“Special Exhibition Tenku no Tetsudo Monogatari” The second half of the exhibition! New plans and new exhibitions appear one after another at the Tentetsu Exhibition! A new limited-edition food menu! Many special lectures by members of Railway Discov

“Special Exhibition Tenku no Tetsudo Monogatari” Public Relations Office The second half of the exhibition! New plans and new exhibitions appear one after another at the Tentetsu Exhibition! A new
limited-edition food menu! Many special lectures by members of Railway Discovery, and many more
The hot topic VTuber “Yatterman 2: Kaminariai” will also be on display for one day only!
From December 3, 2019 (Tuesday) to March 22, 2020 (Sunday), Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 52F “Special Exhibition Tenku no Tetsudo Monogatari” is a special lecture that will deepen the appeal of railways. And talk events and various photo sessions. In addition, we will develop a variety of projects, such as changing some exhibits at the venue and providing a limited-time gourmet late menu, so that you can enjoy it no matter how many times you come.
[Image 1

Railway Discovery Member (C) CS Nippon Television
[Image 2

Kaminari eye
After the closing on Tuesday, February 25, it will be decided to hold a special lecture by renting the venue for the Tian Tetsu Exhibition. Nippon Television Announcer Daisuke Fujita and Horipro Manager Yusuke Minada, who are appearing in CS Nippon Television’s “Railway Discovery Biography”, will participate in a talk full of railway love while explaining in detail the contents of the exhibition.
In addition, there will be a gallery talk series by members of the Railway Discovery Den, supervising supervisor Yasuyuki Kawanishi, railway photographer Shinya Nakai, and a deeper talk event limited to some genres and themes of the exhibition. .
On Tuesday, January 27, the hot topic VTuber “Yatterman No. 2: Kaminariai” will be attending the Tian Tetsu exhibition as the station manager on the 1st. Kaminari Ai, who loves railways, will explain the works on display while talking live with the visitors.

Valuable items appear one after another by replacing and adding some exhibits at the venue!
Already, in the “JNR area”, the freight train “Super Liner” head mark and the freight train “Nishi-tako” tail mark (head mark) have begun to be exhibited.
[Image 3

From February 5-Head mark which will be added to the display by replacement (part)
[Image 4

(C) NTV from “ Future Yuki Dream Train Goodbye Large Broadcasting Fun National Railway Special Departing Tonight ”
From Wednesday, February 5 [1]-[6] topics! !
[1] The JR7 company head marks in the “JR launch area” will be replaced. Indeed, the head mark of “Goodbye JNR Please Carry Out for JR Cargo”, which was attached when JR Cargo was founded over two years, was exhibited. JR East, JR Tokai and JR West headmarks will also be replaced with another version. [2] As a new exhibition, the head marks of the “Wakasa Line”, “Futamata Line”, and “Mie Line” will be exhibited. [3] “WEST EXPRESS Ginga” (JR West Japan) scheduled to start operation in May this year ) ‘S head mark (replica) is also unveiled in Japan!
In addition, [4] “Shinkansen Model Large Collection” will feature a series of 27 Shinkansen N-gauge models from Series 0 to Series H5 Shinkansen. In addition, [5] a special broadcast of a part of “Tomorrow’s Future Yuki Dream Train Sayonara Daibetsu Omoroji JNR Special”, which was broadcast on Nippon Television on March 31, 1987 as “Sayonara JNR Special Program”, will begin on-site! The “Whistle Orchestra” is a valuable film that cannot be seen without tears. [6] The driving simulator of the Tokyu Techno System, which is very popular, changes the driving section and changes from “Jiyugaoka Station-A new menu limited to the latter period will appear from January 27 (Mon)
Tenku Station Cafe offers parfaits and kids plates, and Restaurant THE MOON offers a full course of Shinano Railway’s luxury sightseeing train, Rokumon, and Yokogawa Station’s Oginoya Soba. In addition, there are many events and exhibitions where you can taste the charm of the railway, such as a commemorative photo session with Shinkansen crew members and popular characters, and demonstration sales of station lunches. Details will be announced on the official website of the exhibition and SNS at any time.

