Pola Museum of Art “Surrealism and Painting” Exhibition Special menus, original goods, Hakone sightseeing information from winter to early spring

Pola Museum of Art
“Surrealism and Painting” Exhibition Special menus, original goods, Hakone sightseeing information from winter to early spring
Dates: December 15, 2019 (Sun)-April 5, 2020 (Sun)

At the Pola Museum of Art (Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture), from December 15, 2019 (Sun) to April 5, 2020 (Sun),
The exhibition “Surrealism and Painting” will be held focusing on the spread of surrealism and Japanese “surreal”. In addition to the special course menu “Spain no Kaze” and the original goods of the exhibition, we will also provide information on sightseeing in Hakone from winter to early spring. Please enjoy Hakone sightseeing with this exhibition.
Exhibition Special Course Menu
“Spanish wind” 3,040 yen (tax included)
[Image 1

A special course menu inspired by the exhibition “Spain no Kaze” (3,040 yen including tax) will be offered at the restaurant “Array” at the Pola Museum of Art. Dali’s hometown, Spanish local cuisine was arranged and finished with flavor. Please enjoy the charm of various ingredients from appetizers to desserts.

A dish of warm seafood soup and paella made with pasta.

Enjoy roasted Iberian pork with bean puree and red cabbage salad.

Please enjoy the caramelized orange flavored Crema Catalana with fruits. * Black tea and herbal tea are served in pots.

[Image 5

The restaurant “Array” has an impressive white interior. In a bright and spacious space with a dazzling view of the greenery outside the large window, you can enjoy a wide range of menus, from European dishes using seasonal ingredients to Japanese dishes.
Hours: 11: 00-16: 00 (L.O.) 120 seats
Original goods
The museum shop sells original goods for each special exhibition and is well received every time as a memorial and souvenir for the exhibition. This time, we will introduce sweets and original goods related to the “Surrealism and Painting” exhibition. (* All tax included)
● “Surrealism and Painting” Pecannut Chocolate 460 yen
[Image 6

Pecan nut sweets coated with Belgian white chocolate and caramel powder. Enjoy the scent of roasted nuts and the caramel mariage.
● “Surrealism and Painting” Original tote bag 1,080 yen
[Image 7

A tote bag with an exhibition logo. A4 size is completely included, and the size with gusset can be used for multi-use and is a big success. Please commemorate the exhibition.
Hakone Tourist Information
In Hakone, traditional events and events that take advantage of nature are held. Please enjoy it together with your visit to the hotel. Hakone Tourist Information: Hakone Tourist Information Center 0460-85-5700 Ashinoko Twilight Fireworks
[Location: Lake Ashino (Motohakone)] December 22, 23rd, 2019 17: 15-17: 30 [Image 8

Ashinoko Twilight Fireworks 2019 will be held for two consecutive nights. Fireworks shine on Lake Ashino at twilight time just before sunset.
Tokyo-Hakone Round-trip University Ekiden Race (Hakone Ekiden) January 2 and 3, 2020
One of Hakone’s winter specialties, Hakone Ekiden. Various dramas are born every year and are loved by many fans. A total distance of 217.1km will be connected by 10 players from each school. Many people come to Hakone every year for support.
Hakone Shrine Setsubun Festival
[Location: Ashinoko, Hakone Shrine] February 3, 2020 (February 2 February) [Image 9

It is a festival of setsubun every year at Hakone Shrine. It is a rare festival of throwing beans to a demon who runs around on a water ski. At the eve of the festival, a winter scenery fireworks display is held, and a large flower blooms in the clear night sky.
Sakiishihara’s Susukino field grilled
[Place: Sengokuhara Susuki Grassland] Early March 2020
Sengokuhara Susuki Grassland, located about 5 minutes by car from the Pola Museum of Art, is the largest in the Kanto region and extends all over the foot of Mt. The field-roasted grassland, which takes place on a mild day in March every year, is a tradition that tells Hakone the arrival of spring.
Sengokuhara Yudate Lion Dance
[Location: Sengokuhara, Suwa Shrine] March 27, 2020
It has been designated as an intangible folk cultural property in Kanagawa Prefecture since the Edo period. In the “Kamame-no-Mai”, where the lion stirs the hot water of the pot with a bunch of bears and sprinkles the worshipers, it is said that the yuka can keep you healthy for a year.
■ Surrealism and Painting-Dali, Ernst and Japanese “Sur” Exhibition [Image 10

Haruga Koga “White Shell” 1932 (Showa 7) Collection of Pola Museum of Art 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of surrealism. Surrealism, which was born in France, started with the aim of expressing an unconscious world beyond reason, and also promoted the unique development of Japanese painting.
This exhibition is an attempt to focus on the development of surrealism painting from the Surrealism movement in the West, and the development of surrealism into a unique expression called “surreal” as a development in Japan. .
The history of surrealism in the last 100 years and the spread from France to Japan, the United States, and Asia are traced by about 100 paintings and prints.
・ Date: December 15, 2019 (Sun)-April 5, 2020 (Sun)
・ Number of exhibition points: Approximately 100
・ Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 00 (last admission is 16:30)
[Latest information] Ranked # 1 in TripAdvisor’s “Popular for reviews! The Pola Museum of Art was ranked No. 1 in the “Word of Mouth! Japan Museum Ranking 2019” * by the world’s largest word-of-mouth website, TripAdvisor (R). We will continue to make every effort to satisfy the visitors.
* “Popular in terms of reviews! Japanese Museums / Museums Ranking 2019” is a five-point review of Japanese reviews submitted to Japanese museums during the year from August 2018 to July 2019. Based on the number of reviews posted, it is calculated using a unique algorithm.
■ About Pola Museum of Art
Opened in Hakone, Kanagawa in 2002. A collection of approximately 10,000 items, including Western paintings, Japanese Western paintings, Japanese paintings, prints, Oriental ceramics, glass crafts, ancient and modern east and west cosmetic tools, collected over 40 years by the second generation of Paula founder Tsuneji Suzuki.
[Official name] Pola Art Foundation Pola Art Foundation
[Representative] Shunsuke Kijima, Director
[Location] 1285 Otsukayama, Sengokuhara, Hakone-machi,
Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture 250-0631
[T E L] 0460-84-2111

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