【Hotel New Otani】 I want to drink in summer! Refreshing cocktail “summer cocktail fair” holding!

New Otani Corporation I want to drink in summer! Refreshing cocktail “summer cocktail fair” holding! Have a great time at the bar where the Japanese champions are enrolled ………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1

Hotel New Otani (Tokyo) “SUMMER COCKTAIL COLLECTION” https://www.newotani.co.jp/tokyo/restaurant/recommend/cocktails-sum/ At Hotel New Otani (Tokyo), until March 31, 2019 (Saturday), under the supervision of Hiroshi Komoriya, Executive Chief Bartender, at three stores in the hotel bar, Bar Capri, TOWER CAFE, and SKY BAR, A cocktail fair “SUMMER COCKTAIL COLLECTION” using materials perfect for the hot summer months will be held. [Summer cocktail four]
■ “Yuzushiso Frozen Balalaika” [Image 2

A frozen cocktail with a taste of “Japanese” that uses 100% domestic rice craft vodka and a domestic gyoza liqueur. It has a refreshing scent of Kaho Shiso, gyoza and lemon, and is a perfect cocktail for the hot season.
■ “Exotic Paroma” [Image 3

An arrangement of the most famous cocktail “Paloma” in Mexico. Homemade fruit shrub (syrup) with apple vinegar and agave syrup added to passion fruit for a more fruity and exotic taste. The passion fruit served on the top is caramelized with a burner, and you can enjoy sweet and sour passion fruit as it is.
■ “Basil ROKU Smash” [Image 4

Invented in 2008 by Bartender Jörg Meyer in Hamburg, Germany, it became epidemic in a blink of an eye We will deliver “Gin, Basil, Smash” in a craft gin using materials unique to Japan. Please enjoy the exhilarating feeling that the smell of basil and gin of delicate smell produce.
■ 46 grape julep [Image 5

“Mint Julep” is widely known as the official cocktail of Kentucky Derby. As well as the Derby race day, you can enjoy the refreshing feeling of the mint and the mellow aroma of the Kyoho by combining the Kyoho with this cocktail that is loved in Kentucky, as well as being offered at social parties held before the event. Finished into a cocktail. [Supervised by: Executive Chief Bartender Hiroshi Omoriya] [Image 6

Starting with the winner of the Premier Prize in the “Borce Cocktail Competition” in 1994, he won the general prize in the “Suntory Cocktail Competition Cocktail of the Year” in 1995 and received many awards such as the “Port Wine Cocktail Competition” Grand Prix in 1996. . 2007 “Tokyo Meister” certified. Served as President of Japan Hotel Barmens Association (HBA) since 2014.
■ Bar Capri [Image 7

Main bar where you can enjoy original cocktails won in numerous competitions. The 7 series of paintings “Capri Island Series” that spreads in the shop are the works that painter Paul Aizpuri drew for this bar. Listen to the piano playing while watching a masterpiece, and spend a relaxing moment with a glass of attention.
■ TOWER CAFE [Image 8

A spectacular view bar that offers cocktails created by contest-winning bartenders and a variety of dishes from the chef while enjoying the panoramic view of Tokyo’s best night view from 144 meters above the ground floor and the 40th floor of the hotel. There are also non-alcoholic cocktails that are happy for people who can not drink alcohol, and you can also use it as a café.
■ SKY BAR [Image 9

Enjoy cutting-edge foods such as traditional roast beef, which has been handed down from generations, sushi held by craftsmen, New York Pizza’s famous store, “New York Pizza” supervised by ROBERTA’S, in a space with overwhelming panoramic views unchanged from the time of opening. bar. DJ events will also be held every Thursday and Friday from 21:00 to 23:00.
■ Overview “SUMMER COCKTAIL COLLECTION” https://www.newotani.co.jp/tokyo/restaurant/recommend/cocktails-sum/ 【Period】 Until August 31 (Saturday) [Fee] each ¥ 2,500 * tax and service charge separate [Store] Bar Capri [13:00-25:00 / The Main Lobby Level] TOWER CAFE [17: 00 ~ 23: 00 / Garden Tower 40th floor] SKY BAR [17: 00 ~ 23: 00 / The Main 17th floor]

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