“1st Photo Book Kubota Sayu” launch event will be held on February 2 (Sun)!

Futabasha Co., Ltd.
“1st Photo Book Kubota Sayu” launch event will be held on February 2 (Sun)! Topic movie “30 minutes to Sayonara” heroine, Sayomo Kubota
In commemoration of the release of the first photo book “1st Photo Book Saotomo Kubota” (published by Futabasha) of the hottest young actress, Saotomo Kubota, we will hold a signature book handing over! The photo book contains the last appearance of her teenager, who turned 20 on January 18th. From the “natural” part, where the page starts from the front, the “fashion” part, which starts with a unique outfit in everyday life, starts from the back page. This is a two-part photo book with a gap.
Please take this opportunity to visit a publication commemorative event where you can meet her real face!
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Break inevitable!紗 The heroine of the movie “30 Minutes to Goodbye” is featured by Saotomo Kubota, the last appearance of a teenager! Actress Kubota Sayu who has been attracting attention by appearing in popular works one after another. Shin Kensuke Nitta and Takumi Kitamura are selected as heroines in the movie “30 Minutes to Sayonara” (national release from January 24, 2020) starring W and will be broadcast from February It has also been decided to star in TV Asahi “In a Dark Box”.
[Event summary]
“1st Photo Album Kubota Sayu” Release Commemorative Sign Book Handover
■ Schedule: February 2, 2020 (Sun)
■ Time: 1st copy-14: 00 ~ / 2nd copy-15: 00 ~
■ Location: Tokyo-Shibuya HMV & BOOKS SHIBUYA 5F Event Space (1-21-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku Shibuya modi 5F)
* For details, please check the Lawson ticket reception site. -Lawson Ticket-

Until Sunday, January 26, 2020 22:00 (end of payment 23:00)
* Even within the above reception period, the reception will be closed as soon as the specified number is reached.
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[Cover] 1st photo book Kubota Sayu
[Book Overview]
Title: “1st Photo Album Kubota Sayu”
List price: Body 1800 yen + tax
ISBN: 978-4575315295
Format: B5 size
Release Date: January 17, 2020
Kubota Sayu
Born January 18, 2000. An actress from Hokkaido. An up-and-coming young actress who appears in popular works such as NHK’s morning TV series “Beppan-san”, the serial drama “Kahoko of overprotection”, “In the corner of this world”, “Ellen in left handedness”. Selected as the heroine in the movie “30 minutes to Sayonara” released in January 2020. In addition, starring dramas and movies will be released, and expectations for future activities will increase.

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