The longest-awaited Hedgehog Mifez “Harigenic Exhibition” has been held for the first time in a year and a half! !

Harigenic Exhibition
The longest-awaited Hedgehog Mifez “Harigenic Exhibition” has been held for the first time in a year and a half! !
From the best photos of super-famous hedgehogs to the sizzling cute handmade works, the charm of hedgehogs is packed here!
“Harigenic Exhibition 2020” will be held at ICA SPACE (Higashi Nihombashi) from February 7 (Fri) to February 11 (holiday).
Hedgehog Festival 2018, the largest hedgehog festival ever held by hedgehog lovers in August 2018. This is the first time a hedgehog fan has been waiting for about a year and a half.
This time, the popular wool felt writers, illustrators, and handmade writers with hedgehog motifs will gather, focusing on the best photos of the most famous hedgehogs on Instagram to fully express the charm of hedgehogs.
This is the largest hedgehog festival in history, full of all the hedgehog’s charms.
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What is “Hurgenic”?
A coined word that means “hedgehog’s appeal is enhanced.”
Butt and short limbs protruding from the colonized form. Rich expression and adorable gestures like a human baby. More than 20 creators who bring out their charm are gathered at the Hurgenic Exhibition.
[Image 2d36672-5-904085-6.jpg
Popular hedgehogs gather on Instagram
Shota Tsukamoto is the author of the world’s first hedgehog photo book “Hedgehog’s Darcy” (Seigensha) and is said to be the spark of the hedgehog boom. Shuichi Kakuda, the owner of the big hedgehog star “Azuki-kun & Monaka-chan”, has just released Harinezumi’s Azuki & Monaka Postcard Book (Kodansha) on January 23.
In addition, the popular hedgehog instagrammers Uni & Toro, Watanabe & YUKA, CHOCO_MINT, and KAZ will also participate, and cute and healing pictures of hedgehogs with over 2.6 million followers will fill the venue.
[Image 3d36672-5-269618-8.jpg

[Image 4d36672-5-626492-9.jpg

[Image 5d36672-5-129228-16.jpg
[Image 6d36672-5-344849-17.jpg

A large collection of hedgehog motif handmade works
As expected, the largest hedgehog festival in history.
Ultra-high-level writers full of hedgehog love gathered again this time.
There are famous wool felt writers who have published handicraft books, such as sako of “ Hedgehog’s wool pin cushion ”
(Magazineland) and norino of “ Cute mascot doll of wool felt ” (Magazineland). Join.
From illustrators, Yushi Iwasaki, who has gained huge support from fans with illustrations of fairy tale hedgehogs, participates only in a wide range of illustrations such as hedgehog breeding books and new year card design illustrations.
Others include stylish houses and relaxing sofas that consider the hedgehog’s habit and safety, pottery and embroidery goods made with cute senses and craftsmanship, hedgehog hats that can be healed just by putting them on the hedgehog’s head a little bit, etc. Such. Many hedgehog lovers like hedgehogs like hedgehogs who have or do not own hedgehogs will also smile.
[Image 7d36672-5-538103-11.jpg
[Image 8d36672-5-797305-10.jpg
[Image 9d36672-5-522030-12.jpg
[Image 10d36672-5-131043-19.jpg
[Image 11d36672-5-267214-13.jpg

For those who keep hedgehogs from now on
A hedgehog that is healed enough to blow away the daily fatigue just by looking at it, but in fact there are many precautions that you must be careful to keep.
“The pictures are cute and they are easy to keep.”
In order to eliminate such misunderstandings, a photo panel with comments will be displayed at the Hurricane Exhibition, in cooperation with the portal site “Japan Hedgehog Association” that shares hedgehog breeding information, with “What you need to know before breeding hedgehogs”. .
We will support those who keep hedgehogs from now on, and hedgehogs who will become families.
[Image 12d36672-5-753256-23.jpg
Harigenic Exhibition 2020
Period: February 7 (Fri)-February 11 (holiday), 2020
Business hours: 11: 00-19: 00 (numbered ticket system on the first day) Venue name: ICA SPACE
Address: ICA3 Building E2F, 3-4-6 Higashi-Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0004, Japan
Admission: Free
Special site:
Participating artists: Shota Tsukamoto / Shuichi Tsunoda / Uni & Toro / Ron Watanabe & YUKA / CHOCO_MINT / KAZ / Yushi Iwasaki / Nishiwanami / sako / norino / Kinako Shozuzawa / Oden Studio / 5×5 / Bon Amu Hat / Niko Nikotsutsu / Mi Churan / kevin ° V ° cap / Atelier Mogu / Kotarou Honpo / Kumao no Amimono / Johnny House / Mugikomu Kobo / Tsurubamiya / Atorieri Jitter / anmo-chan / necoto.hanato.
Sponsor: Chikuchiku CAFE
* At this event, hedgehog photos, illustrations and handmade works will be exhibited and sold. There are no real hedgehogs.
* The first day of February 7 is a numbered ticket system. Please check the special site for details.

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