Scale Management Co., Ltd. |Post-release| Mr. Suzuki, who has been a HR director at a major foreign-affiliated company and has been the head of the Human Resources Division of Japan DHL, gives a lecture on global career theory!

Scale Management Inc.
-Post-release-Mr. Suzuki, who has been the head of Human Resources at a major foreign-affiliated company and head of the Human Resources Division of Japan DHL, gives a lecture on global career theory! -Special lecture held at Scale Management Co., Ltd.-
Scale Management Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shuhei Takashi), which develops human resource development business for university students supported by leading lecturers from Google, McKinsey and TSE First Section, We held a special lecture entitled “Global Career Theory” to learn from human resources. Invited by Mikako Suzuki as a lecturer, Suzuki is an ambitious university student who shares his experience as a human resources director at a major foreign-affiliated company and the ideas and values ​​he has cultivated while acting as the director of Human Resources at DHL Japan.25 I gave a lecture for my name.

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Group photo by AT Globe Co., Ltd. Representative Director and Mr. Suzuki

Event summary
Event Name: “Global Career Theory” Learned from Leading Human Resources Representing Japan
Organizer I: Scale Management Co., Ltd.
Date: January 19, 2019 (Sun) 12: 00-14: 00
Venue name: Scale Management Co., Ltd.
Participants: 25 university students

Content of the lecture
イ ベ ン ト Mikako Suzuki, who has held HR positions at a major
foreign-affiliated company and was also the head of HR Division at DHL Japan, attended the event. Currently, as a representative director of AT Globe Co., Ltd., he is working on developing global human resources who will be responsible for the future world and Japan.
This time, based on his experience, Mr. Suzuki gave a lecture on the viewpoints and ideas necessary for university students to consider their future career.
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Lectures on “Global Career Theory” learned from top-class human resources representing Japan
イ ベ ン ト In holding this event, we used “Luminous Park”, a
self-analysis tool that applies Jung’s deep psychology, one of the three major psychologists. Mr. Suzuki explains one of the major differences between university students and working people is the degree to which diverse communication is required. He said that while studying for an examination or taking a test at a university can produce results if he / she works alone, he says that when working as a member of society, he will continue to communicate with people. At that time, he announced that the most important thing was to understand himself and his partner. He told the participants that not only observing the opponent from his / her own subjectivity but also understanding from multiple perspectives would result in smoother communication.
鈴 Mr. Suzuki also explained that understanding himself and others is very important in sales and marketing. He said that gaining a deeper understanding of what personalities and values ​​people have can help them better understand their customers’ motivation to purchase and design ad keywords that are inspiring.
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Mr. Suzuki giving a self-analysis, giving a lecture on the importance of knowing personality
The participants actually used the self-analysis tool “Luminous Park” while thinking about how to use the analysis results. “Luminous Park” allows you to analyze and visualize yourself from 24 perspectives. Participants asked Mr. Suzuki, “I don’t think there is a tendency to be” steady “on my own, but why would this be the case?”
Mr. Suzuki answered using a certain painting. He said that his impression of looking at the painting for one minute could help him understand the point of view he or she values. When you show how the participants who actually saw the painting felt, they learned that the viewpoint was completely different. Some participants grasped the big picture and answered it as a fashionable night view, while others described the details in detail. People tend to think that other people are looking from the same perspective, but I realized that they were completely different, and I felt through myself that there were strengths and perspectives that I couldn’t easily notice.
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A state of understanding each person’s values ​​and viewpoints using paintings Next, I analyzed myself from the 24 qualities and looked for a suitable job. With the self-analysis tool “Luminous Park” used this time, you can quantify your personal qualities in three situations: your inner self, your everyday self, and your excess self.
Participants were able to increase their viewpoints for thinking about their future career by self-awareness by being digitized and verbalized in each situation, such as their own self.
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Participants sharing the right job with the analysis results of the self-analysis tool “Luminous Park”
Finally, Mr. Suzuki summarized the lectures so far and shared important ideas with the participants.
It means that each participant has a unique perspective and qualities. Until the university, it was often recognized only on the evaluation axis of comprehension and information processing ability, but since becoming a member of society, he has continued to think about things from a multifaceted perspective where there is no answer of business Explain that things are important. He said that it was important to re-recognize the results of self-analysis and understand and use their strengths. Finally, the participants were informed that everyone has their own values ​​and strengths, and that everyone has the
opportunity and potential to be active.
Scale Management provides real-world dialogue with top-class business people to provide awareness and supports career design for each individual based on facial expression analysis and behavior analysis data.

Speaker Profile

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Mikako Suzuki
Mikako Suzuki
・ Japan GE Human Resources Department
・ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.
・ D.H.L Japan Co., Ltd.
・ Representative Director of AT Globe Inc.
“After all, a successful career change from a foreign-affiliated person to A to Z”
Scale Management Co., Ltd.
Representative: Shuhei Takashi
Headquarters location: 150-0011, 1-3-1 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Tokiwamatsu Royal Heights 503
Business description ①: ・ Human resource development business “Scale Management” コ ン サ ル テ ィ ン グ ・ Consulting business
Established: January 22, 2020

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