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  • [Burneys Japan Co., Ltd.] Designers’ event for British brand that realizes bold jewelry making and ecology & fair trade that utilize natural stone as it is

[Burneys Japan Co., Ltd.] Designers’ event for British brand that realizes bold jewelry making and ecology & fair trade that utilize natural stone as it is

Barneys Japan Ltd. Held an event for designers of British brand <Pipa SmallBarneys to hold a British jewelry brand designer visit event in New York ………………………………………………………………………………………… Pipa Small, a jewelry designer born in Canada and active in the UK. As a designer of jewelry, she has the title of a unique anthropologist, and she is highly aware of developing countries and the environment from the experience of traveling around the world and is making jewelry that reflects the spirit of ecology & fair trade. We have been collaborating with the Maison brand that has been highly valued by fashion designers who are renowned for their unique way of making jewelry by utilizing the shape of natural stone as it is without relying on polishing and processing. Mr. Pipa Small is visiting Japan and holds personal appearances on July 12 (Fri)-7/15 (Mon. and Holiday) to tell customers the charm of their items directly at Barneys New York stores. I will.
[Image 1

Turquoise mountain series

[Image 2

Starfish & shell motif earrings From the “Turquoise Mountain” collection, which revives traditional crafts and supports working in developing countries, items favored by the British royal family Meggan, including the earrings and rings using quartz and tourmaline by young Afghan artisans, and constellation motifs A lineup of “Zodiac” series stamped on a gold plate. In addition, silk chokers with earrings with shell motifs on the trend and precious stones are also available. Furthermore, a cord necklace can be created that can be freely combined on the spot with the color of the cord and the pendant of natural stone or animal motif, which has been well received last year. Bernese New York is the only place where you can see <Pipa Small [Image 3

[Image 4

[Image 5

Pipa Small Personal Appearance at Barneys New York: PIPPA SMALL [Pipa Small Mr. visit date] 7/12 FRI. Roppongi store 1F 7/13 SAT. Shinjuku Store 1F 7/14 SUN. Yokohama store 1F 7/15 MON. Ginza Main Store 1F Each day from 11:00 to 18:00 ※ The visit schedule and event contents may be changed by circumstances. Please note. 【Introduction to the Jewelry Collection】 7/5 FRI.-7/21 SUN. Online Store 7/12 FRI.-7/21 SUN. Roppongi store 1F 7/13 SAT.-7/21 SUN. Shinjuku Store 1F 7/14 SUN.-7/21 SUN. Yokohama store 1F 7/15 MON.-7/31 WED. Ginza Main Store 1F
[Image 6

Barneys New York Ginza Main Store
■ With Barneys New York Barneys New York was founded in 1923 in Manhattan by Barney Pressman and is known as the world’s leading specialty store. In addition to Ginza Main Store, Shinjuku Store, Roppongi Store, Yokohama Store, Kobe Store, Fukuoka Store, and in Japan, we now have 12 online stores including a total of 12 outlet stores. The items handled are mainly men’s and women’s wear, accessories and shoes, and a wide assortment from tableware to stationery. It is also made up of Bernese New York’s original brand and designer brands such as Europe, the US and Japan. Together with the store, display, customer service and communication, it offers an unparalleled discovery, relaxation and relaxing time, and a space where adult men and women can enjoy shopping together.

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