AI CROSS launches “Absolute Reach!”, A flat-rate messaging service that solves communication issues from cor porations to customers!

AI CROSS launches “Absolute Reach!”, A flat-rate messaging service that solves communication issues from corporations to customers! -A taxi commercial for Kazushige Nagashima has also been launched in Tokyo! ~ ………………………………………………………………………
AI CROSS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Noriko Harada), which supports technology to streamline corporate operations and support diverse work styles, is a corporation that promotes promotions, prevents slapsticks, replaces paper DMs, and authenticates individuals. To provide a fixed-rate messaging service “Absolute Reach!” That can be used to solve various communication issues from customers to customers, and a taxi commercial for the same service using Kazushige Nagashima from January 27, 2020 (Monday). It will start in Tokyo.
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A new type of monthly SMS for corporate customers with a new sensation of communication “absolute reach!”
[About “Absolute Reach!”]

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By utilizing the short message service (SMS) that comes standard with mobile phones, it is possible to reach customers’ unique phone numbers and deliver messages to almost everyone (*). This is a flat-rate, corporate service.
With “Absolute Reach!”, It is possible to solve various issues such as costs, reach, and effectiveness verification of existing communication tools such as paper DM, email, and telephone. In addition to making communication with customers more efficient, we also provide highly accurate contact for customers who have not approached sufficiently. In addition, since additional services other than the message transmission function are packaged to make message transmission more convenient and easy, even corporations who are using for the first time can use it immediately without hesitation It is possible. (*) Source: In-house research (July 2019-July, Achievement rate of more than 90% by companies using the company’s own SMS distribution platform “AIX Message SMS”)
[3 points of “Absolute reach!”] 1: Overwhelming reach
1: Overwhelming reach
By utilizing SMS that is standard on mobile phones, it is possible to reach customers’ unique phone numbers and deliver messages to almost everyone.
・ Only mobile number is OK
・ No need to install apps on the customer side
・ Can be sent to cheap smartphones / garage phones
2: Unlimited sending at a fixed monthly fee
All-you-can-use with a fixed monthly charge (*), which includes a set of functions to send messages more conveniently and easily. Because of the three clear plans, it is designed to be easily incorporated into departments that need to plan annual measures such as the marketing department.
・ Fixed monthly amount for easy annual budget
・ Can be used company-wide across departments
・ Packaging of various functions for more convenient transmission ・ We prepare three plans of “Entry” / “Standard” / “VIP” according to use and scale
(*) Additional charges will be incurred for the excess of the number of transmissions specified for each plan.
3: Dedicated consultant service
A dedicated consultant who is familiar with SMS can provide detailed follow-up and support for implementing measures. Even for corporations that are using for the first time, it is a system that can expect more effects at the time of execution. (*)
・ A consultant dedicated to your company who is familiar with using SMS supports planning
・ If you do not know how to use or operate, you can always consult (*) Please note that the follow-up and support system by a dedicated consultant varies depending on the plan.
[Background of service development]
With the worldwide trend of strengthening personal information protection in recent years, corporations using targeted advertising and advertising distribution platforms using cookie information are increasingly required to consider more diverse user communication methods in-house than ever before. You.
In the latest news, the trend is accelerating, with Google completely banning third-party cookies by 2022.
Under such circumstances, our SMS, which has an overwhelming arrival rate compared to e-mail, paper DM, telephone, etc., is expected to further demand as a tool to solve user communication issues. For this reason, we have devised a flat-rate messaging service called “Absolute Reach!” To make it easier and more convenient for
corporations that have never adopted SMS as a measure.
[Example of service usage scene]
● Reminders for reservations
● Campaigns to promote customer visits and sales guidance
● Promotion at event venues linked with audio systems
● Visualization of the effect of replacing paper DM
● Personal authentication on apps / EC sites
● Information guide to registered staff
● Information guidance for customers who are not good at smartphone use [About taxi commercials]
[Image 3

<< Overview of Taxi CM "Isoshige's Trouble" / "Isoshige's Advice" Despite using paper DMs, e-mails and telephones, President Kazushige is having trouble communicating with his customers, but has a secretary who can reach his users with just a phone number, `` Absolute Reach! '' This is a comical picture of how President Kazushige, who teaches subordinates how to make suggestions and information obtained from his secretary. Title: "Issue of President Kazushige" / "President's Advice" ◇ Type: 30 seconds ◇ Starring: Kazushige Nagashima Performer: (Secretary) Iku Hasegawa / (Employee) Perchik Kato ◇ Tax CM airing period: "Troubles of President Kazushige" Version @ January 27 (Mon)-February 23 (Sun) 2020 "Issue's Advice" @ February 24 (Mon)-March 22 (Sun) 2020 ◇ Broadcast taxi: International car / Yamato car traffic / Green cab / Checker cab / Kotobuki traffic / Tokyo individual taxi cooperative In the future, AI CROSS will continue to strive to solve corporate issues by planning, developing and PRing services that take into account various possibilities even in the messaging area, which is one of the core services. Thank you for your continued patronage. [Company profile of AI CROSS Co., Ltd.] Company name : AI CROSS CORPORATION Representative: Noriko Harada, President Residential building: Toranomon 30 Mori Building 8F, 3-2-2 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: March 2015 Business description: ・ Business communication platform business Development and operation of messaging service Business chat service planning, development and operation AI Analytics service planning, development and operation U R L:

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