Beauty Navi Co., Ltd. In commemoration of the 20th seminar, we have released a summary of beauty tips that you need to remember on the mast!

Beauty Navi Inc.
We release beauty tips omnibus to remember on the mast to commemorate the 20th seminar!
Beauty Navi, a beauty salon reservation site operated by Beauty Navi, and Matsumoto Kiyoshi Co., Ltd.’s BeautyU, a collaborative seminar “Update Beauty!” Beauty navi who meets me who doesn’t know. To commemorate the 20th event, we have released a summary of four seminars that have had a great response so far.
■ Beauty experts explain “Beauty Tips” in an easy-to-understand manner “Update your beauty! Beauty Navi, a Meet Me I Don’t Know, is a popular instructor explaining various beauty tips, such as hair, makeup, body, and nails, in a seminar format for working women who are “busy but beautiful”. You.
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This time, in commemoration of the 20th collaboration seminar, four tips that had a great response from the beauty tips introduced so far have been picked up and released as a summary.
Tips1 ・ ・ ・ From the 17th session “A swelling massage that can be performed anywhere”
Tips2 … From the 12th “Office Hair with Small Techniques”
Tips3 … From 9th “Basic Eyebrow! Loved Eyebrow Balance”
Tips4 ・ ・ ・ From the 11th “Trend Gloss Skin Highlight Technique” This is a compilation of simple techniques that anyone can practice right away, so please take a look at this opportunity.
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[Image 4d28472-30-750365-3.jpg
■ BeautyU store information
Matsumoto Kiyoshi opens in Ginza as a new business format to “improve the beauty and health of working women”.
Under the concept of “10min.Beauty” that can be obtained simply and casually without spending time on beauty, we are offering casual but innovative services that can only be experienced here.
Matsumoto Kiyoshi BeautyU Ginza Chuo-dori
Address: 8-8-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
【Company Profile】
Trade Name: Beauty Navi Inc.
Representative: Hirohide Hatanaka, Representative Director
Location: Ark Mori Building 11th Floor, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: June 1, 2007
Business description: Management of beauty salon reservation and information site “Beauty Navi (” Capital: 309 million yen
-Contact for this matter-
Beauty Navi Co., Ltd. charge: Kurokawa
TEL : 03-5570-0333 / e-mail :

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