LINE Corporation “39th Osaka International Women’s Marathon” pushes LINE NEWS “Replay Cast” to LINE in real time to report on the status of cooperative races

LINE Corporation
“39th Osaka International Women’s Marathon” pushes LINE NEWS “Replay Cast” to LINE in real-time, linking race status to LINE
Collaboration with Kansai TV, held on Sunday, January 26, 2020 ………………………………………………………………………
LINE Corporation (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tsuyoshi Dezawa) has launched Kansai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Representative Director and President: Shoichi Hamu (hereinafter Kansai Television), in
cooperation with broadcasting stations, the 39th Osaka International Women’s Marathon (affiliated with Kante Fuji TV) held on January 26, 2020 (Sun) We will inform you that the distribution will be carried out using “Replay Cast” which is a video link function.
[Image 1d1594-2006-326829-0.png
This time, LINE NEWS, as part of a demonstration experiment on Internet live distribution of “ 39th Osaka International Women’s Marathon ” conducted by Kansai TV, linked to the LINE NEWS ‘“ Replay Cast’ ‘function, We will carry out push distribution. “Replay Cast” is the third installment following Fuji TV’s “World Cup Valley” and TV Tokyo’s “Table Tennis World Cup Team Battle”.
“Replay Cast” is a program that is broadcast simultaneously on the Internet, featuring “Highlights” such as replay videos of the program in “Live-action articles” in LINE NEWS, and real-time through “LINE official account” This is a mechanism for notifying users of the “highlights” of the program by pushing them to LINE. Users can follow the continuation of the “Highlight” notice distributed via push distribution, and also watch the “LIVE video” of the program on the Internet at the simulcast distribution destination.
In addition, push distribution of “Replay Cast” is possible by turning on the “marathon event” of the LINE official account “LINE NEWS update notification” (@ oa-linenews-notice) via a live article published on the day You can receive.
[Image 2d1594-2006-142714-1.png
Delivery image of the 39th Osaka International Women’s Marathon on Replay Cast LINE NEWS will continue to explore new forms of content provision by providing various functions and cooperating with partner companies. -About LINE NEWS-
LINE NEWS, which pursues new forms of news in the smartphone era, has 68 million monthly users, the No. 1 smartphone news service as of the end of July 2019, and has a monthly PV volume of 7 It has exceeded 12 billion as of the end of the month. Together with more than 800 partner media, it continues to grow as Japan’s largest content platform, personalizing and delivering more than 8,000 content to each 68 million users per day.
-Broadcast information-
Distribution program: “The 39th Osaka International Women’s Marathon” @ Sunday, January 26, 2020, 12: 00-14: 55
* If the tournament itself is canceled, no live distribution will be performed Distribution destination: @ TVer, the official TV portal
* Also available on the program homepage (PC only: Digital measures:
1. Linked data broadcasting
・ Introduction of players and passage time (up to top 10)
・ Gift planning according to viewing time
2. WEB planning
・ Display the passing time of all participating players in real time on smartphone or PC
3. SNS development
・ Using the official marathon Twitter and LINE NEWS “Replay Cast” service, upload videos such as the race status in real time and guide them to live distribution

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