ZEN Co., Ltd. Spring 2020, “Journey on the path of the ancient sun” will be on sale. From Helicopter from Tokyo to “Eating Country” and “Yamato Country”…


ZEN Corporation Spring 2020: “Journey on the Path of the Ancient Sun” on sale ■ From Helicopter from Tokyo to…


ZEN Corporation
Spring 2020: “Journey on the Path of the Ancient Sun” on sale
■ From Helicopter from Tokyo to “Eating Country” and “Yamato Country”… Helicopter sushi restaurant “Sushi Yuzen” and Mahoroba no Minenaka Tenku no Yado “Sasayuri-an” will be limited to a round trip, meal and accommodation trip from Tokyo on March 27, 2020 (Fri). Will be released.
A joint project of a sushi restaurant “Sushi Yuzen” and “Yamatokuni” Mahoroba no Mine in the sky, an inn in the sky “Sasayuri-an” We will guide you on a journey that spells the “path of the ancient sun”. In the past, every time there was a natural disaster, the Japanese feared the gods of nature.
The present age when unprecedented events occur one after another. The times are repeating and moving from things to things and things to heart.
Because of this era, Ise and Moto-Ise will propose a trip to think of “the way of the sun”.

[The origin of the journey and birth of the ancient sun]
■ Sun Road
The “path of the sun” is not only a pilgrimage road, but also a road connecting “Eating country” and “Yamato country”.
In the days of rice cultivation in Mizuho’s country, ancient people worshiped the sun as a matter of course,
As a result of observing the existence while experiencing it, I learned that the east-west axis from Ise Jingu Shrine through Miwayama to Awaji Island is “the way of the sun”
We worshiped sacred places that perform rituals and rituals on that track. It is exactly the way the sun goes from Ise Jingu to Moto-Ise (Nara / Hinohara Shrine) Muro-ji.
[Image 1

“Awagaki Mt.
It is a legend that wrote this song when he died in Ise no Kuni and that his soul became a swan and flew from Ise no Kuni to Yamato Kuni.

■ Eating country
“Eating country: a woman in Shima, riding a small boat in Makumano, rowing offshore” “Manyoshu”
The meaning of this song was “You can see a rowing boat and go offshore, but that would be a Shima diver,” and the word “Eating Country” was used as a Shima pillow.
Shima is blessed with seafood and is rich in variety. In ancient times, Shima was known as the “Eating Country”, a country dedicated to the Emperor’s meal.
In addition, from the Heijo Palace ruins, 6 loaves of abalone (Nakiri-go), 6 loaves of sea pine (Funakoshi), sea gull (Namako) (Funakoshi-go), 6 loaves of seaweed (Japanese ware) A wooden letter with the name of the village has been excavated, confirming that Shima delivered seafood to the Imperial Court.
The seafood that can be caught only in this sea has been handed down to modern times.
[Image 2

The beginning of the path of the sun
Yes, Ise-Shima is a scenic landscape of Japan since ancient times and where people’s activities and nature are in harmony.
And the main priest deity, Amaterasu, is the sun itself, and the shrine is the sacred place at the beginning of the “Road of the Sun”. [Image 3

■ Yamato country
Ride fast-lived (Nigiya Hayano Mikoto), get on the Tenban Ship (Amenoiha Fune), come to Taiho (Mozuriyu), and come (Ko) Looking down at the town (Kuni), descending (Amakuda), reaching the Tamafu, and arriving at the late (Kare), the eyes (Nazuki), and saying, “Sorami Japan (Yamato) country (Kuni) “.
There is a myth of fast-moving life that flew in the sky on a Tenban boat and descended to this town.
The origin of “Soramitsu” is derived from “Shinmitsu” in “Nihonshoki”, which means “a Japanese country chosen from the sky as a good country”. ) “.
The origin of the Japanese religion began in this country of Yamato. [Image 4

We will guide you on a pilgrimage journey that connects these two countries, the “path of the ancient sun”, with your loved ones alone and comfortably in the sky.
[Image 5

[Ise Shima-Nara: Travel and usage image on the ancient sun road] ≪First night≫
10:30 お 待 ち Meet at the Tokyo Heliport (Please come by car)
–Flight while looking down at Izu Geopark, Sacred Peak Fuji, Enshu Nada 12:00 Land at Sushi Yuzen.
-Enjoy the sushi of Satoumi on the remote island
–Cruise around the homeland of the “ Eating Country ” diver 16:30 Pick-up and drop-off at the hotel while sightseeing by helicopter
–Flights below Murou Akame Aoyama Quasi-National Park, beyond the sacred peak “Mt.Rousen” on the “Sun Road”, and the peaks where Yamabushi, who is still studying, still practices.
17:00 Check in at Pasa Sayuri-an
-At the inn, you can enjoy local cuisine around the hearth
(Optionally, you can also select the Nara Michelin shop chef’s business trip) ≪2nd night≫
-“Yamato no Kuni” worships the former Ise of Nara (transfer by car from the hermitage)
≪Last day≫
7:00 get up
–Pray at Sasayuri-an
9:30 Check out
–Go to Sushi Yuzen by helicopter
9:50 Sushi Yuzen landing
-Enjoy Zen food for breakfast
10:50 Ise heliport landing
–Worship Uchinomiya Main Hall
く だ さ い Please have a Zen handmade lunch at the shrine in the precincts 15:00 Ise heliport takeoff
16:40 Landing at Tokyo Heliport
[Video 2:]

[Ise Shima-Nara: A journey through the path of the ancient sun] The helicopter can be reserved for 2 to 4 people.
Price for 2 people (2 nights stay at Sayuri-an (3 meals) & Sushi Yuzen (2 meals, 1 lunch)) Please assume about 2 million yen.
Sales method: Please contact us.
cancellation policy:
80% until the day before the day 100% from the day before to the day * In the event that flight is not expected due to bad weather, we will inform you of cancellation by the day before.
(In that case, we will discuss another schedule.)
* In case of bad weather on the third day of the itinerary, we will transfer to land transportation and refund the difference
[About Sushi Yuzen]

[Image 6

Located on a remote island in Ise-Shima National Park.
Scenic scenery and the blessings of nature unique to this area, which has been called the “Eating Country” since ancient times,
Indeed, the realm of God beyond human wisdom.
Named “Zen” because of the desire to deliver an experience that purifies the body and mind.

Access is 90 minutes by helicopter from Tokyo.
A sushi restaurant on a remote island surrounded by beautiful nature that guarantees the overwhelming privacy of only one set per day. 30 seconds walk from the heliport.
With only a six-seat counter in front of the sea, you can enjoy the seafood with fresh seafood caught by the diver, caught by the owner, and freshly caught.
[Image 7
[About Sayuri-an]

[Image 8
A limited set of newly built authentic thatched houses floating in the sky with a view of the original scenery of Japan and the magnificent view of the birthplace of Yamato no Kuni.

A thatched inn that suddenly appears in the mountain village of the sky in the mountains of Yamato Kogen.
[Image 9

Urban dwellers will be overwhelmed by the huge views over the rock gardens from the hearth of the house.
[Image 10
The owner of the Sayuri-an is a refuge from the refuge of the mountain, who lives in this mountain village and keeps the tradition of Shinto-Buddhist practice that began in Nara and spread throughout the country, and invites guests from the city to the world of Mahoroba. .

For more information about this release(Japanese):

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