Various events approaching the appeal of railways
■ Visit VTuber “Yatterman No.2: Kaminariai” visit!
A train enthusiast, Kaminari Ai, attends the Tetsu Tetsu exhibition on the 1st as a station manager! Chance to meet VTuber Kaminariai, who is growing in popularity! On the day of the event, live talks with visitors and commentary on the works on display will be made. Don’t miss Kaminariai, the station manager for one day!
Date and time: Monday, January 27, 2020 (1) 12: 00-15: 00 (2) 16: 00-19: 00
■ Let’s make dream station lunch with parent and child! ! @Tenku Station Cafe Watch the “ Tenku no Tetsudo Monogatari ” before opening, listening to a fun and easy-to-understand explanation from the announcer Daisuke Fujita, and then fill in your favorite ingredients at the “ Tenku Station Cafe ” to get a nutritious score. We hold workshop to make “dream Ekiben” with parent and child and have fun!
Date: February 15 (Sat), 16 (Sun), 2020
Holding time: 9: 00-11: 30 (Exhibition viewing 9: 00-9: 45 / Yume station lunch experience 10: 00-11: 30)
Capacity / Target: 25 pairs of 50 students (first come first served), 4 years old-elementary school student or less
Participation fee: 4,500 yen (including tax) including the entrance ticket for the “Special Exhibition Tenku No Tetsudo Monogatari Monogatari” and the “Dream Ekiben Experience” participation fee for a parent and child pair (one parent and one child under elementary school)
* It will be a prior decision at Peatix.
* About 12 types of ingredients are available.
* Please enjoy the “Emu Ekiben” you just made at the cafe.
■ Special lecture by CS Nippon Teleplus “Railway Discovery Densetsu Tetsuo-chan Daisuke Fujita Ana!” Members
Private viewing after closing! It will be held with a special lecture by members of Railway Discovery.
Date and time: Tuesday, February 25, 2020 18: 30-20: 00 (18: 00-reception starts)
Commentators: Yusuke Minamida (Horipro Manager), Daisuke Fujita (Nippon Television Announcer), Masashi Tanaka (Program Director) Participation fee: 3,500 yen (tax included)
* It is a special holding after the general closing at 17:00. * The release date and sales location will be announced soon on the official website and SNS.
Very popular! Commemorative photo session with Shinkansen crew and characters
■ JR Tokai Cooperation: Photo session with active Shinkansen crew [Image 5d45563-10-174300-4.jpg
Photo session held in December
Dates: Sunday, February 9, 2020, Sunday, March 1, 2020
Shooting location: Inner area “Timetable Library” area
Implementation time: (1) 10:30-11:00 (2) 11:30-12:00 (3) 12:30-13:00 (4) 14:00-14:30 (5) 15:00- 15:30 (6) 16: 00-16: 30 (6 times in total) * A photo spot limited to the day of the photo session will appear. * There is no distribution of numbered tickets.
* An exclusive photographer will shoot with your camera or smartphone. (Shooting media such as camera and smartphone should be prepared by yourself.) * Admission ticket (pay) for “Special Exhibition Tenku no Tetsudo Monogatari” is required. You cannot re-enter.
* Shooting is once per group.
■ JR Shikoku Cooperation: Become a child station employee and take a commemorative photo
Wear a station uniform and take a commemorative photo in the Anpanman seat area. [Image 6d45563-10-608851-19.jpg
Date and time: Monday, January 27-Friday, February 7, 2020 Weekdays 15: 00-17: 00
Location: Outer “Anpanman seat” area
* There are no weekends.
* Applies to preschoolers
* To participate, you will need an admission ticket (paid) for “Special Exhibition Tenku no Tetsudo Monogatari”.
* An exclusive photographer will shoot with your camera or smartphone. (Shooting media such as camera and smartphone should be prepared by yourself.) * There is no distribution of numbered tickets.
* Shooting is once for each group.
■ Photo session with Sora Jiro
Nippon Television’s weather character, Sora Jiro, appears as a station manager in uniform! You can take a commemorative photo together. Details such as the date and time will be released on the official website soon! [Image 7d45563-10-432077-16.jpg
From January 27, a new menu limited to the latter term will appear! Ekiben demonstration sales are also available!
■ “Tenku Station Cafe” Cafe THE SUN
A variety of menus, such as Hokutosei’s blue car body, including blue curacao jelly and yogurt parfaits, kids plates with children’s favorite items on Shinkansen plates, rare cheese cake desserts associated with Sanriku Railway revival Are available.
[Image 8d45563-10-910537-7.jpg
Hokutosei Parfait (Image)
[Image 9d45563-10-908758-10.jpg
Spring breeze scented train cheesecake-collaboration dessert to support Sanriku Railway reconstruction (image)
[Image 10d45563-10-385253-8.jpg
Tentetsu kids plate (image)
[Image 11d45563-10-751204-9.jpg
Head Mark Latte All 3 types
・ Hokutosei Parfait Price: 1,200 yen (tax included)
・ Spring breeze scented train cheesecake ~ Collaboration dessert supporting Sanriku Railway revival ~ Price: 1,200 yen (tax included) ・ Tentetsu kids plate ※ With kids drink set (orange juice or apple juice) Price: 880 yen (tax included)
・ Head Mark Latte Late 3 types (Hayabusa, Hokutosei, Twilight) Price: 850 yen (tax included)
(JR Hokkaido commercialization licensed, JR East commercialization licensed, JR Tokai approved, JR West commercialized licensed, JR Kyushu approved)
* The latte is 650 yen (tax included) with a set near the station, door valve, and dessert.
* Latte can be changed to cocoa.
-Cafe THE SUN-
Available hours: 11: 00-22: 00 (LO. Food 21:00 Drink 21:30)
Provided by: Cafe The SUN (Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 52F)
Offer period: January 27 (Mon)-March 22 (Sun), 2020 * Open daily
■ Restaurant THE MOON
Reproduce the full course of Atelier de Fromage offered on the luxury sightseeing train “Rokumon” on the railroad connecting Karuizawa to Nagano. The menu, which focuses on ingredients along the Shinano Railway, offers a rich Shinshu flavor, including Nagano brand ingredients, fresh vegetables, and cheese. In addition, local lunches are also available for lunch only.
[Image 12d45563-10-289330-11.jpg
Rokumon course food (image)
[Image 13d45563-10-694915-12.jpg
Near Yokogawa Station’s Oginoya
・ Rokumon Lunch & Dinner Course (Limited)
Dinner: 10,000 yen (tax and service not included) Limited to 10 meals Lunch: 6,800 yen (excluding tax and service) Limited to 10 meals * Lunch course is the same as dinner course except fish dishes. ・ Near Oginoya of Yokokawa Station
Price: 1,000 yen (tax included) Limited 30 meals a day
* Frozen tangerines and poly tea bottle included * Lunch only -Restaurant THE MOON-
Available hours: Lunch 11: 30-15: 30 (LO. 14:00) Dinner 11: 30-15: 30 (LO. 21:00)
Provided by: Restaurant THE MOON (52F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower) Offer period: January 27 (Mon)-March 22 (Sun) 2020 * Open daily

