Me-Tele The largest chocolate celebration from Italy and Europe is the first landing in Nagoya “Eurochocolate in Nagoya 2020”.

Europe’s largest chocolate celebration from Italy, first landing in Nagoya “Eurochocolate in Nagoya 2020” Lawson tickets for hot chocolate and mulled wine at discounted prices!
Me-Tele (Nagoya Television Broadcasting) co-sponsored with OnMake Co., Ltd., from February 1 (Sat) to 16 (Sun), 2020, at the Sakae Oasis 21 Galaxy Plaza, the largest chocolate market in Europe. The festival “Eurochocolate in Nagoya 2020” will be held.
The European chocolate celebration, held every autumn in Perugia, Italy, first landed in Osaka last year in Japan. This year, we re-populate the popular chocolates from hundreds of kinds of Italian chocolates. And we have carefully selected dozens of kinds of Italian first landing Italian chocolates and added them to our new lineup. In Nagoya, 51 brands of 5 brands of chocolate will appear. In addition, from 10:00 on January 24 (Fri), tickets for hot chocolate and mulled wine sold at the venue will start selling. A set ticket with Toyoda Gosei Link will also be available!
The official chocolate brand “Playfulness” that started at the time of the Euro Chocolate 2016 and the intriguing and attractive package design with the theme of originality are exactly the event concept that conveys the pleasure of eating.
● DON PUGLISI Don Siege (Sicilia)
Modica chocolate brand. Local ladies handmade using high quality criollo cacao from Mexico and Colombia. A brand that specializes in fruit.
● BOELLA & SORRISI Boella & Sollisi (Piemonte Piedmont)
Founded in 1939. The long-established confectionery store Boella and the chocolate maker Solligi have been established since the 19th century. Gianduiotti is famous for using the highest quality Hazelnut IGP from Piedmont carefully respecting each other’s traditional methods.
● STAINER Steiner (Toscana Tuscany)
Founded in 1988, a long-established factory in Tuscany. Various flavors based on cocoa beans from South America. Also pay attention to packages such as the animal series and bio series that you want to collect.
● bicerin (Piemonte)
The oldest cafe in Turin, Italy with a history and tradition of 256 years since its founding in 1763, loved by drama Puccini and literary artist Hemingway. A long-established factory that has been one of the food cultures along with Italian history and art
-Overview of Eurochocolate in Nagoya 2020-
■ Name: Eurochocolate in Nagoya 2020-The largest chocolate festival in Europe from Italy
■ Period: February 1 (Sat.) to 16 (Sun.) 2020 * Closed on 5th (Wed) and 12th (Wed)
■ Time: Weekdays 13: 00-20: 00
■ Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10: 00-19: 00
■ Venue: Oasis 21 Toyoda Gosei Link Special Venue
■ Organizer: Eurochocolate in Nagoya Executive Committee
■ Fee: Free admission
■ Advance price (hot chocolate and hot wine only): 600 yen (venue sales price 660 yen)
Toyoda Gosei Link & Drink Set Ticket ¥ 1,000 on weekdays ¥ 1,500 on weekends and holidays ¥ 1,500
■ Ticket handling play guide Lawson ticket
■ WEB Lawson Ministop store “Loppi” (L code: 42901)
■ Homepage:
■ Inquiries: Me-tele 052-331-9966 (10: 00-18: 00 excluding weekends and holidays)

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