Jetstar Group “Tapiru?” Or “Tabiru?” Jetstar Holds “Tabi Live” at Tapioca Drink Prices !? Sale

Jetstar Group
“Tapiru?” Or “Tabiru?” Jetstar Holds “Tabi Live !? Sale for Tapioca Drink Prices!”
● We hold a sale at the price of one familiar tapioca drink with “Tapiru” nominated for the buzzword of 2019! The sale period is from January 27 (Mon) 13:00 to January 29 (Wed) 18:00
● A limited-time event venue appears in Harajuku, Tokyo! We present tapioca drink by lottery
Jetstar Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Narita City, Chiba Prefecture; President and CEO: Yu Kataoka; hereinafter, Jetstar) will be offering a 421 yen * 1 domestic flight one-way ticket from 13:00 on January 27 (Mon). * 2 “Tabi-Kai” !? Sale will be implemented. Prior to the sale, on January 25 (Sat) and 26 (Sun), an event will be held in Harajuku, where many tapioca drink shops gather, to win tapioca drinks. [Image

Tapioca drinks have spread as a culture, especially among young people, so that “drinking tapioca drinks” becomes the verb “tapiru”. Many tapioca drink stores have opened, and many young people walk with drinks in the city. This time, Jetstar is conducting a sale with the desire to enjoy air travel casually at a tapioca drink price * 2, just like buying a tapioca drink.
Jetstar will continue to offer great value and enjoyable sales so that you can enjoy casual air travel in the future.
■ Sale Overview
[Name] Tapioca drink price * 2, “Tabi live”! ? Sale
[Target routes] All 24 routes in Japan
[Sale fare] 421 yen one way * 1
[Sale Period] January 27, 2020 (Mon) 13:00-January 29 (Wed) 18:00 (Japan Time) ※ Ends as soon as sold out. Sales period may be extended.
[Boarding Period] Tuesday, February 4, 2020-Thursday, July 9, 2020 ※ Varies for each line. Excludes from March 18 to March 31, 2020 and April 24 to May 11 2020.
セ ー ル Some days and flights are not eligible for sale fare even during the above boarding period.
[Sale page]
* This sale cannot be purchased from the travel agency website. * 1 One-way fare for Economy Class “Starter”. Fees and airport fees are required separately.
Does not include checked baggage charges. Terms and conditions apply. * 2 “Amount you can pay for one cup of tapioca drink, national average 421 yen”
◯ Survey name: “Awareness survey on the price of food popular with young people” ◯ Survey period: Wednesday, January 1, 2020-Tuesday, January 7, 2020 ◯ Survey area: Nationwide
対 象 Survey target: 500 samples for men and women in their teens and 30s (250 for each gender)
◯ Survey method: Internet survey
◯ Research organization: GMO Research Inc.
■ Event summary
Prior to this sale, an event will be held on January 25 (Sat) and 26 (Sun) at Takeshita Street in Harajuku, Tokyo, where many tapioca drink shops gather. At the event, we will announce the details of the sale and give a voucher that can be used at the tapioca drink shop in Harajuku by lottery to those who meet the requirements. In addition, the “Orange Man” wearing orange full body tights, which is Jetstar’s corporate color, will also be on display to excite the venue. [Name] Tapioca drink price “Tabi live”! ? Events
[Implementation date and time] 25 January 25 (Sat), January 26 (Sun) 2020, 12: 00-18: 00
【Location】 Takeshita-dori Harajuku Display WindowDisplay (1-8-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
[Summary] Follow the official Jetstar SNS account, take a picture at the event venue and specify
方 If you have posted to your own SNS along with a hashtag, at a designated nearby store
プ レ ゼ ン ト A gift voucher for tapioca drinks will be given by lottery. 全員 Jetstar’s original sunglasses will be presented to everyone as a participation prize.
* The event will end as soon as the prizes on each day run out. * Transportation expenses to the event venue will be borne by the participants. * Contents may be changed or canceled without notice due to
unavoidable circumstances such as congestion or weather at the event venue.
[About Jetstar Japan]
With the vision of “making the sky in Japan and the world more accessible”, we launched domestic flights in July 2012 and
international flights in February 2015. Currently, up to 133 flights per day (scheduled for winter 2019) are operated by 25 Airbus A320 aircraft (180 seats) on 16 domestic routes and 24 international routes and 4 international routes and 7 routes. More than people use it. Jetstar Japan is invested by Qantas Group of Australia, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Century Co., Ltd.

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