Tokyo Midtown “MIDTOWN BLOSSOM 2020” to celebrate spring with cherry blossom lighting and flower art

Tokyo Midtown Management Co., Ltd.
[Tokyo Midtown] “MIDTOWN BLOSSOM 2020” to celebrate spring with cherry blossom lighting and flower art
March 20, 2020 (Friday / holiday)-April 19, Sunday (Sunday)
Tokyo Midtown (Akasaka, Minato-ku / Business Representative @ Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.) will hold an event called “MIDTOWN BLOSSOM 2020 (Midtown Real Estate) to celebrate the arrival of spring from March 20 (Friday) to April 19 (Sunday). Blossom) ”will be held.
This event is held with the concept of “celebrating spring”, and is celebrating its 13th anniversary this year. We will celebrate the coming spring with various events, such as cherry blossoms blooming in the garden area of ​​Tokyo Midtown, sparkling wine, special sweets, and flower display inside the building.
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Past state
CHANDON Blossom Lounge
CHANDON Blossom Lounge, a limited-time outdoor lounge where you can enjoy the premium sparkling wine Shandon. Rose sparkling, which is perfect for the season of color change, will enhance the spring banquet and cherry blossom viewing.
Five-star Hotel The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo’s banquet chef, food supervised by Mitsuhisa Nagase, and sweets that look gorgeous, make the table a more enjoyable space. This year, two new types of Japanese-style seats are newly prepared, and the covered lounge is a great place to enjoy a cold night regardless of the weather. [Image 2

[Period] March 20 (Friday / holiday)-April 19 (Sun) * Stormy weather canceled [Time] From 12:00 to 20:00 (L.O. 19:30)
* Friday and Saturday, when cherry blossoms are in full bloom until 21:00 (L.O. 20:30)
[Place] Midtown Garden Sakura Street area
[Number of seats] About 100
[Organizer] Tokyo Midtown
[Sponsor] CHANDON
[Operation] The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo
* Some seats will be reserved. Details will be announced in mid-February.

Spring Flower Display -Flower Art Award pre- (Spring Flower Display -Flower Art Award pre-)
IKEBANA performance unit “Za Sogetsu”. The most notable unit in the flower arrangement world now displays various ikebana throughout the Tokyo Midtown building. In addition to large works designed by Takayuki Fukasawa and Musashi Iioka of “Za Sogetsu”, special flower art that you can feel “spring” just by walking in Tokyo Midtown, such as opening up to the public and exhibiting works by members Please enjoy.
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Black bamboo cherry water bowl, image of Sanichi Shoichi
[Period] March 20 (Friday / holiday)-April 19 (Sun)
[Time] 9: 30-24: 00 (Galleria 1F), 11: 00-21: 00 (Galleria 2F / 3F) [Writers] Za, Sogetsu (Takayuki Fukasawa, Koji Kurata, Yuhito Ito, Musashi Iioka, Naoki Mitarai, Kazunori Takamine)
[Place] Galleria 1F Tree Shower, Galleria 2F / 3F
[Organizer] Tokyo Midtown
[Special Cooperation] Flower Art Award Executive Committee, Ikebana Sogetsu School
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Night cherry blossoms light up
In the garden area of ​​Tokyo Midtown, a row of cherry trees with a total length of about 200m is bustling with many customers every year. In the evening during the event, cherry blossoms will be lit up according to the flowering situation. Before the cherry blossoms bloom, you can enjoy the nighttime cherry blossoms with a pink light, and while the flowers are blooming you can enjoy the fantastic night cherry blossoms every night.
In addition, cherry blossom trees can be seen from some restaurants in the museum. Please enjoy cherry blossom viewing to your heart’s content while tasting seasonal dishes.
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State of last year A row of cherry trees with a total length of about 200 m can enjoy a different atmosphere between day and night [Period] March 20 (Friday / holiday)-April 19 (Sun)
[Time] From 17:00 to 23:00
[Place] Midtown Garden Along Sakura Street / In front of Garden Terrace [Organizer] Tokyo Midtown
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Cheers Sparkling-Behavior of sparkling wine-
Tokyo Midtown will celebrate its 13th anniversary on March 30, 2020 (Monday). With a feeling of gratitude to the visitors, the first 500 people will be served the spring-colored premium sparkling wine “Chandon Rose”.
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State of last year
[Date] March 30 (Mon) 11: 00-
[Place] Plaza 1F Canopy Square
[Rates] Free
[Number of people] First 500 people
[Organizer] Tokyo Midtown
[Cooperation] CHANDON

Street Museum
“TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD” is a design and art competition to discover and support the young talents who will be responsible for tomorrow. The latest works, such as installations and paintings, produced by the six winners of the 2019 Art Competition for this exhibition will appear at Plaza B1. Please enjoy the works full of talent and individuality of the young artists who are watching now.
[Image 6

State of last year
[Period] March 20 (Friday / holiday)-May 31 (Sun)
[Time] 6: 30-0: 30 (Plaza B1 opening hours)
[Exhibitors] “TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD 2019” Art Competition Winners (Hirofuki Ihara, Hiroga Miyauchi, Nobuyuki Sugihara x Ayaka Nakamura, Takahisa Furuya, Mami Furuya, Keita Mori)
[Price] Free
[Place] Plaza B1
[Organizer] Tokyo Midtown
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