Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store “TARO KAMITANI Tiara Exhibition” great success. Tiara designer Teijiro Taniya and hair stylist Dai Michishita’s Tiara Hair Show

TARO KAMITANI Corporation Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store “TARO KAMITANI Tiara Exhibition” great success. Tiara designer Teijiro Taniya and hair stylist Dai Michishita’s Tiara Hair Show The world’s first Tiara designer Taro Ikani’s first Tiara exhibition. The exhibition lined with romantic tiaras drew the eyes of many women preparing for marriage. On the final day, the famous hair stylist Tiara Hair Show was also held. ………………………………………………………………………………………… The world’s first tiara designer Taro Ikiya is at the “Bridal Jewelry Fair (June 12-16)” at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store, “TARO KAMITANI Tiara Exhibition” and the special event “Tiara designer Taro Takumi × hair stylist Dai “Michishita” was carried out.

Mr. Ado Hayashi, a model of finished tiara hair, MISS GRAND JAPAN finalist
■ Tiara Exhibition Special Event Tiara Designer Taro Takaya × Hair stylist Dai Michishita Tiara Hair Show (June 16 14 o’clock) The famous hair stylist Dai Michishita and the tiara designer Teijiro Tani will perform the tiara hair show at the “TARO KAMITANI Tiara” exhibition venue. We will show you a hair styling show at LIVE before the tiara hair is finished. At the exhibition, Sergio Rossi <sr1

Tiara designer Taro Ichiya (left) and hair stylist Dai Michishita (right)
■ Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Bridal Jewelry Fair "TARO KAMITANI Tiara Exhibition" Report

This tiara exhibition brings together the new original Tiara "Sergio Rossi sr1 Inspirational Tiara" and the Tiara collections of all time. About 30 precious tiaras that can not usually be seen, special designs, etc. were exhibited. A talk show of "Wedding Park Segawa Yue x Tiara Designer Taro Ikiya" will be held on June 12. A photo booth was also set up to try on Tiara, and it was a great success every day.

"Sergio Rossi sr1 Inspiration Tiara" which attracted attention

(Left) Tiara designer Tiara design picture by Tiara designer Taro Tani (Right) Tiara fitting party "Wedding Park & ​​TARO KAMITANI photo booth"

The world’s first made-to-order tiara designer. Starting with her own wedding, she started making tiara made to order in 2008. Design original tiaras of over 500 brides. The creative tiaras and stories that are said to “design women’s dreams” spread through word of mouth and are gaining support from celebrity brides and women around the world. In 2010, we presented tiaras that image of Lady Gaga and Penelope Cruz. Wedding tiaras such as Yuuki Maomi and Tamura Aoi. Produced original tiaras such as Sailor Moon, Ultraman Zero, famous hotels, movies, commercials etc. Won the youngest in history with the “New York ADC (Hybrid Category) Award” called the Oscar in the design world. Document TV programs are broadcasted in NHK WORLD in 150 countries around the world. The rental tiara brand “TARO KAMITANI” has been developed across 100 stores nationwide.

After moving to the United States in 2000, NY, Tokyo, active in magazines such as Vogue of each country, Numero. Based in NY, she has expanded her activities to Japan and Paris, and is supported by celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Keira Knightley, Olivia Palermo, Taylor Swist, Erika Sawajiri, Yuri Sugahara, Makiko Takizawa and others. Currently, she is based in Japan and participates in fashion photography and collections at home and abroad. In addition, he is active in advertising and CM shooting.
【Sergio Rossi】
Sergio Rossi Customization Service “Your Own Sergio Rossi” Bridal Material Appears The bridal material has been added to the customization service of the Italian luxury shoes brand Sergio Rossi. A service that can customize the pumps and slippers of the popular collection “sr1”. Choose colors and parts from materials suitable for the bride, such as lace, satin and glitter, and add your initials to customize your unique pair in the world. All made in Italy at their own factory by a craftsman and made one pair, completed in about 5 to 6 weeks from order, and then delivered to Japan.

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