The long-awaited visit to Japan for the first time in five years with the best work at the Flamenco Festival コ メ ン ト Comments arrive from Rossio Molina!

Sunrise Promotion Tokyo Co., Ltd.
The long-awaited visit to Japan for the first time in five years with the best work at the Flamenco Festival コ メ ン ト Comments arrive from Rossio Molina!
-Documentary movie “Impulse-The World’s Only Dancer Aura” will be released on March 13 (Fri)-
Sunrise Promotion Tokyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Kazuhito Takahashi), which plans, produces and manages events, will visit Japan for Rossio Molina, a flamenco dancer who is also highly regarded as the world’s highest dancer. The performance will be held on March 7, 2020 (Saturday) at the Japan Youth Hall in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
Finally, her approach to Japan for the first time in five years is approaching, and comments have arrived on her performances and for the Japanese audience.
From March 13 (Fri.), the documentary film “Impulse-The Only Dancer Aura in the World” (Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, etc. will be released nationwide) until the first stage of this work “Caida del Cielo” The screening has been decided, and Rossio Molina is the hot spot right now. Don’t miss the one-day miracle.
■ Comment from Rossio Molina
シ Rosio says that the starting point of the show was more than a year before it started producing. Inmates who know they will never leave the outside world when performing in a Parisian prison will, of course, wake up and spend a day. When I asked a female prisoner where the power came from, the answer was “from the ovaries.” “Then the words remained deep inside me,” she says. It is a word that makes you think deeply about the meaning of being a woman. From this, this work was born with a deep awareness of her own gender.
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In addition, Rossio says that he is influenced not only by dance in genres other than flamenco but also by other arts and culture, but this time it seems that painting also had a point, “ The painter who was active during the Renaissance period, Hieronymus Boss I was inspired by the Garden of Pleasure. I always focus on the dark areas when I make my work, but I think life is reflected in painful and tragic things. Indeed, flamenco has created a “banquet” from suffering. ” He focuses on the dark areas, finds life in it, and sometimes dances on stage with humorous humor. Isn’t it the praise of life unique to her?
ス テ ー ジ I can feel the beauty of always taking on challenges from her stage and words that incorporate various elements flexibly while focusing on flamenco. But challenging sometimes involves criticism from “conservatives.” “I don’t care about public opinion. Because I am doing what I need, what I believe. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not. But in any form, whatever style, if honest and authentic. 』 も Even if you make a mistake even if you take a challenge, it is necessary. First of all, you will be able to maintain your strength by admitting yourself to your efforts and attitudes and facing them in good faith.
She is also characterized by more improvisations than other dancers, but this time is no exception. “The first 15 minutes are a mix of improvisation. (Japan Nippon Seinenkan Hall) is a big venue, but I think that the energy of the audience sometimes influences the dance. ”
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And Rossio is a big fan of Japanese culture. He loved food and culture and enjoyed it, but the biggest mention was about the audience. “The Japanese audience is very quiet. Very controlled and surprising! I can’t really believe that the theater with a capacity of 2,000 seats everyone in 15 minutes. ” “” Caida del Cielo “may seem a bit difficult for Japanese audiences. But I hope you can release yourself and enjoy yourself so that you can feel as it is. ”
踏 While following the tradition and showing respect, you will surely be impressed and courage to witness the new everyday dance of “Today”. I want you to catch the whole day without missing a special one-day performance.
■ Introduction of the performance item “Caida del Cielo”
It was premiered at the Chaillot National Dance Theater in Paris in 2016, and the following year it is performed every two years at the Flamenco Festival “Vienna de Sevilla” in Seville, Spain, where she won the highest award as a dancer and choreographer. It is a winning work. Appearing in a white dress, changing costumes on the stage, and in the final stages, a stage that has never been seen, dancing on the stage while painting, continues to have a reputation and impact in each country.
From March 13 (Fri.), a screening of a documentary film “Impulse-The World’s Only Dancer Aura” (behind the scenes until the premiere of this performance) will be screened nationwide (Tokyo, Tokyo
Metropolitan Museum of Photography, etc.) are doing.
? From flamenco researcher Kyoko Shikaze?
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シ The appearance of Rossio Molina was shocking. In a time when stars were hard to be born in any genre, a small girl of about 20 years of age suddenly appeared and overwhelmed the audience with outstanding physical abilities, outstanding techniques, and innate charisma. At the age of 26, she received the Spanish National Dance Prize. So far, more than ten topical and problematic works have been sent out to the world.
Her every move is always the focus of attention. “ Caida del Cielo, ” premiered in 2016, says that, as Rossio says, “ the power of this work was born from my ovaries and uterus, ” she is more female than her previous work. It is conscious. Although he has learned
traditional flamenco and Spanish dance, he is free to use various elements, such as theater and contemporary dance, without being bound by the traditions of the framework, to create a unique world of Rossio Molina with his free ideas.
Surprise, excitement, and humor. Without seeing Rossio, flamenco cannot be talked about right now. I want you to feel up close to the world of Rossio, who is brave and powerful and keeps walking forward.
■ Performer Profile
シ Rosio Molina
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Born in Malaga, Spain in 1984. Start dancing at the age of three. He joined the Maria Pajes Dance Company in 2001 and has been active around the world. In 2002, graduated from Royal Dance High School in Madrid. In 2005, she presented her first work, Entre Paredes, at the Vitoria Central Theater. The following year and onwards, he will continue to vigorously announce new works and gain popularity in Europe and North America.
In 2010, at the age of 26, he was awarded the “Premio Nacional de Danza 2010 (Spanish National Dance Award),” the most prestigious art in the Spanish art world, for his “excellent expressiveness based on free ideas”. His work, which respects traditional flamenco but is influenced by other genres such as film, philosophy and literature, uses challenging choreography and advanced techniques to keep fascinating countries around the world. He is the youngest dancer who constantly experiment and challenge.
Photo by Simone Fratini
■ Outline of the performance
[Performance] Rossio Molina Dance Company @ Fallen from Heaven-Falling from Heaven-
[Performance] March 7, 2020 (Sat) Open: 14:30 Start: 15:00
[Venue] Japan Youth Hall
[Performers] Rossio Molina (dancer) Eduardo Traciera (guitar) Kiko Peña (vocals) Pablo Martin Jones (percussion)
Jose Manuel Ramos “Orco” (percussion)
[Price] SS seat 12,000 yen, S seat 9,300 yen A seat 7,300 yen B seat 5,300 yen C seat 3,500 yen
※ All tax included
* Seats B and C are sold with reserved seats on the day.
60From 60 minutes before the start of the show, you will be exchanged for a reserved seat ticket at the “Same Day Ticket Reception” next to the venue entrance.
場 As you cannot enter with a voucher, please make sure to exchange at the reception before entering.
Seat position cannot be selected.
[Ticket handling]
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[Organizer] Sunrise Promotion Tokyo
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