Mainichi Broadcasting Co., Ltd. What is Naja’s secret strategy to evolve the rugby top league into a major sport! ?

Mainichi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
What is Naja’s secret strategy to evolve the Rugby Top League into a major sport! ?
MB MBS TV broadcast on Wednesday, January 29 “Fight! Sports Cabinet ”features the Rugby Top League. In response to the excitement of the last year’s Rugby World Cup, since the opening of January 12th, the performers have brought in a plan to attract customers in order to keep the boom of the top league, which continues to be a big hit, transient. Have a hot discussion.


Naja talks about how to excite the top leagues!
In the studio, Jun Ikeda, the first president of professional baseball and Yokohama DeNA Baystars, will perform as a guest. During his five years in office, he doubled his sales from 5.2 billion yen to over 11 billion yen. While each performer, such as MC Takeshi Takei, announced plans for attracting customers, Nadja Grandiva also announced from the perspective of Onee. Naja commented, “I think it’s better to say,” A player says “Chest Kyun Serif”. ” An event was set up in which the audience could record the voices of the players on their mobile phones and smartphones and set them as alarm clocks. “For example, Kazuki Himeno (Toyota) would be like” Jackal your heart. ” Mr. Ikeda, who was very talented, said in the proposal to attract customers that “players are a treasure, and if you touch them, you will become a fan at once.” This pattern will be available from 11:56 on Wednesday, January 28, MBS TV “Fight! Sports Cabinet].

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