Shogakukan Co., Ltd. A melody of life played by “The Three Couples of Miracles” on the northern earth. Shogakkan Bunko “Onuma Waltz”

Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
The melody of life played by the “Miracle Three Couples” in the northern land. Shogakkan Bunko “Onuma Waltz”
The story of Showa’s great love and a large family based on a true story. …………………………………………………………………………
A picture of a mother, three brothers and three sisters tied by a strange edge. [Image

Onuma is a land of pioneers who were fascinated by the untouched beauty of nature during the Meiji era. The mother of the Kurashima family, Yasuko, and her charming three brothers live together in a second-floor building near the station building.
“Everything is going to be good and forever, even the heavens will be abandoned. Our ancestors have overcome all the hardships.” ?? Nasuko was married at the age of 15, from Kagawa’s ancestor’s ancestor, Kagawa. He lost his husband early and returned to his hometown, raising children on the stomach in Onuma.
Hideo, the eldest son, was the eldest daughter of the Sakata family, Ikuko, who came to work from Yamanashi at a sushi restaurant where he often went when he attended a welding school in Tokyo during World War II. And meet.
Well, I’m going back to the country after the war. Onuma in Hokkaido. Would you like to meet again ??
After falling in love and married, the two return to Onuma and start living after the war. In addition to the Kurashima family’s eldest son and the Sakata family’s eldest daughter, the second son Fumio is married to the second daughter Aiko, and the third son Mitsuo is the third daughter Hanae. Will go out. Three sisters full of
individuality. Despite various difficulties, the Three Miracle Couples are pouring a new breeze into the area.
An impressive episode depicting the mother, three brothers, and three sisters tied by a mysterious edge. When my mother died, what was the mystery revealed to the three couples?
The author, Shiho Tanimura, who has published numerous novels on the stage of Hokkaido, has been spinning over five years.
“My family has allowed me to leap from the original story and spin it as a feature-length novel. The land of Onuma has a very high aspect from the beginning. The originality of this land In the combination of the dialect with friendly accents unique to Donan, a man and a woman are connected in order, and at the center is a grandmother with an dad.Writing Onuma Waltz is exciting Continued. ”
(From the author’s postscript for the paperback edition)
Commentary is voice narrator Daisuke Maki who grew up on Onuma. ?? Some say that people are vessels of memories.
“Onuma Waltz” was something that made me realize that.
Names, scenery, people, events, etc. that appear along the story’s development are not less than painted in my poor vessel, reviving colors, sounds, smells . ??
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“Onuma Waltz”
Written by Shiho Tanimura
Price: 730 yen + tax
Format / page: paperback format / 448 pages
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[Author Profile]
Shiho Tanimura
Born in Sapporo in 1962. After graduating from the Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University, worked for a publisher and became a writer. 1990 “Symptoms of not getting married” became best seller. In 2003, he won the 10th Shima Seikoi Literary Literary Prize for his novel “Umikaneko”, set in Hokkaido, and made it into a movie. The latest issue is “Sebat Song”, set in a child independence support facility that appears in this book.

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