Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel “Cheers! @Strawberry Buffet ~ Hanasaki Ichigo Party ~”

Prince Hotel Co., Ltd.
[Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel] “Cheers! @Strawberry Buffet ~ Hanasaki Ichigo Party ~” held
[Period] Until Sunday, April 5, 2020
Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel (Location: 4-7-7, Nonohama, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, General Manager: Nobuo Matsumoto) is the final event to conclude the 30th anniversary of the hotel’s opening of business, from January 11 (Sat) to April 5, 2020 For 86 days (Sun), “Cheers! Strawberry Buffet ~ Hanasaki Ichigo Party ~” is held with flowers and sweets.
Under the theme of “Charge happiness with a strawberry buffet and make it bloom tomorrow.” Under the theme of this year’s strawberry buffet, a female hotelier at Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel has produced a menu that focuses on women’s eyes, from menus to decorations. We have prepared about 35 kinds of strawberry sweets with colorful “flowers” as motifs, such as “Freget that looks like a party bouquet” and “Shinjuku Meikuku Strawberry Flower Jelly”. In addition, you can also enjoy “Strawberry Curry” and “Strawberry Cream Croquette” as “Allies and Strawberries !? There are also campaigns to enjoy parties in women’s groups, such as “Girls’ Association Ichigowari,” which offers a 15% discount when visiting 6 or more women over the age of 13. During the period, use the Instagram hashtag campaign “Party / Fashionista!” In session. We also offer rental of cute photo props shaped like flowers and strawberries,
In a store with ornate decoration reminiscent of a party venue, with a view of 130 m above the ground
You can enjoy an elegant strawberry party that you want to be proud of. [Image 1

Hanasaki Ichigo Party Image
Cheers! Strawberry Buffet ~ Hanasaki Ichigo Party ~ Business Overview [Place] Sky Lounge Top of Otsu (38F)
[Period] January 11 (Sat)-April 5 (Sun) 2020
[Time] 90 minutes
1 part 11:30 A.M.-1:00 P.M. / 2 part 2:00 P.M.-3:30 P.M.
[Fee] Adult ¥ 3,900 / SEIBU PRINCE CLUB member ¥ 1 ¥ 3,600
Child (7-12 years old) 1,600 per person
Children (4 to 6 years old) 1 person ¥ 1,250
* Prices include consumption tax. * Infants (under 4 years old) are free.
◆ Girls’ Association Strawberry Discount

15% discount from adult 3,900 yen for visits of 6 to 15 women over the age of 13 * Discounts and benefits cannot be used together. * Girls’ Association Ichigowari cannot be discounted from child rates.
[Image 2

Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel-Female Hotelier
“Cheers! Strawberry Buffet-Hanasaki Ichigo Party” menu example One dish to meet toast
Sparkling Drink & Foie Gras Tiramisu
[Image 3

Sparkling Drink & Foie Gras Tiramisu
Flowering strawberry sweets about 35 types

[Special party sweets]
A frège that looks like a party bouquet
Strawberry flower jelly
Rose pie blooming apple pie
Party Magic Butterfly Peugere
Flower lollipop
Elegant strawberry picking Strawberry mousse hidden in potted plants [Image 4

Fréju like a party bouquet
[Image 5

Heart and mess with strawberry flower jelly
[Limited quantity ♪ time service]
Refined champagne granite
Freshly made chocolate love france
[Image 6

Refined champagne granite
[Dusty sweets]
Skewer dumpling
Mitarashi Dango and others
[Other strawberry sweets]
Fresh strawberry
Tochiotome roll cake and others
Drink about 10 types
Ginger ale & adberry juice made with homemade syrup
Strawberry smoothie
Cheese tea and others
Both that and this strawberry! ? Strawberry comb party food about 10 types [One hors d’oeuvre and salad]
Avocado and strawberry tartar with toncanana sauce
Cold cappellini with strawberry and raw ham
Strawberry cream sandwich other
[Hot dishes]
Strawberry beef curry
Strawberry cream croquette
Fried potatoes with strawberry-flavored salt. Others
[Image 7d24668-695-756084-5.jpg
Strawberry beef curry
* Foods and menus may be changed depending on the purchasing situation. * If you have food allergies (shrimp, crab, wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk, peanuts), please contact us.
* All photos are images.

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