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  • [Fukui Prefecture Echizen-cho] “OTAIKO Hibiki 2019” will be held at Oda, the sacred place of Japanese drums!

[Fukui Prefecture Echizen-cho] “OTAIKO Hibiki 2019” will be held at Oda, the sacred place of Japanese drums!

Echizen Town Tourism Federation [Fukui Prefecture Echizen-cho] “OTAIKO Hibiki 2019” will be held at Oda, the sacred place of Japanese drums! Fukui Prefecture’s most famous Japanese drum festival! ………………………………………………………………………………………… 【Date】 August 17, 2019 (Saturday) 【Holding place】 Otayko Hills outdoor stage (37-19-1 Shimokawara, Echizencho, Nyu-gun, Fukui Prefecture) 【Admission fee】 Free [Image 1

The town of Oda Oda, Echizencho, Fukui Prefecture, is the place where the Oda family, including Oda Nobunaga, was born. In this land, in addition to the traditional drums called “Daizuri”, which have been associated with drums since ancient times and have been communicated to each district, Nobunaga is also dedicated to the Echizen Ninomiyashima Shrine, which is revered as a company of his deity It is a town where the drum culture is rooted, with “Meijin Bahayashi”, the traditional drum of the intangible ethnic cultural property, remaining and so on, and owning “Myojin,” one of the largest drums in Japan. [Image 2

Myojin Bayashi
● Relationship between Oda family and Echizencho Oda and Sakai Shrine
◆ Oda, the sanctuary of Sakai Shrine, is the hometown of Oda Nobunaga. [Image 3

Sakai Shrine Oda’s father was a venerable family who served the company as generations of Echizen Oda and as priests of Echizen Ninomiya. The priest’s son “Jochang” found the talent, was taken as a vassal and dispatched to the country of Owari, and in that case his surname came to assume the name of the hometown and named Oda. Mr. Oda gradually gained power in Owari and climbed up to a guardian age, and at the time of Nobunaga, he took control of Owari One Yen, and it was time to move further into Japan. Nobunaga respects the shrine as a deity, prays for martial arts, and donates many philosophers to establish a shrine, and is dedicated to the protection of the shrine and the security of the residents, even in the warring world. [Image 4

Oda Nobunaga image 祭 A festival of Japanese drums held in a drum town≫ The OTAIKO Hibiki is a Japanese drum festival that is held every year to enliven the area with a strong relationship with this drum. With the drum performance by the Japanese drum team gathered from all over the country, “Tachiko Town Echizencho Oda” becomes a complete drum. [Image 5

Poster «Holding date» Saturday, August 17, 2019 11: 00-21: 00 «Venue» Otayko Hills outdoor stage (37-19-1 Shimogawara, Echizen-cho, Nijo-gun, Fukui Prefecture) «Admission fee» free entrance << event program 11:00 Open ・ A large drum "Myojin" and commemorative photography 15:00-30th anniversary opening ・ Happy Happy Birthday ・ Myojin Bayasu ・ We meet to smile 16:00-Gosen Daikoko "Myojin" single hit contest 17:00-30th Anniversary Event ・ Marching band (Woman Women's High School) Calligraphy Performance (Koshishi High School) 17:55-30th anniversary ceremony ·opening 18: 10- ・ Daito drum "Hokkaidokai" (Okinawa prefecture) ・ Joint performance Hidetoshi & Fukimo no Kai members ・ O · TA · I · KO Zakarijin ・ Hidetoshi Hayashi ・ The meeting of British Chevy Clouds ・ 30th anniversary finale Ends at 21:00 «Organizer» O · TA · I · KO Echo Executive Committee «Contact Us» O · TA · I · KO Echo Executive Committee Secretariat (Oda Community Center) TEL: 0778-36-1111 FAX: 0778-36-1117 6-1 916-0215 ​​Oi, Echizencho, Nyu-gun, Fukui Prefecture 36-1 «Information originator» Echizen Town Tourism Federation Sakai 916-0422 Echizencho, Nyu-gun, Fukui Prefecture 71-335-1 TEL: 0778-37-1234 FAX: 0778-37-1805 E-mail: contact@town-echizen.jp URL: http://www.town-echizen.jp/ ★ For tourist information on Echizen-cho, Fukui Prefecture Echizen Tourism Navi http://www.town-echizen.jp/ ★ The latest information is SNS! facebook-Good! Echizen Roko trip-area close sightseeing information https://www.facebook.com/echizenkankou/ twitter-Good! Echizen Roko trip @ Echizen Town Tourism Federation (@e_kankou) https://twitter.com/e_kankou LINE-Echizen Town Tourism Federation official LINE @ http://www.town-echizen.jp/news/detail.php?127 Youtube-Tourism Echizen JAPAN Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ6AB8hiRizn0QOQ-Cj7unA

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