Japan Racing Association The Hochi Cup Yayoi Prize Deep Impact Memorial (GII) will be held! And this year’s food event will hold a spring mashimashi fair!

Japan Racing Association
Hochi Cup Yayoi Prize Deep Impact Memorial (GII) will be held! And this year’s food event will hold a spring mashimashi fair!
The 2nd Nakayama Horse Racing, which will be held from 2/29 (Sat) to 3/22 (Sun), will carry out various events related to the renaming of the Hochi Cup Yayoi Prize Deep Impact Memorial. In addition, for the food event that has become an annual event, a “Spring Masimasi Fair” will be held, where you can enjoy the Masimashi menu at normal rates. Come to Nakayama Racecourse with your family and friends.
[Image 1d40537-11-183455-5.jpg
Hochi Cup Yayoi Prize Deep Impact Commemorative Event
Sales of deep impact original coupon sheets
We will sell original coupon tickets designed for the Deep Impact, which is limited to Nakayama Racecourse.
Sales will end as soon as the planned quantity runs out.
[Image 2d40537-11-215859-8.jpg
■ 2/29 (Sat) ~
■ Opening gate ~
■ ・ Entrance ticket sales office of each gate (opening gate-Nakayama 11R departure time)
・ Stand second floor general information (opening gate-17:00)
■ Price: 1,000 yen
■ Limited quantity 10,000 sheets
* The coupon portion is the same as a normal coupon.
Implementation of special decorations for deep impact
[Image 3d40537-11-694844-1.jpg
The wall of the stand near the Grand Prix Road will be decorated with a huge deep impact.
■ 2/29 (Sat) ~
■ Opening gate ~
■ Stand wall (near Grand Prix Road)

Deep Impact Memorial Special Exhibition
[Image 4d40537-11-484193-2.jpg
To commemorate the name change to the Hochi Cup Yayoi Prize Deep Impact Memorial, a special exhibition will be held at the Horse Racing Gallery.
■ 2/29 (Sat) ~
■ Opening gate ~
■ Horse Racing Gallery (near the 42nd pillar on the 1st basement floor) Sale of deep impact memory muffler towels
[Image 5d40537-11-865695-3.jpg
To commemorate the name change to the Hochi Cup Yayoi Award Deep Impact Memorial, muffler towels will be sold at the Turfy Shop.
■ 3/7 (Sat) ・ 8 (Sun)
■ Opening gate ~
■ Turfy Shop Benjamin Store / Babauchi Store
■ Price: 1,000 yen
HOLIDAYS on Sunday, March 8! Chance Special Edition
HOLIDAYS to win the “Deep Impact Hochi Cup Yayoi Award Mini Bib Number & Race Photo”! Chance special edition!
[Image 6d40537-11-871230-4.jpg
3/8 (Sun) HOLIDAYS! As a prize of the special edition of the chance, a set of mini bib number and race photo when winning the Deep Impact Hochi Cup Yayoi Award wins 700 people!
■ 3/8 (Sun)
■ Opening-Ends as soon as it runs out (Prize exchange until 17:00)
■ Prize exchange location: Stand B1F Turfy Shop
■ Beside Benjamin Plaza
■ Prize: 700 people who won the Deep Impact Yayoi Prize at the mini bib & race photo
* Touch the IC reader and present it to the customer who receives the “Special prize” receipt.
* The lottery ends when the winners reach a certain number.
* Prizes can only be exchanged until 17:00 on the day.
* Participation is limited to once per person. In addition, minors cannot participate.
* Regular HOLIDAYS on the day! Opportunities (Prize A to Prize D) will also be implemented, but will not be won as a special prize. The 2nd Nakayama Horse Racing Holds “Spring Masimashi Fair”
Race course gourmet is under regular price! !
[Image 7d40537-11-660629-6.jpg
We hold “spring mashimashi fair” from Saturday, February 29 to Sunday, March 22! The following stores will sell the main menu at the normal rate. Please take advantage of this great gourmet course food, such as “Chicken is good!” And “Topping is good!”
[Image 8d40537-11-487530-7.jpg

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