■ Ekiben demonstration sales at special shops!
A stand-alone selling platform with a large box hanging from the neck on a nostalgic station platform, which is rarely seen today, will be reproduced at the Tian Tetsu exhibition hall, and will be performed during the day and evening.
[Image 14d45563-10-846182-14.jpg
Dates: Saturday, January 25, Saturday, February 15, 2020, Saturday, March 7, 2020
Offer location: Special shop in “Special Exhibition Tenku no Tetsudo Monogatari” * The number is limited.
* Takeout only
* Subject to change without notice due to weather and traffic conditions. For the time being, we will stop selling station lunches at the “Weekday” merchandise sales corner for the time being on Thursday, January 23.

Other exhibition information
■ The long-awaited “Exhibition Catalog” will be on sale from January 27 (Mon) at the venue only!
This is a complete preservation version of the special exhibition “Tenku no Tetsudo Monogatari”, including captions and explanations that could not be read at the venue, and special recordings of that headmark.
[Image 15d45563-10-331766-13.jpg
Exhibition catalog (image)
Price: 2,200 yen (tax included)
Specifications: B5 side (color) / 84 pages
Sale place: Special shop in “Special Exhibition Tenku no Tetsudo Monogatari” (Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 52F)
■ On February 11 (Tuesday / holiday), the extension will be open until 20:00! The museum is closed every Tuesday at 17:00, but on February 11 (Tuesday / holiday), which is the National Foundation Day, a special extension will be open until 20:00.
It is also packed with unique ways to enjoy the night, such as a fantastic image projection of the sky station at night that appears after sunset. Please come by all means.
Event summary
Name: Special Exhibition Tenku no Tetsudo Monogatari
Dates: Tuesday, December 3, 2019-Sunday, March 22, 2020
Hours: 10:00 to 20:00 (Tuesday until 17:00) * Admission until 45 minutes before closing
Venue: Mori Arts Center Gallery & Sky Gallery (52-10F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Tickets: 2,500 yen for general / 1,500 yen for high school / college students / 1,000 yen for 4 to junior high school students (all incl. Nippon Telezerochike, Mori Arts Center Gallery (same-day tickets only), Tentetsu Exhibition Online Tickets (Event Official HP), Lawson Ticket (L code: 31014), Eplus, Ticket Pia (P code: 769-975), Seven Ticket, etc.
Available at various play guides and convenience stores.
General Inquiries
Hello dial Tel: 03-5777-8600 (8: 00-22: 00)
Exhibition Official HP / SNS
HP: https://www.tentetsuten.com/
Twitter: @tentetsuten
Instagram: tentetsuten
facebook: Special exhibition Tenku no Tetsudo story

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