Shogakukan Co., Ltd. Your work life will be easier…! New book “Colleague is an alien” released from Shogakuk an

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Your work life will be easier …! New book “Colleague is an alien” released from Shogakukan
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The No.1 problem in work has always been said to be human relationships. Moyamoya’s reason is that all workplaces are similar. What is the fastest way to avoid it? ?思 う That’s what you think is an alien, says Koji Nozawa, author and copywriter. You are the only alien who has different languages, cultures, and cultures, and most of all he doesn’t read air.
office. It is a series of encounters with the unknown. Generation, gender, position. Due to these differences, there are some people whose actions and statements cannot be understood at all. Some of them are doing great damage here. The workplace may be a microcosm where gravity exists.
A young man who is worried about how to treat seniors who are far away. The boss who is tired of mysterious actions of his subordinates. A woman who keeps putting up with her uncle’s reckless remarks. How do they get along with “office aliens”? Mr. Nozawa captured 82 aliens, studied them, divided them into four groups, and compiled their [ecology] and [coping methods] into one book. For example– [Image 2

★ Early Stars ★ [Ecology] Start your work with a face as if you are the center of the project, but fade out as soon as “My Job Appeal” is completed and “Thank you” . When it comes to the cast, it comes from time to time and asks, “What’s going on?” [Response] It may be better than giving out the details, and they may have been doing the same thing from their boss once. Let’s survive now by enduring the imagination.

★ Long message alien ★
[Ecology] Despite the meticulous and polite nature, workplaces are often troublesome. He is a terrible alien, because the sentence becomes longer because he is serious about the other person, but the longer he is, the more fear he will give to the other person. [Response] First of all, imagine the time when you thought about the sentence and when you typed the letters, and thank them for that. If you read in detail, you will be disturbed, so it is better to return only about half of the message volume after understanding only the outline.
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★ I’m leaving soon, Alien ★
[Ecology] There are many employees who have been in the company for a short time. He’s still young, he has a spiritual room for the future, and he’s nervous, so he often says, “I don’t want to be a long company.” But this type never leaves the company. [Response] For the “quit” statement, ask a specific plan after leaving the company. If you listen to the contents, you can immediately identify whether the person quits immediately and is an alien or really quits. If you quit soon, the aliens will not say that they will quit with aging, so leave it alone.
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★ Ikumen Appeal Alien ★
[Ecology] At the end of each conversation in the workplace, casually insert topics related to parenting, and try to increase one’s skill. Talking about the difficult aspects of childcare will highlight the high level of commitment to childcare. [Response] Let’s make a rather exaggerated reaction saying, “Wow, Ikumen!” If you talk about childcare from here, their mood will be very good. By all means, please use the word Ikumen consciously.

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★ Similar to the Three Kingdoms ★
[Ecology] Reference the contents of masterpieces and the Three Kingdoms as an analogy of various events and people that occur in the business scene. I try to make the story easier to understand, but it’s almost certainly harder to understand. Similar aliens include “aliens who like to compare to baseball.” [Response] People who have knowledge of the Three Kingdoms can respond, but those who have never read it are hell. However, it is also a loss for you to offend the other party, so it is effective to return with “Smartphone? Check it out!” [Image 6d13640-514-103553-5.jpg
-Author introduction-
Koji Nozawa (born in Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture). Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University, Faculty of Law. After working as a postcard craftsman, became a copywriter. I usually work on various advertising copies and commercials. His first and most recent book, Delusion Japanese Language Dictionary (Fusosha), became a smash hit of 20,000 in three months. He is also a “alien who cannot speak with the eyes of others.”

-About this book-
My colleague is an alien.
Author = Koji Nozawa Released from Shogakukan on January 16, 2020 146-page average made ¥ 144p Price: ¥ 1,100 + tax

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