd.
Established the fortune-telling content market in the early days of mobile content, and subsequently grew to become a listed company on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Currently operating the largest fortune-telling media “” not only in Japan but also in the United States, and is the No.1 market share in the world fortune-telling content. In addition, El Online, El Girl, 25ans (Van Sang Kang) Online, SPUR.JP, Marisol ONLINE, and other fortune-telling content are provided mainly by women’s magazines and Web media. Planning and operation of real event “Fortune-telling festival (”, video business, and VR / AR business “Tarot VR” since 2017. “Fortune-telling festival 2020 NEW YEAR”
( will be held in Meguro from Saturday, January 11th to 13th (celebration / month), 2020.
■ Contact information for inquiries
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