[Sarashino City Hall]

[Chiba Prefecture Narashino City]
We will hold the 26th Citizens Festival “Sarashino Kirat 2019” on Sunday, July 14

Narashino City Hall
[Chiba Prefecture Narashino City]
We will hold the 26th Citizens Festival “Sarashino Kirat 2019” on Sunday, July 14 ………………………………………………………………………………………… The 26th Citizen’s Festival “Sarashino Kirat 2019”, which reaches the 26th in this summer, will create Narashino-likeness, bring up the oldness and awareness, and aim to pass on the festival to the next generation as a pride for citizens. It is an event. We carry out traffic regulation of city hall street and perform parade such as float, gyoza, ondo, Kirat samba. Please enjoy a big event once a year with your family and friends.
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■ Event contents Date and time: From July 14 (Sunday) 9:00 am to 9:00 pm * Canceled in stormy weather Place: City Hall site, fire department building parking lot, city hall street (address: 2-1-1 Suginuma, Narashino City) Main contents: Gourmet corner, bazaar corner, stage event, parade (city hall street)
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※ Please confirm the details from the following URL. Citizen Festival Overview: https://www.city.narashino.lg.jp/citysales/kanko/maturi/kiratto/matsuri_20019.html Event contents: https://www.city.narashino.lg.jp/citysales/kanko/maturi/kiratto/matsuri_20019.files/ura2.pdf
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◇ What is “Citizen Festival Lak Shino Kirat”? Citizen Festival “Sarashino Kirat” commemorates the birth 40 years of Narasino City, and it has been started by uniting several festivals, such as the industrial festival and the children’s hometown festival that the city has sponsored so far. In the annual parade, citizens dance with a variety of rhythms such as “Kiratto Samba”, which was created to commemorate the first holding, and “Kirariodoro” by the initiative of the Citizen Festival Ondo Committee, and the festival is enlivened. .
■ Reference about “Citizen Festival Lao Shino Kirat” Narashino citizen Festival Executive Committee TEL: 047-453-9289

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