Enatsu’s Curse Ayu Enatsu takes office as hometown ambassador in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture!

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Enatsu’s Curse Ayu Enatsu takes office as hometown ambassador in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture!
I want to bring Kamogawa City to Baburi! Ayu Enatsu’s curse of Enatsu commented ………………………………………………………………………
Ayu Enatsu of the band “Enat’s Curse” (renamed “Juliana Curse” named by Beat Takeshi) has been appointed as “Kamogawa Furusato Ambassador” in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture. At the inauguration ceremony on Wednesday, January 15, held at the Hometown Festival Tokyo held at Tokyo Dome, Ikuo Kameda Mayor Kamogawa handed a letter of commission to Ayu Enatsu.

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Ayu Enatsu (curse of Enatsu) and Super Baburi Don, who became the ambassador of Kamogawa Hometown
Ayu Enatsu is from Tokyo, but his grandmother bought a resort condominium in front of Maehara Beach in Kamogawa City, saying, “I want my grandson to play with the sand in a nature-rich environment.” For this reason, he has been familiar with the nature of Kamogawa City since his childhood, and in recent years he has visited as a place for songwriting and loved as the “second hometown”. His own song “Torch Light Kamogawa” also spells that feeling.
Ayu Enatsu wants to excite the land of such memories and wants to know the beautiful Maehara Beach selected for the 100 Beaches. Held every summer with the cooperation of the tourist association. In addition, since 2019, Shimizu Octo Co., Ltd. has hosted a festival featuring Naoko Ken and 38 other artists, and Ayu Enatsu co-produced the festival.
During the last summer’s Enga Festival, I met Mayor Kameda and talked passionately about Kamogawa City. In addition, in the event of a typhoon disaster in Kamogawa City last fall, we raised money together with misono and Enat’s curse members who participated in the Enatsu Festival last summer to support reconstruction.
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Kamogawa oldness and ambassador inauguration ceremony. From left, Kamogawa City Construction and Economy Division, Commerce and Tourism Division, New Tourism Development Section Chief Kazuaki Hamano, Ikuo Kameda Mayor Kamogawa, Mayor of Enatsu, Ayu Enatsu, Ren Kabuki, Gintaro Yajima, Winter Snow Dunk Winter, Saki Nel Akiyoshi
This month, at the “Hometown Festival Tokyo” held at the Tokyo Dome, Kamogawa City opened its first store as “Minami Boso Kamogawa Shokudo Produced by Enatsu no Curse”. The members of Enatsu’s curse produce and publicize Baburi Don and “Baburi Yakisoba”. Due to its luxury and impact, it became a hot topic on various SNS.
At the inauguration ceremony of the Ambassador Kamogawa on Wednesday, January 15 at the same venue stage, Ikuo Kameda Mayor Kamogawa handed a letter of commission to Ayu Enatsu.
In the appointment of Kamogawa Hometown Ambassador, Ayu Enatsu said, “I think that we have become the hometown ambassador with the support of our fans and related parties. I want to excite Kamogawa City and Maehara Beach in the Baburi more than when I spent your youth, Please come and visit Kamogawa City and Maehara Coast to heal the tiredness of the city with beautiful beaches, enjoy the rich nature and taste and make it vital for tomorrow! ” And commented.
Ayu Enatsu will continue to spread Kamogawa City’s charms with Enatsu’s curse members.
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Ayu Enatsu (Enat’s Curse)
[Ayu Enatsu] Profile: Drums with the leader of the Baburi trance pop rock band “Enatsu no Curse” (renamed from Beat Takeshi named “Juliana Curse”). He also writes, composes, arranges and produces the whole band. A hot guy who looks charming. Descendants of the creator of Nigiri Sushi, Yobe Hanaya. A bubbly man with a villa in Kamogawa City. Made his major debut on January 9th, 2019 with “The Curse of Juliana”. The band name was changed to “Enat’s Curse” at the same time as Reiwa Kai, and the band was re-measured on January 9, 2020 with the “Babry Revolution-Banban Bubble-Reiwa Bubble Edition” debuted.
* “E summer festival”: Held every year since 2017. In the summer, it will be held on the Maehara coast of Kamogawa city, and in the winter on the birthday of Enatsu at the memory of Tokyo. In the summer of 2019, Naoko Ken and 38 other artists
(https://tatari.tokyo/contents/253832), and in January 2020, Kiyoshi Maekawa and 39 other artists (https://tatari.tokyo/contents/topics) / enatsufes).
Shimizu Oct Co., Ltd.Official Website: https://www.shimizu-group.co.jp/ Ayu Enatsu Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ayuing_tatari Enatsu no Curse Official Website: https://tatari.tokyo

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