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  • [Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu Opening 15th Anniversary Project] The “Superior Cockpit Room” with a flight simulator installed in the hotel rooms is born!

[Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu Opening 15th Anniversary Project]
The “Superior Cockpit Room” with a flight simulator installed in the hotel rooms is born!

Excel Hotel Tokyu
[Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu Opening 15th Anniversary Project]
The “Superior Cockpit Room” with a flight simulator installed in the hotel rooms is born! …………………………………………………………………………………………
[Image 1

Image Superior Superior Cockpit Room The website is here https://www.tokyuhotels.co.jp/haneda-e/information/201907cockpitroom/index.html Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu (location: Ota-ku, Tokyo; general manager: Kiyotaka Kizaki) has a flight simulator modeled on a Boeing 737-800 aircraft in July 2019 on the 15th anniversary of its opening in December. We have opened the “Superior Cockpit Room”. Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu will open on December 1, 2004 as a hotel directly connected to Haneda Airport Domestic Line 2nd Passenger Terminal, and will celebrate its 15th anniversary in December 2019, the year of the first year of the Reiwa. The “Premier Flyers Room (formerly: Flyers Room)”, which has rooms facing the runway at Haneda Airport and a fare-class seat used on international flights in 2007, has received many air fans for many years. We have been patronized by our customers. With the intention of creating a room that will satisfy all of you at the 15th anniversary of this year’s opening, as a new attempt, the room “Superior Cockpit Room” equipped with a flight simulator that simulates a Boeing 737-800 aircraft Has been established. In this room, under the guidance of an instructor who is familiar with the equipment, including a former captain who actually has experience flying, the “Flight Simulator Experience Plan” where you can operate the plane and the “Superior Cockpit Room” will be your room We sell accommodation plan “Flight simulator atmosphere feeling plan” which can enjoy sky scenery of Haneda Airport from space. (You can not sit in the pilot seat) Please take this opportunity to enjoy the dream pilot experience and the amazing sky view from the cockpit.
[Plan summary]

[Image 2

Image-Flight simulation image 1. Flight simulator experience (WEB reservation) “Flight simulator experience plan”
【plan contents】
Instructed flight simulator maneuver experience (90 minutes)
[Route: Haneda Airport-Itami Airport Take-off and landing experience]

90 minutes 30,000 yen (excluding consumption tax) * It will be pre-settlement.

12:00 to 13:30
14: 30-16: 00
【Use date】
July 18, 2019-* Reservations will be made 5 days prior to the date of use. This plan is only a flight simulator experience. (If you wish to stay, please reserve a separate accommodation plan) The piloting experience is basically one person. (Available for up to 2 people) Because of precision equipment, in the unlikely event that a problem occurs, we may cancel the experience. In that case, we will refund you. 2. Accommodation “Cockpit room atmosphere experience plan” (WEB reservation)
【plan contents】
1 person 2 people accommodation in superior cockpit room (twin bed room) (Check in 18:00 Check out 10:00 * Please note that it is different from regular time)
◆ About the flight simulator in the room
◆ You will be able to see the flowing scenery in flight and the entire cockpit through the acrylic board. (Route: Haneda Airport takeoff and landing
[day and night]
1 night room charge 25,300 yen … (consumption tax · service charge included · Tokyo accommodation tax excluded)
【Use date】
July 18 2019- The rooms are only Superior type rooms. The flight simulator is covered with a transparent acrylic board. You can not sit in the pilot’s seat in the simulator or touch the instruments.
[Image 3

Image-Flight Simulator Take a look at the Haneda Airport runway
[Image 4

Image-Scenery seen from the cockpit: Haneda Airport
● All images are images. The flight simulator is shooting with the acrylic board removed.
● Contents may be changed due to various circumstances.
15th Anniversary Logo Design-For further leaps- Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu celebrates its 15th anniversary on December 1 this year.
[Image 5

The design of the commemorative logo is drawn with the letters of THANKS as the feeling of gratitude up until now, 14 lines on either side reminiscent of wings, and the fifteenth line with a contrail to image further leaps It is done.
[Image 6

location: Haneda Airport 3-4-2, Ota-ku, Tokyo (Direct connection to Haneda Airport Domestic Line 2nd Passenger Terminal 2nd floor departure lobby) Access: 3-minute walk from Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport No. 2 Building Station A 5-minute walk from Keikyu Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station Opening date: December 1, 2004 Rooms: 386 rooms (7 floors above ground) Check in 14:00 Check out 11:00 Restaurant: 2nd floor (Lobby floor) 196 seats Opening hours 5: 00-24: 00 Function room, meeting room added

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